Top 10 Most Violent Cities in the World 2017

Having a trip to exotic places in the world and exploring the unknown cities is the best option to explore the world. Even the most avid traveler should be careful in these most dangerous and violent cities in the world.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit these cities. Actually, you may find just opposite. You may get the best experiences and stay amazed if you know exactly what you can get around you. So, go prepared in these cities. Whether you want to travel with family and friends or alone, read on to know how to stay safe and get the most of your holidays before you set off to one of the following cities.

Here are the 10 most violent cities in the world where the threat may be just waiting for you around the corner.

10. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The second largest city of Honduras (followed by Tegucigalpa, the capital city), San Pedro Sula is known for its high murder rate. These figures have just increased in recent years because of local gangs loaded with heavy guns and drug trafficking. It is recommended not to stay there for longer and visit other wonders of South America and Honduras. Honduras is among the most affordable countries to visit in the world and the ideal country for off-the-beaten track adventure.

9. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Under the magnificent shadow of the Table Mountain, Cape Town has a lot of amazing restaurants and hotels and one of the well-known holiday destinations, especially for the ones looking to hire a car and heading to the well known “Garden Route” to explore the untouched landscapes and world-class vineyards in South Africa. However, this multicultural city has violent and troubled history which presents potential threats to uninformed tourists. It is best not to visit some parts at night or alone. It has some areas with high murder rates. Some of these suburbs are the hubs of poverty and breeding ground for gang culture which also causes violent cases.

8. Torreon, Mexico

Torreon, Mexico

Even though Torreon is one of the most epic economic and industrial centers of Mexico, it is among the most threatening cities worldwide. Though drug trade and organized crime are not common in Torreon, this city has 87 homicides in each 100000 residents and has among the highest murder rates.

7. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

It is one of the most amazing and exciting cities in South America which is located at the walking distance from Caribbean Sea and covered by lush green hills. But this beautiful city has its darker side and it is known to be the most dangerous cities worldwide. Streets have become the setting for shootings and robberies due to constant gang war related to drug trade. Tourists often get caught up with tragic situations. If you visit Caracas, be sure to choose trusted guide and be careful.

6. Detroit, USA

Detroit, USA

Motor City is one of the production capitals in car industry which has formed Mowtown and developed various musical genres like hip hop, blues and techno. Sadly, Detroit has become notorious city in Michigan for violence because of huge unemployment rate, poverty due to declining manufacturing industry, and making headlines for shootings. However, the homicide rate (especially because of drug trafficking) has been reduced. Be sure to travel with care and watch out for unsavory consequences.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de janerio Brazil

The ever colorful Rio houses the best carnival and party in the world. You may be wondering what this vivid city doing in this list? There are lots of other cities, except Rio, in Brazil with higher crime rates, such as Fortaleza. As the most well-known tourist destination, Rio is the city where a lot of holidaymakers flock. While taking money from ATM machines, be careful as robberies take place mostly at them. Also avoid favelas on the Rio outskirts. Also avoid wearing costly jewelry and don’t carry huge amount of money.

4. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

This border town is notorious for its turf war between gangs. At night, there is a huge threat of crime in the city. Nuevo Laredo is the city of serious crimes like murder, carjacking, kidnapping and robbery. These crimes happen all time of the day. Since 2006, over 60000 murder cases have been appeared in drug-based violence, as per the reports published. If you are visiting Nuevo Laredo, stick to most populated and popular routes and avoid traveling at night.

3. Cali, Colombia

Cali, Colombia

After capital city Bogota, Cali is the second largest city of Colombia and one of the most dangerous cities in the nation. There are high chances for rambling near the hills and taking some amazing scenery. It is also the well known city for salsa dancing. But Colombia has confused political legacy which keeps on wrestling with and there is consistent pressure from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and tensions in specific areas. Investments in security have recently caused reduced murder rates and riots. But you should take only officially marked cabs.

2. Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

The second biggest city in the world and largest city in Pakistan, Karachi has been the hub for several terrorist attacks by the Middle Eastern terrorist groups over the years. Residents have seen violent cases and local attacks and innocent bystanders and tourists are drawn into. The city has a lot to offer, especially for party lovers. Karachi is famous as the City of Lights. It enjoys vivid nightlife and the city that never sleeps. You can explore its districts and areas.

1. Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

Despite the fact that it’s been up to 10 years since the war in Iraq was started, levels of violence and crime still remains high and there is huge threat of attacks which hasn’t been removed completely. The threat of bombings, gunfire, kidnapping and other assaults are still here in Baghdad and nearest areas. If you are a British national and visiting the city, be sure to have plans ready, especially when you need the route of emergency exit as the airports are may close quickly. Be sure to stay aware of media reports and the latest updates on where to avoid and where to go.

Despite the fact that these cities have been listed among the most beautiful cities in the world, they still present a lot of threat for an uninformed traveler. So, it’s better to find a location where you won’t catch any stray bullet. We hope you liked this post and it may help you to plan your trip. Have a safe and happy journey!