10 Unbelievable Facts about People Born in November

To all appearances, November is one of the most beautiful months of a year. The cracking and onrush of autumn leaves into the Jack Frost and humming of winter king tides into the shivers of evening breeze; is just a dim imagery of what November looks like. Following this, the baking aroma of hot chocolate cakes, the warmth of crackling and popping fire in the fireplace and the sweaters parted from the plastic bags, there’s just a medley of facts that surround this fall month. Like the month, the people born in this month too are endowed with so many interesting characteristics.

Scan through the ten most interesting ones put together below that might surprise you.


1. Unmasked

November babies are very courageous when it comes to expressing themselves. They say and do only what they feel. To put it simply, they are absolutely clear-skinned about their ideas, even if they appear eccentric to other people. And for the same reason, they get to become famous authors and poets. The Huckleberry Finn author Mark Twain is also a November born.

2. Make Their Own Rules

Leadership is one trait that they inherit by birth. They don’t follow but lead masses with their out-of-the-box thinking. They cut through the orthodox patterns of thought and ideas and come up with their own rules. While this might appear as arrogance to some people, this trait exudes the immeasurable self confidence of the November-born. The bottom line is their unshakable spirit to move on in spite of many fallbacks. The epic story of Shah rukh Khan in making of the Bollywood Badshah is the perfect example to this.

3. Loyalty First

A November child puts his loyalty and faithfulness at the top of everything. They are die-hard loyal to their parents, friends and spouses. Their words are like firm bonds that they fulfil no matter what it takes. Therefore, these people can excel in the fields of social entrepreneurship, higher government services and social cause responsibility. The first Prime Minister of India, also novem-born, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s life story is an inspiration to anyone desiring to go in the field of nation’s service.

4. Good Looking

Just like November’s crimson sunsets, migrating bird flocks and dry silences, people born in this month also have a mind-taking appearance. Regardless of where they work, their physical looks are bound to receive oodles of compliments. Actually they epitomize the deadly combination of beauty and brains. As an instance, take the dashing Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio or the gorgeous actresses like Scarlet Johans son and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

5. Massive Action

The off springs of eleventh month are tremendously hardworking in their respective fields. Procrastination is a strict no-no for these guys. They have pre-set goals and they tend to take heads-on massive action to achieve them irrespective of the circumstances. Take the example of former American President Winston Churchill, who strived hard for the success of United States. Other examples of November born are the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee and radium inventor Marie Curie.

6. Stubbornness on their Nose

November is also known as The Blood Month. Correspondingly, people born at this time of the year have stubbornness in their blood. When it comes to their choices and favours, they are highly resistant towards changing their beliefs. While this can cause trouble for those in relationship with them, it can also be an advantage for those working on their work goals. For instance, consider the Indian tyrant Tipu Sultan. It was only his stubborn commitment to free the country that kept him going till the end.

7. Calm And Composed

Much in the same way as snow begins to settle on the pine trees and life craws into its nests, people born in early winters are pretty composed in themselves. To them, peace of mind is the foremost goal. Owing to this, these people are constantly involved in activities like meditation & yoga sessions, spiritual retreats and Vedic workshops. Plus their entire lifestyle centres around this very trait and you will be able to see the holistic art of living in them.

8. Mistaken Again!

Not always but most of the time people tend to take the November babies for granted. Due to their simple, straightforward nature towards everything, they are sometimes considered childish or immature. At times, people might consider them as dumb however, at the deepest centre of their brains; Novem-borns are intellectually brilliant.

9. A Space of Their Own

One thing that almost every person born in this month wants the most is a space and few moments of their own. After a period of strenuous work and deadlines, they like to slip away in their cocoons to settle the thoughts in their mind and to reflect upon. Once they are back into their self composed nature, they are ready to work again. The La-La Land Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, who is also a November born, has quoted many times in his interviews that at times, he likes to remain in solitude away from all the limelight.

10. Honest & Fair

These people are die-hard fans of honesty. They are utterly honest to anyone and everyone. This is one of the biggest qualities that turn November children into grown up leaders who think not just about themselves but about everyone around them. They come out to become great justice-men, great businessmen and foremost great humans. The rags to riches life story of Andrew Carnegie is no less an inspiration. He is a role model to millions of youth who desire to live a quality life, a life of excellence.

To end with, nothing describes the traits of a November born better than a quote of Carnegie himself i.e. “Concentration is my motto; first honesty, then industry, then concentration”.