10 Most Famous & Greatest Humanitarians known to the World

Currently, there are around 7.4 billion humans on the globe but our faith on humanity is lost somewhere. It’s not uncommon that a millionaire doesn’t give a thought to help someone in need. They spend thousands of dollars on Caviar and Champagne in a fancy restaurant but don’t have even a cent to help the street beggars, while they spend hundreds on a stripper they don’t know. It’s up to a millionaire on whom he likes to spend.

But there are few humanitarians who are known for their greatness and golden hearts. In this post, we are talking about these legends.

10. Abraham Lincoln

He is known to be a humanitarian everyone knows in the world. He has made unique presence in the world as a humanitarian. Abe Lincoln is known to be very popular because of his revolutionary statement which transformed everything that we used to believe in someone. He stated “Government is for the people, of the people and by the people.” In this statement, he spoke of everything to define fairness and democracy along with everything that several selfish leaders didn’t be for the people. He has been the inspiration for generations, along with other popular humanitarians.

9. Mahatma Gandhi

He emerged to be a “Great Soul” in the world where only brutal killings, violence, and destruction to human civilizations were taking place. He was the one who took the revolutionary step towards non-violence and led in hope, perseverance, and patience. He knew that he could have been killed by the oppositions but he was still fearless. He was the man who defined the real determination. He was thrown off the train as he didn’t have first class ticket by the British.  He still adhered to the code of vegetarianism, non-violence and sexual abstinence. He is also called as the “Father of the Nation” for several good reasons. He is the icon of humanity and peace across the world.

8. Michael Jackson

He was the sensational pop icon also known as MJ. He still remains fresh and unforgotten in our minds after his tragic death. He used to appear with a glittery, shinny sequined costume, with black fedora hat over his head and signature glove on one hand. He inspired millions to support African famine victims in 1985 and made several attempts to partner with Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and everyone to create trust funds and homes for generational children. The King of Pop will live forever and keep on walking on the moon.

7. Desmond Tutu

This legend was known to have smile which is as genuine as the sunrays and heart which is as bright as the sun. He is among the greatest elderly humanitarians that South Africa is known famously and he is well recognized across the world for his kind hearted, peace bringing, and sincere attitude. He is an ArchBishop. Though he was a Pope, he still has genuine personality and he emerged in the eyes of public and media. He has always been as genuine as he can be. He sincerely wishes to perform good conducts without impurities or aggression, and violence in the world.

6. Oprah Winfrey

The richest woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey is not just rich by wealthy but also by heart. She is the woman with golden heart which is so kind that she could cry on watching someone or something in pain and she definitely lends a helping hand as well. She is known as the true humanitarian for all good reasons. She always takes people and gets them on the top somehow and somewhere. She does it not just because she could afford to fund the whole education system, but also because of her genuine heart.

5. Angelina Jolie

She is an Oscar-winning most beautiful actress in Hollywood. She has been titled as the most beautiful actress not just for her face but also for her inner beauty. She has been involved on several field missions in some of the most remote areas of the world. With her husband Brad Pitt, Angelina founded The Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation in the year 2006 to help the needy with crisis across the world. The couple, to launch the foundation, donated $1 million for Global Action for Children and Doctors without Borders. She dedicated most of her time to deal with extreme poverty, protect natural resources and conserve wildlife.

4. Martin Luther King Jr.

He said that he has a dream and turned it real. He is among the greatest humanitarians with no hypocrisy. He was a humanitarian, Activist, Baptist Minister and the leading domineering leader of Civil Rights Movement. Without the movement he steered into America and without him, there would have been the same hatred and slavery to the African Americans. He is known as the “Man of the 60s” and it was the time he brought such change that is loved by Thousands of African American and he is privileged to have in Modern America.

3. Mother Teresa

She was a humanitarian known as the mother of all ages and races in the world and she will always be remembered as a lady with golden heart. She was a nun but never had lots of money to share to the world but she was rich in humanity at the time when the whole world was witnessing the suffering. She stood and fed more stomachs for the world that some mothers couldn’t do even to their own kids. In this age and date, no human being could dedicate their whole life to serve humanity as she did. She is the icon of selfless efforts and charity and she is well known as a religious figure.

2. Princess Diana

Any woman can call herself Princess or Queen with a crown or anyone who is served with Royalty but it needs soul and courage of a real woman like Princess Diana to have a pure and real heart and hierarchical position in the nation. She has exhibited her absolute royalty and kindness to her name which deserved everything of her kind. She was not like an ordinary woman and she helped famine victims throughout the world.

1. Nelson Mandela

No list of greatest humanitarians in the world is complete without this great man. He is well recognized by the people of South Africa as well as the whole world. He was the man born with Messianic characteristics and idolized as a god for the citizens. He fought for the fairness among races in Africa and he spent 27 years in prison for it. He gave charity to several places, visited orphanages and showed a lot of humanity in person. His unstoppable movement led South Africa to the freedom.