10 Most Evil Women In Nazi Concentration Camps

It is no denying the fact that men were not behind such a gruesome cruelty towards the residents of German concentration camps. Actually, more than 5500 females served in German camps in several guard positions during the course of war. In this guide, we have compiled the most evil women who attacked their charges and job with ferocity that would definitely give competition to their male counterparts.

Here is the list of ten most evil women in Nazi Concentration camps –

10. Wanda Klaff

She served a jam factory before marriage. When war was declared, she was assigned to Stutthoff and served for a year down there abused the prisoners sadistically. She was arrested by the Polish police when war ended by 1945 and imprisoned where she was suffering from typhoid. Later on, she underwent trial and court has sentenced her to death due to her inhumane crimes. She stated during her trial that she is a devoted staff and very sensible towards her work in the camps. Every day, she struck two prisoners at least. With this statement, it is safe that she was not that sensible as she is supposed to be. On July 4, 1946, she was hanged publicly.

9. Greta Bosel

It is very depressing and ironical that a nurse becomes a killer. She was assigned at Ravenbruck concentration camp in 1939. She was appointed as “Work Imput Overseer”. It means she had to decide which hostages must be killed immediately by gassing and which one to send to Uckermark, a small concentration camp where young girls from 16 to 21 years were kept. She was totally a Nazi by heart and worked on its philosophy which speaks that if they are not able to work, let them rot. On May 3, 1945, she was executed. Like Binz and other guards, she was also hanged till death with the same noose.

8. Dorothea Binz – The Binz

She started up as a maid Binz when she was 15 but unwilling to die as other maids. She was appointed in 1939 as a trainee guard. She had been promoting in her rank. She supervised the kitchen and camp laundry as well as the bunkers where women were killed and tortured. You cannot even imagine the horrors done by her. This unyielding women stomped, beat, shoot, slapped and whipped the women prisoners on her charge. On May 2, 1947, she was hanged for her crimes after the wars.

7. Alice Orlowski

She worked at Nazi concentration camps as an overseer. She was among the most brutal overseers due to her different torture techniques, such as whipping prisoners around the eyes so they cannot work and being sent to execution. Later on, her behavior shockingly changed. She offered water to thirsty prisoners, comfort them and even slept with them on the ground. After war, she was found guilty, tried and sentenced to life imprisonment but served only 10 years and released in 1957. She was called in for another trial in 1976 and died.

6. Ilse Koch – The Bitch of Buchenwald or the Beast of Buchenwald

She was the second name of terror as she was used to skin and tattoo the parts of bodies of prisoners after killing them. She kept the prisoners as souvenirs and turned them to book covers and lampshades. She loved watching others getting raped and tortured and told the guards to do such acts in her presence. She was arrested in 1943 when her husband, Karl Koch, Buchenwald’s commander was found guilty and executed. She was freed then but US authorities arrested her later. She committed suicide when she was 60 in prison.

5. Herta Bothe – The Sadist of Stutthoff

She is known for her disobedient behavior. She had tall athletic body and served near Danzig in Stutthoff camp. Her story was not as brutal as others in this list. She was sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years and spared. She told how the legs and arms of decomposed bodies came off when she had to pick them up and how lifting such bodies cause back pain to her. British troops ordered her to bury the dead bodies they killed.

4. Juana Bormann – The Woman with the Dogs or Wiesel

In 1939, she joined the SS to earn more money. She was sadistic and abusive by nature. Her tale of cruelty can be heard from Auschwitz, Ravensbruck and Bergan-Belsen camps. She had a German shepherd dog by her side. She used to order him to tear the prisoners apart. She also used the dog to torture the prisoners. The British Army invaded her last camp Bergan-Belsen in 1945 when they found up to 60000 hostages and 10000 corpses at the camp. She was prosecuted and charged for murder. On December 13, 1945, she was executed.

3. Ruth Neudeck

In 1944, she was appointed as a trainee at Ravensbruck Camp and her cold-blooded brutality quickly impressed her superiors. She was supposed to cut the throat of a hostage with her shovel’s steep edge. She has been known among the worst female guards. She was charged for choosing and killing over 5000 children and women. Later on, she was sentenced to be executed.

2. Hildegard Lachert – Beast or Bloody Brigette

When she was 22, she served at Majdanek, Auschwitz, and Ravensbruck. She was the mother of three children during her brutal career and a former nurse.  She was sentenced to imprisonment for 15 years after Auschmitz Trial in the year 1947. She was engaged in the selection process. According to one of her survivors, she struck until she witnesses the blood. She was also used to release her dog on the prisoners.

1. Maria Mandel – The Beast

At the well known Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, she was responsible directly for killing up to 500,000 inmates. She worked in several other camps. She was appointed as the highest commandment and she impressed her superiors really very well at Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. She was responsible to report only to a male commandant as men never subordinated a woman as per the Nazi’s rule. She was a smart woman but deadly sadist by heart.

She would wait for someone to look around her at the gate and she would drag them off the line and kill them. She also chose Jews to serve her as a pet until she got bored and sent them to be hanged. She also loved to choose children for killing. She is known to have sent over half a million children and women for execution. On January 1948, she paid for this inhumane behavior.

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