Top 10 Most Unusual Sports in the World 2017

Sports like tennis, football, basketball, rugby, cricket, and baseball are so mainstream that you may have played, watched and heard of. But there is something more in sports than just playing. The world has seen so many unusual sports that you might not have discovered or heard about. Listed here are top 10 unusual sports that you may never believe are played.

Hope you will like them. You may not have played or heard these types of sports.

10. Oil Wrestling

Oil Wrestling

Oil wrestling is one of the unusual sports played across the world. One of the oldest competitions held is in Kirkpinar, Edirne Turkey in June every year. Wrestling is known to be the part of festival, dates back to 1357 to commemorate the victory of Ottoman. Also known as Pehlivan, this contest is covered in olive oil to wrestle the opponent to the ground. Maybe it is not fun for everyone. Such types of festivals are also held in Northern Greece in the West Thrace and Eastern Macedonia. This type of wrestling has become popular over the world in recent years, especially in Japan and Netherlands.

9. Pooh Sticks

Pooh Sticks

It is a sport which was first discussed in a Winnie-the-Pooh publication, The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne. This sport is very simple and it is played on any bridge over the running water. Each player has to drop a stick on the upstream part of the bridge and one player whose stick appears first on the downstream is declared a winner. These types of championships have been held on River Thames at Day’s Lock in the UK, since 1984.

8. Zorbing


It is a recreational sport in which the players roll downhill in an orb which is usually made of transparent plastic. Generally, it is performed on gentle slope but it can also be performed on level surface controlled by other rider. It is described as an extreme sport with a lot of popularity of this sport. It is an extreme sport but it has no competition, unless you challenge your friend on whether he will do it.

7. Bed Racing

Bed Racing

Bed Racing is a sport which has been embraced well by the individuals of North Yorkshire Town in Knaresborough. In 1965, the first race was open only to Navy, Army, and American Marines. Currently, everyone enjoys this type of competition. The competitors race in the group of five players, along with one lying on the bed. Each team should have their own bed which is decorated well on the theme for the same year. The bed can also float and runs on four wheels. This 3 km race starts at Conyngham Hall and ends there. The teams face 1-in-5 gradient climb halfway the run to Castle Top, before goes back the hill and to the last challenge to cross a river.

6. Wife Carrying Competition

Wife Carrying Competition

As the name suggests, it is a sport in which male competitors carry their female teammate to race with others. In Finland, it is held every year in early July. A man has to cover 253.5m race and carry their partner on their back. This course consists of various surfaces to get through, such as water based obstacles and dry land. Along with a mobile phone, the winner also wins beer of their wife’s weight.

5. Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing

It is a performance art and an extreme sport. People who love playing this unusual sport may probably visit the remote location to iron clothes.  They are self-proclaimed as ‘ironists’ and they have the trill by taking unplugged iron, ironing board, and some of their clothes to extreme places and capture themselves doing the same. These places are hard to reach. They capture themselves ironing underwater, in extreme altitude, on top of vehicles, and hanging from cliffs.  Extreme ironing is the recent extreme sport which combines the pleasure of well-ironed clothing and thrill of extreme outdoor activity.

4. World Gurning Contest

World Gurning Contest

Can you imagine a competition where people who make ugliest face win? Apparently, the word “Gurning” refers to pulling a face and you may not be surprised to know that World Gurning Contest is held every year. Started in 1297, Gurning competitions were held at Egremont Crab Fair, in the UK. All the contestants need to pull their ugliest possible face. In the fair held in 1267, the crab apples were given to the people by the Lord of Manor. Gordon Blacklock from White haven defeated Tommy Mattinson, a 16-time champion, last year.

3. Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing

This hybrid sport combines boxing with chess in alternative rounds. Invented by French filmmaker and artist, Enki Bilal in Froid Equateur, his comic book in 1992, this sport was organized first by Iepe Robingh, a Dutch artist in 2003.

Chess boxing is a rapidly growing sport. It alternates between the games of chess and boxing after each round. It involves waiting for a knockout or checkmate to decide the match. Played between two people, a Chess Boxing match lasts around 11 rounds starting from 4 minute chess and followed by 2 minutes round of boxing.

2. Bossaball


Bossaball is an incredible team sport conceptualized by Filip Eyckmans in 2005 and originated in Spain. There are two teams consist of four players each to play this game. For each team, the aim is to ground the ball on the field of opponent. Height of the net can be adjusted in between the fields according to levels like children, beginners, intermediates and professionals. Players cannot touch the net and have to stay with one body part on their side.

The attacker stays on the trampoline and the other players around him stay on the inflatable. The server kicks or throws the ball in the air and tries to hit the ball in a way that it passes over the net so it will land in the court of opponent’s team. They have to use the combination of up to 5 contacts with ball to get back to other side.

1. Naked Sport

There is plenty of interest in the individuals playing sports without clothes. It is not recommended to remove clothes to play sports. But watching people playing without clothes is really a very exciting thing. In most parts of the world, it is a social custom for athletes to wear clothing. But the exception here is in naturist-based events and some events like World Naked Bike Ride where people play without clothes. These days, there are some cultures in the tropics in which one can play sports partially nude or nude. Some of the popular events are “International Nudist Swimming Gala”, “International Alps Adria Meeting”, and “International Naturist Sports Week”.