Top 11 Biggest Secrets Of The World Right Now

The more we try to unveil the secret of something, the more attention it seeks. A lot of people prefer to keep few things secret forever as revealing these secrets can be dangerous. For example, if everyone knows the secret formula of Coca Cola, how could it become the No. 1 soft drink brand in the world? After a certain period, secrets become mysteries and we can just ponder on them.

Here are the top 11 world’s biggest and untold secrets in the world –

11. Location of Oil Deposits in USA

Location of Oil Deposits in USA

The exact location of oil mining is one of the top government secrets in the US. It is rumored that if you find oil deposits on your land, the government will buy it if you report and you have to keep it a secret. The reason why the actual location is kept secret is to keep the riches from buying the land to build the wells and to make huge amount of money from oil. The US Government kept the location of oil deposits top secret.

10. Nuclear Facilities in the US

Nuclear Facilities in the US

It is perhaps one of the most highly protected and top secret information worldwide. The nuclear facilities in the US are a secret by themselves. Only a few officials and insiders know about the location. The US government has kept the nuclear launch codes top secret. Only higher authorities and top officials in the US defense know how to access such codes. The type of nuclear weapon and number of nuclear weapons in the US remain secret to the public. The common public will never know the exact information. This is the reason why the US is considered a superpower in the world. If anyone tries to breach the security might be in danger.

9. Medical Reports of Patients in the US

Medical Reports of Patients in the US

The medical reports of every patient are kept secret as per the US government laws. Sometimes, doctors also risk their lives for keeping the medical report of patients secret. This law has been formulated by the government to avoid any kind of humiliation that can affect the lives of patients. A medical officer takes Hippocratic Oath in which they keep medical information of patients classified unless safety of others or patient is involved.  Only authorized personnel and anyone with medical or legal approval can access these medical files.

8. The Secret Recipe of KFC

The Secret Recipe of KFC

Have you ever wondered what recipe used by KFC on preparing the meals? It is one of the best kept recipes in the world that company kept it secret since it was established. In 1930, Herland Sanders made this secret recipe at Kentucky. He sold his famous chicken dish to the locals in North Cabin and it was so yummy that every customer talked about it.  His business grew so well that he established a restaurant chain in the world. KFC is currently one of the leading restaurants worldwide. Its recipe is a mystery to common public and is kept secretly at the headquarters under top security.

7. Hapsburg Napkin Fold


Did you know that folding the Hapsburg Napkin in Austria is one of the biggest secrets in the world? Folding this napkin is a royal ritual. There are secret guidelines that only few know to fold the napkin. The special fold is used in Austria-Hungary royal families. Most people tried to fold it but couldn’t. You cannot find written guidelines anywhere on the web. Only trusted and close state officials know this secret. They took the oath and swear that they will keep the design state secret by all means.

6. Area 51

Area 51

All lists of weird stuffs and secrets in the world focus only on Area 51. Located deep into the Nevada desert, Area 51 is a huge CIA secret facility which remained disavowed and unacknowledged by the US government for up to 60 years. Finally, the CIA declared that this facility is real in August 2013. All we know is that it is a US Air Force military base that is highly restricted for the public. Except people inside, no one in this world knows what happens inside the facility. Why the government kept it a secret? Some of the declassified documents were initially published in August 2013 which mention, Area 51 was established in 1955 to test “Aquatone”- a top secret aircraft project.

5. Death of Adolf Hitler

Death of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler had reportedly committed suicide on April 30, 1945 in his underground bunker. Did soviets lie or is it true? As per the recent declassified documents by the FBI, the evidences show that Hitler was alive after Second World War and government knows that. He was supposed to be at the Andes Mountains.

4. Is the news on his death fake?

Adolf Hitler

As per the FBI documents, his suicide was faked. Since he was the most hated person in the world, he needed to find a way out from Germany to survive from the war. FBI knew that but it was a secret for years.

3. The Secret Formula of Making Coca Cola

Coca Cola

The formula of producing Coca Cola is so top classified that they once had to cancel their operation in India as the government asked for their main ingredient formula. The company also faced a divorce case when a wife of one of the successors asked original formula of his grandfather to make coca cola. The company didn’t hand the notes to her as the formula would have eventually revealed to the public. Only a few employees know the ingredients. Currently, only two employees are authorized to know the formula at a time. They have to take an oath to protect the classified info by all means.



There have been several debates about the origin of HIV since 1980s and several theories have been made. Several people believed Africa to be the origin of HIV/AIDS virus. But is it true? Some people believe that the deadly virus was made by scientists in a laboratory and it is man made. There are some conspiracy theories which claim that the cure for this virus has been found. Why are they scared of? Why it is not shared to the world? Are they using AIDS/HIV as a weapon? It’s just a matter of time before the cure comes out.

1. Life After Death

Life After Death

It is a well-known secret that everyone wants to know. Is there a life after death? Is the theory of heaven and hell real? When we die, do we really go to one of them? It is a simple and common belief which is not specific to any particular culture or religion. Nobody wants to spend their life after death in flames and to go hell. Everyone likes to go heaven just after death. There’s a still lot of confusion as what happens before birth and after death.