10 Interesting Facts about People Born in October

Start of October indicates the dusk of pleasant summer mornings and beginning of dusky-mellow winter eves. Though it is a bittersweet gap that bridges different seasons together, people see it in different kinds of ways. Kids see this month as the month of holidays and festivities. Adults see this month as a season of gifting and get-togethers. Like the month itself, people born in this month also carry a titian charm that is unmatchable.

Possibly, this is the reason why so many great personalities are October-borns including the great Mughal Emperor Akbar and Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Anyhow, below listed are some of the most common traits that every Octo-born inherits. Here we go..


1. Honest & Free-Spoken

Mostly, persons with zodiac signs of Libra and Scorpio are born with plain speaking tongue. From a very early age, they prove themselves to be absolutely honest and innocent. No matter what the situation is they won’t trade their truthfulness with any kind of prize. As employees too, they are very sincere about the tasks and deadlines assigned to them. Besides, they never shy away from admitting their mistakes. When in their own business, they are completely transparent to their colleagues, partners and employees.

2. Peace Lovers

Who can be a better example of peace lover than the respectable Mahatma Gandhi. Like him, most of the October off springs like to remain in peace and maintain harmony around them. Even in case of debates, they turn away the argument in such a way that there arises no conflict. They live in peace and exude the same wherever they go. They tend to play the role of peace makers in family disputes and company debates. This instils them with an in-built quality of leadership that everyone around them falls for.

3. Sentiments Overpower Them

Despite of thinking good for others, these people are not able to maintain the same balance within their own brains. At times, their emotions do carry them away causing major financial crisis. However, this does some good to them as well. October-spawned come out to be highly skilled in performance arts like theatre, drama and music. Top-spot actors like Julia Roberts, Parineeti Chopra, Sunny Deol and The Beatles founder John Lennon are also Octo-born. Withal, if you too have this birth month, not to worry, it is also the Apple, Corn and Pizza month. When you get caught too much in your emotions, order an apple pie and a cheesy pizza, and enjoy!

4. Big Time Procrastinators

Libras and Scorpios, despite of their brilliant brains, are quite indecisive by nature. Be it a petty decision, they make a number of delays in taking it. Persisting in this habit makes them big procrastinators from their work to life and relationships. In relationships too, they are not too haste about committing to a person. Most of the time, they take longer than their spouses to decide.

5. Tactful

Octo-babies are largely diplomatic by nature. Call it their peace making attribute or what; they are capable of handling any argument with ease. This way they have a knack of coming out of a conflict in a very light hearted manner. Have you seen Navjot Singh Sidhu in The Kapil Sharma Show, how he cuts through every comment in such a light manner that instead of creating arguments, it creates humour.

6. Profound Spiritual Seekers

Like the solo dark winter evenings, the October born people also like to spend time in solitude contemplating on the self. Their keenness to find out the truth of their existence is so that they devote a major section of their lifetime in enquiring about their Truth. It is generally recommended by spiritual healers that these people should wear tourmaline stone. The stone contains shamanic properties that promote body immunity, fertility and cosmic energy.

7. Ambitious & Challenging

Owing to their emotional instabilities and harmonizing nature, don’t think that these people are ambitious any lesser. The fire of intelligence burned over their creativity makes them highly ambitious about their work. Besides they like to take up more and more of new challenging tasks. And fortunately their birth flower calendula is also known to sustain wealth, wealth of knowledge and money. Some of the Octo-born persons with such a tremendous combination are Amitabh Bachchan, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Bill Gates.

8. Supportive Life Partner

French author Albert Camus once said, Don’t follow me, don’t lead me, walk beside me, be my friend. This is what these people expect from their partners. They are really a different breed of modern people. Instead of dominating their partners, they want them to walk side by side with them. See how the billionaire Bill and his better half Melinda Gates pave work and contribute towards social causes as partners.

9. Philosophy in their Cells

Due to their intense longing to understand spirituality, October born Libras and Scorpios have a deep interest in philosophy too. With an eye for detail and curiosity to know the world, they grow up to be great thinkers, philosophers and teachers. Some of the famous philosophers born in the early winters are Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Samuel Clarke, Mary Hesse and David Cockburn.

10. Creative Juices

How can a spiritual person be complete without expressing one’s creativity? And so, these persons are big art lovers by birth. People born in the tenth month of the Gregorian year become popular artists of their decade. Some famous names falling in the list of October birthdays are the adored author RK Narayan, the legendary painter Pablo Picasso and the celebrated Qawwali singer Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.