10 Unbelievable Facts About People Born in May

As tales have it, Queen Victoria was surrounded by mysteries all through her life. And so does her entire life period called Victorian era. And so does all the people born in her birth month called May. People born in this summer month are amalgamations of so many dual characteristics that only one word can define them. And that is, ‘enigmatic’.

Still and all, following are the few common traits observed in the people born in the month with the shortest spelling. Scan through one by one.


1. Live For Dreams Not In Dreams

Agreed that they do have lots of desires and dreams to achieve, but the fact that they have a long vision can’t be denied too. People born in the fifth Julian month are highly ambitious. Even after achieving a milestone, they don’t like to stop but to keep moving on in life. But at the same time, they are foreseers too. They have their eyes on the sky but feet always on ground. Perhaps that’s why it’s not easy to distract them once they commit themselves to a goal. And don’t forget, May is the month of emeralds, the symbol of success!

2. Unshakeable Self Confidence

Carrie Bradshaw, the fictional television character says, Fall in Love With Yourself First. True to this saying, the May-born people too are self inspired. Despite of passing through many setbacks and failures, they stand up without anyone telling them to do so. Once they make a decision, they take complete responsibility and cut through all the problems that arrive in the way. Take the example of Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, he’s a May born. Whoa! Goosebumps in Tauruses and Geminis, right?

3. The Attention Seekers

How do you tell people to pay attention on you without actually saying it? Well, people who have answer to this question are born specifically in May. Being of extreme nature, they either like to live in complete seclusion or with full-on crowd, all eyes on them. However, it’s not only their mind-reading knack that comes here; it’s their deep affection that automatically attracts people around them.

4. Hard Nuts To Crack

To put it simply, they are persistent enough. But the other side of the medal is this persistence sometimes leads to stubbornness. The mayflower people are quite tough to convince or persuade in a conversation. Even if the person on the other side is talking reasonable, these people are iron pillars to it. They don’t like to change their ideas, belief systems and habit patterns, at least not on convincing. When viewed in good way, this develops them in stronger individuals who are bold, stable and focused.

5. Through Their Creative Getaways

Owing to their side seeking isolation, May born people have a greater bend towards literature and creative arts. Perhaps literature is the thing that let them escape into the imaginary world of their dreams. As an example, consider Rabindranath Tagore. Who can ever forget his evergreen poetry collection Gitanjali.  Another example is Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond Series. After all, the scientific fiction is the product of imagination too. Further on, some of the eminent singers like Adele, Bob Dylan and Enrique Iglesias are offsprings of May only.

6. Oh, Their Surprises!

When you meet a person born in May, you’ll see them spending their earnings wholeheartedly as if there is no tomorrow. The next time you see, they will be like stingy in paying even the bills of two coffee cups. So, you see how unpredictable can be. The moment you accept their personality, they change, and give you a surprise every time. So, the next time that friend of yours offers you a compliment, never say no. Who knows, they change their mind!

7. No Clutter Allowed

So many things in this little little head and then this urge to organize them, phew! It can leave them restless and unnerved all day long. By living in their dream world, they also have to face some unwanted consequences. Their mind, full of dreams and imaginations and all, don’t let them rest until they sort out a thing. On a similar note, even the simplest of questions hovering over their minds can make them anxious. Perhaps, this is their deepest calling to do something for peace of mind.

8. Don’t Underestimate Their Efforts

May is the month of Lily of the Valley which is a flower possessing a combination of sweet scent and poisonous nature. Likewise in the case of a person born in May. When you’re at a distance from their life, they are absolutely brilliant. Nobody can match their hard work. However, if you start opposing or interfering in their work, they may cut off from a relationship with you. They too are a combination of sweet and arrogant at the same time.

9. Masters of Their Own Fate

This is one of the biggest traits that define people born in May. They like being independent and taking their own decisions. This also makes them great explorers and travelers. Yes, they love travel more than anything. Besides, their curiosity to discover themselves automatically makes them curious about different cultures, cuisines, arts and traditions. These people can be seen planning their itineraries very often.

10. Stalkers, Beware Of Them

If you happen to be partner to a person with Taurus or a Gemini Sun sign, don’t even look at somebody else. By their very nature, May-born persons are highly possessive. They remain fully devoted to their partners and expect the same from their partners too. And so, even if a stalker is just playing a peek-a-boo, their anger can really burst out like a volcano. Withal, the other side to the coin is if you are in a relationship with a May-born, you’re pretty fortunate too!