Top 10 Mysteries Of The World That Never Solved

We can never solve all the mysteries in the world. Several epic enigmas will remain secret and most of them will arise in future. The disappearance of a Malaysian flight MH370 is a common example. When nothing found after a long period of searching, exactly what happened with the plane is still not found.

Here are some of the lesser-known mysteries in the world, which will never be solved.

10. The Mel Water Hole

The Mel Water Hole

Man’s search for oil, knowledge and valuable gems has caused huge holes that are being dug using millions of tons of soil which is being moved. South Africa’s Kimberley hole, Siberia’s Koala super deep hole and UK’s Woodingdean Well are some of the common examples. But none of them can beat Mel Water Hole when it comes to mysteries and creepiness. Located somewhere in the wilds of Washington, a giant 9” hole is among the most mysterious crevices on planet with unknown origin.

The story behind this weird hole dates back to the days of 1800s when people used it as a damping well for dead animals and garbage to fill it up. Despite using it for centuries, it holds its scary image by eating all the junks without any sign of filling up.  Despite throwing in carcasses, TV tubes and scrap fridges, no echoes returned and nothing ever hit the bottom.

9. Vanished Britain Soldiers

Vanished Britain Soldiers

We all have heard the stories of women, children and men who have gone missing without leaving a trace. Some of them disappeared to avoid court orders, pilling debts, or just to start their life again at a new location. But there are disappearances that are quite bizarre. These creepy disappearances draw out intense fear and grab our attention. It is normal when one goes missing. But no one knows where the whole battalion of armed soldiers gone from the raging battleground on 12th August, 1915 and their fate is still unknown.

8. Death of Robert Cuninghame

This horrifying and strange tale of death of 1st Baron Rossmore, Robert Cunninghame, on 6th August 1801, will definitely chill you with fear. He was native to Scotland, moved to Ireland as a determined person. He rose through the ranks in his brigade and appointed as Commander-in chief in Ireland. He had this position for 3 years before retirement. As a highly reputed citizen in higher circles of Ireland and a retired general, he spent his time with friends and visitors. In August 5, 1801, his pal’s wife, Lady Barrington, stumbled across Lord Rossmore and invited him for a party next day. He woke up in the morning to a terrible sound which scared him. It was something like music or voice which grew louder. Horrified Rossmore woke his wife and the couple checked the window to know its sources. They found a hazy darkness and a patch of grass below the window. They were weeping closely for hour and heard a deep sigh with a call “Rossmore! Rossmore!” In the morning, they got informed about his death.

7. Men in Black (MIB)

We have heard the tales when Men in Black used to contact, harass and even threaten men and women. They come dressed in formal attire, white shirts, black suits, and black ties with ‘fedora hats’ which shows the aura of danger and fear. These stalkers often visit those who have seen UFOs, suspicious flying object. They call themselves ‘government agents’ and warn the victims for not telling it to anyone. They mysteriously vanish as they come.

6. The “WOW” Signal

If you are an Arithmetic lover, you definitely know that a light year is equal to around 5.88 trillion miles (around 9.5 trillion km). A lot of scientists have speculations that there are aliens somewhere in the universe loaded with foreign technology that is yet to be discovered. If you are still unaware of this concept, the mysterious “Wow” signal will give you evidence. An American astronomer, Jerry Ehman, intercepted an alien signal on August 1977. He found a series of mysterious letters which indicates the signal of unidentified origin.

5. The Origin of Sky Quakes

With all the technologies, we are still unable to understand nature fully and more mysteries are yet to solve. Sky Quakes are actually some kind of mysterious sounds like cannon fire, thunder or sonic booms in the sky. The quakes are also the loud thunder which often creates shock waves which rattles windows and glasses in the cloudless sky. This weird phenomenon has been heard in Oklahoma, South and North Carolina, and in several parts of UK.

4. The Vanished Boeing 727 Aircraft

You may have never heard of a team of 3 men trying to steal 41900 kg aircraft, Boeing 727. This giant machine needs long runway. It was vanished on May 25, 2003. The Aerospace Sales & Leasing Co, based in Miami, didn’t give a second thought to pull out passenger seats and transformed the plane into tanker before letting it fly to Angola.  After several testing, plane took to runway after several maneuvers with transponder and lights turned off. The plane flied and vanished.

3. The Dulce Papers

These papers were leaked by a secret worker. It has the details of a secret underground Mega Laboratory under USA government as well as an alien race “The Greys”. The construction of the laboratory is believed to have started in 1930 till 1960s. It consists of 7 levels of complexes with security cameras and restricted areas for human personnel. The nerve-wrecking experiments of grey/human cloning, mind control, tanks of sedated children, men and women, as well as Atomic manipulation make this complex even more mysterious.

2. Unknown LA Raid

We all have heard about Pearl Harbor incident and the suffering of US Navy from huge annihilation by the Japanese bombers. The US were sitting ducks when alarm started with some imperial fleet which rained torpedoes, bullets and bombs on the docked ship and the serene environment of the beach punctuated with nestling soldiers within seconds.  When the smoke cleared finally, over 2500 lives of Americans were affected.

1. The Mysterious SS Baychimo

This legendary ship has a very creepy story. In 1914, the SS Baychimo shuttled around British Columbia and Alaska carrying cargo and passengers having several stops along Beautfort Sea for the trade of fur. But things were wrong when the chilling blizzards came earlier on October 1, 1931. The ship failed to outrun the freezing storm and gotr stuck in ice. When the weather gone worse, the crew along with Captain John Cornwell, trek to the nearest town for shelter. But the ice shifted over time and freed the ship and trapped it again.