10 Unbelievable Facts About People Born in June

Everything about June is astonishing in its own way. June, derived from Juno is named after the “God of Marriage”. So it says that June is a great month to marry. However, when it comes to people born in this month, it all depends on them. One moment they are ambitious and the other they are back to their day dreaming.

Below mentioned are many such interesting facts about the June-borns. So, if you have a friend whose birthday falls in this month, grab in this list and slip one in his message box too.


1. Lighthearted Buddies

No one likes to keep company with negative people and people always rumbling about their problems. But rather you’ll like the company of June-born people. They are fun to be with. From the moment you are a stranger to them to when you are not, they will instantly become like your chill-pill buddy. The reason to this may be the deep seated attribute of fun-filled summer vacations of school that lasted till June.

2. Wear Smile As A Mask

Most of the Gemini-s and Cancer-s are fantastically good at hiding emotions. You won’t ever see this persons expressing what’s going on inside them. June is the National Smile Month in US, perhaps therefore you’ll always find them smiling. But don’t go on their smiles, they need acceptance more than anything.

3. Expert At Debating

Intellectuals can debate, others just argue, is an old saying. To be confident enough to stand by your point is a big thing after all. This also represents their brave-heartedness that they feel free to take the side of their opinions without any hesitation. Whenever they see an argument going on a subject knowledgeable to them, they jump in to add in their suggestions. Don’t be surprised to know that our US President Donald Trump has a birth month of June only.

4. Drop-dead Romantic

Just like June is known to be the month of ‘God of Marriage’, on the similar note, people born in June are highly inclined towards the idea of marriages. This makes their personality quite romantic from a very early age. See the Bollywood actors like R. Madhavan, Karisma Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. Remember Madhavan in Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein. Also, the romantic American star Marilyn Monroe was born in the sixth month.

5. Kill With Kindness

Honeysuckle is known for kindness and devotion. People who take birth in the month of honeysuckle June too show this characteristic. When you are in a debate with them, there’s no means to rescue. However, when you are just in their company, they will make you swoon with their kindness. Especially if you are an employee or work for someone born in June, you would know, how they take care of everyone around them. Owing to this trait, these people come out to be great philanthropists, civil officers and government servants.

6. Bright and Brilliant

Take their ambitions, debating ability and their capability to serve. This makes a great combination of intelligence. Like their birthstone Moonstones, June-born too possess great brilliance. Their brains are sharper than the sharpest. They might not excel in topping their school grades, but when it comes to real life, they are smart and know how to drive the vehicle. The June-born George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a live example of ultimate intelligence.

7. Self Conscious

June is also the month of roses, roses of different types. This innate attribute can be seen in the people too, who are born at this time of the year. The ‘blush’ factor that they carry throughout makes them highly self conscious of their looks and appearance, especially when in public. This has a plus too. Being conscious of their appearance from a very young age blooms their personality like anything. You can see many top-spot models born in this month like Heidi Klum and Kate Upton.

8. Emotions Rule Over Them

Due to the merging of their birth stones Moonstones and Alexandrite, people born in this summer month are prone to frequent mood swings. One moment they are in elation and the next you’ll find them anxious and depressed. They literally have all those emotional rise-and-falls going on inside them even when they don’t show it. Perchance, this could be the reason why they come out to take a lot of interest in acting, drama and theatre. If you don’t believe, check out the dates of birth of Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Sonam Kapoor, Kajal Aggarwal and Johnny Depp. If still not, remember Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

9. Sarcasm, Their Second Language

It might be hard to digest but despite of being emotional, these people are high on humor. Their inability to express their emotions comes out in the form of sarcastic remarks that they like to throw in a conversation. When not in their sentimental mode, you’ll mostly find them in humorous and comic mood.

10. Tremendous Energy

Along with their quirky traits, in their nitty gritty they are charming personalities. People want to connect with these persons and delve in their worlds. They usually go on to become famous personalities and role models to people. The Argentine football player Lionel Messi is a testimony. Even if you don’t like football, you’ll start liking it when you see one in which Messi is playing.