10 Unbelievable Facts About People Born in July

Seven is a divinely number. It is the number of colors in a rainbow, the number of sur sargams, the number of days in a week and seven is the month of July. From the ancient Pagan, July is considered to have huge significance in astrology of being the luckiest of months to be born in. Besides, in Catholism, it is considered as the Most Precious Blood Month of Jesus. Likewise too, some of the greatest names including Alexander The Great in history are known to have born in this month.

Following are some less-known facts about people born in the seventh month. Read on.


1. Understanding

The biggest learning a human can ever have in his life is, understanding. Understanding breaks through the shackles of fear and sprouts wisdom within. People born in July have a good knack of understanding their brains and the world. From their very birth, they have a deeper level of consciousness and view everything from a broader perspective. Consider the great holiness Dalai Lama. If you were born in July, this is a big enough reason to love your life.

2. Handle No Nonsense

A person born in July is so indulged in understanding the world that he can’t tolerate foolish talks or gossips anymore. Such people speak only when they are in a healthy conversation. If they are exposed to gossips or unnecessary talks, they have a tendency to become rude or simply walk away without a word.

3. Helping Hands

People with a zodiac of Cancer or Leo have in-born quality of helping others. Whenever they see people in need of help, they are the first ones to extend their hands. Another interesting trait about them is that their desire for sharing and ability to grasp things make them do wonders to the world. Take Nikola Tesla, the inventor of radio or Henry Ford. Works of each one of them have proven to be groundbreaking advancements in our day to day world.

4. Let Go Guys

Their indifference to things and conversations around them might make them appear a little fussy at first. But when you observe them closely, they, like pearls are pure at heart. And therefore, they are also endowed with the greatest attribute of the world i.e. forgiveness. No matter how big or small setback they have to confront, eventually they let go and forgive everyone. The word revenge is not in their dictionaries.

5. Soft Spoken but A Lot Spoken

When they are strangers to you, they are complete strangers. When they are friends to you, never mind, they ask too many questions. Land a conversation with them only if you are patient enough to handle their long questionnaires. Although whatever they say, they do it in a polite manner and that it makes much sense still, don’t be surprised if you get a question on every answer you put up with.

6. Easy To Get On With

They may not tackle gossips, they may ask too many questions but one thing that they do better than anyone else is company. They are quite easy to get on with. If you are in a close relationship with a July-born you would know. They are very open minded about sharing their feelings with their partner. Also, they believe in straightforward, simple and honest means of communication which is a huge advantage to a relationship. They are not at all vulnerable to self pride. Take the current Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. Despite of being the CEO of the biggest brand in the world, when he visited his alma mater, he was all cool and fun with the students over there.

7. Charming

Just like July marks the onset of monsoon, they mark the cheers in the place they step in. Owing to their charming aura, these persons tend to become big-time legends in their lifetime. See the Bollywood sensation Priyanka Chopra, she’s July born too. Some other big personalities with July as their birth month are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Daniel Radcliffe. If you too are a child of this Julius Caesar month, you must be proud.

8. Family Comes First

8No matter how big their social circle may be, people born in July like to keep their family on their first priority. No matter how big or small their workload may be, they won’t mind taking off for a family vacation. A daytime meal with entire family is the best time of the day to them. Eventually, they are known to form long lasting relationships.

9. Self Efficient

A wise man once said, first fill your pot then fill other’s one. True to this saying, one can truly share something with other person only when one is fully content. Jul-ians have a birthstone of ruby that symbolizes contentment. Likewise people born in the seventh month are said to be absolutely content with their lives. Possibly that’s why they are so keen on sharing open heartedly. As a testimony, see Nelson Mandela. Besides, this characteristic speaks about their creativity as well. When they express, they express it with muse just like Ernst Hemingway or J.K. Rowling have done to their books.

10. Charged 24×7

Formerly known as Quintillis, July is the month where summer merges into the monsoons. This indicates tremendous energy field. With this people born in this month of the year also remain charged every second of their day, energy radiating out of them all through. This makes them suitable for professions demanding a lot of energy like singing, dancing or acting. For instance, Jennifer Lopez was born in July too and also the Rolling Stones’s lead singer Mick Jagger.