10 Unbelievable Facts about People Born in September

Derived from the Latin word septem, September characterizes to seven colours of the rainbow. Likewise, people taking birth in September too are attributed by different colours, or medley of see-saw traits. While the seasonal flowers of morning glory exude love upon them, their birthstone sapphires are known to endue them with wisdom. And thus, these people come out to write their names in golden alphabets in the history.

One of them is our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Following are ten of such interesting facts about people born in September. Read along.


10. Open Mind

Though many people today speak about open mindedness, there are quite a few people who actually stay open minded even in moments of despair and setbacks. September born people are. They approach every problem with a neutral mind and try to find its solution. An example of this is the world famous science fiction author Stephen King who has also a birth month of September. Despite of all his struggles and falling down miserably, he has grown out to be the best of all in today’s age.

9. Secret Keepers

September is also famous as ‘the harvest month’ and for corn dollies. Corn Dolly is a name given to the spirit of the corn or makka. It was believed that the Corn Goddess would die if some of the corn harvested is not saved until next season. Following this, a tradition began that every year dolls of corn sheaf would be made in order to save some corn and hence it’s Goddess. People born in September are too like these corn dollies. They are big time tricksters. They like to keep themselves and their ideas secret. When you meet one, you won’t be able to guess what’s going on in their heads. As a testimony, you can read the history of Queen Elizabeth-I, it’s filled with secrets.

8. Think, Think and Think

People born in the late fall month have a habit of thinking too much. This over thinking can be as beneficial as harmful to them. While some people got to become depressed and anxious due to their thoughts, some others use their thinking to their advantage. The latter ones ought to become great philosophers, scientists and spiritual teachers. The case history shows that too. Take the great Chinese philosopher Confucius or the Toy Story writer, Leo Tolstoy. Both have a birth month of September only.

7. Grateful

Gratefulness is one such attribute that takes the person to a big leap from good to great. Being grateful to something or someone is the biggest quality of being human. And see Virgos and Libras are born with it. While being too young, these persons form the habit of giving compliments, appreciations, thankfulness and encouragement. This probably makes them stand out a little from the crowd. Some of the legends falling in this category are Lata Mangeshkar, Yash Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and yes, Bhagat Singh too! All of us know how his gratefulness served to free India.

6. Only Perfections Apply

Yes, if you see a Mister or Miss Perfectionist around you, ask them in which month does their birthday fall. Septum-born are pinpoint precisians. Be it work or any other aspect of their life, they pay as much detail as they can to everything. And this does miracles. Do you know the ancient Emperor Augustus, also born in September, literally doubled the Roman Empire with his expansion efforts and strategies? Other exemplary personalities to this fact are HP’s Former CEO Carly Florina and the superstar American actor Will Smith.

5. Foodies!

The end of autumn marks the onset of festive season. And festive season means lots of mouth watering food. Perhaps that’s why they are in-born food mavens. Invite them for lunch and it would be a surprise if they deny it. But being a foodie doesn’t mean they are obese. They are quite particular about their fitness and nutrition too. In nutshell, a bon vivant!

4. Affectionate & Caring

Compassion, care and empathy are in the nerves of Virgos and Libras. They can’t, even if they get angry, even then they don’t carry any bitter feelings about a person. This is actually the best of traits of the September born people. Their affection towards fellow humans makes them adorable in the eyes of all. If you require evidence to this, read about September-born Neerja Bhanot, the senior cabin crew member who lost her life saving the passengers of the hijacked flight Pan Am Flight 73.

3. Don’t Like To Stay Solo

It might seem a little quirky in their case but people taking birth in fall are somewhat edgy for solitude. They are happiest to their best in their relationships. Therefore, from their teenage itself they are quite flirtatious and romantic. Therefore, they are quite caring towards their loved ones too. Their life partners should wear the forget-me-nots which are their birth flowers too.

2. Big Happiness in Small Little Things

Sometimes big achievements and millions of fans are not enough when you need all those small things that you had during your childhood days like a family picnic. September born people are highly inclined towards their family life. No matter how big they get to do in their career, they always put their family first just like the tennis star Serena Williams.

1. Travel Buff

This is yet another extension to their food fancy. The more they like to eat, the more they like to travel as well. Also, they are highly fascinated by different cultures, people and places. They like being a witness to different colours of the society. However, despite of their love of travel, by nature, they are quite peaceful from within like the star-shaped asters that September is known for.