10 Unbelievable Facts about People Born in December

Celebrity mates Share your birth month with Feasts, lights and snow, there’s still much more on the go. December is the time to reflect upon all those to-do lists, wish lists, resolutions and slip in the cosy comfort of blankets while sipping cups of hot tea. After all how a month in which Jesus was born cannot be special. Perhaps for the same reason, the Daffodil month has been mentioned in the poetry of some of the legendry poets including Ghalib, Rumi, Rabindra nath Tagore and Mohammad.

Furthermore, if you are a December child, you share your birthday with some of the biggest names of Indian film industry like Salman Khan, Rajnikanth, Govinda and Anil Kapoor. Whoa! Well, if your cheeks are blushing with excitement, read the facts given below about all the December born, they’ll blush a little more!


1. Sporty and Spirited

December born people are very cheerful by their very nature. No matter at what time you are meeting them, you’ll find them all sporty and energetic. Be it their household tasks, work or leisure activities, they participate in every aspect of their life with zeal and zest. Taylor Swift, the popular American singer is also December born. Listen to her song Baby and you’ll hear how much energy her voice exudes. Other famous people whose birthdays fall in the Jesus month are Britney Spears, Walt Disney and The Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards.

2. Listen to Their Heart

Remember what the great poet Robert Frost said in his poem The Road Not Taken. When we take the road less travelled by, it makes all the difference. And so, December babies are born to make a difference, to their lives and to the world around. They always go by what their heart says and leaves everything on their gut feeling. No matter how many complications they have to face, they don’t compromise on their honesty and don’t take the wrong path. If you too inherit this characteristic, you share it with melodious singers, Mohammad Rafi and Harshdeep Kaur.

3. Born Mavens

December born have an innate desire to share their knowledge and understanding with other people. Plus they are born connoisseurs in their subjects. This makes them quite favourable for professions like teaching, speaking, mentoring of counselling.

4. Fortune at Their Feet

You might think that it is their birth flower narcissus that imbibes them with good fortune or maybe it’s their birthstone Lady of Turquoise. However, it’s not just their astrology due to which luck favours them. It’s their sheer hard work, persistence and determination that brings them unmatchable fortune. Some of the December-spawned fortunes are Ratan Tata and Dhirubai Ambani.

5. Tough and Firm

Remember the character of Rancho in 3 Idiots. No matter how many distractions pass their way, somehow or the other, they come out of them and pave their way to success. Being the strong minded guys, it’s tough to crack their decisions or break their confidence. One of the fittest and sturdiest actors of Bollywood John Abraham is the best epitome of this. His painful adolescence and the struggle in film industry clearly depict how tough he is, not just physically but overall.

6. Spiritual and Silent

Just like their work life, they have a sound spiritual life. Every few days, they manage to take out a couple of moments to dive into the spiritual world and reignite their inner self. It might be their birthstone zircon that keeps them filled with abundant spiritual energy; however, otherwise too they are involved in meditative tasks. If you too want to feel such energy, try listening to one of Beethoven’s symphonies, you’ll catch it. Beethoven too was an offspring of the twelfth month.

7. Orderly and Organized

When fire of ambition ignites and light of enlightenment shines, how can a person remain cluttered even in the physical world? And possibly that’s why December hailed men and women are usually well-organized people. They are good in self management and like to keep uncluttered desks. De-cluttering their physical space de-clutters their mind too. Consequently, they have pretty sharp minds like that of the mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan.

8. Live in Reality

This is yet another extension of their tough going nature. Unlike most of the people, they don’t remain in their own dream worlds or fantasies. Rather they are very, very practical. In fact, they do dream but keep their eyes on ground and come up with real life solutions based not on their dreams but on reality. If you have read any of the Jane Austen’s novels, you would understand. How sensibly she sprinkled chunks of realism in between her written pieces.

9. Curious For Wisdom

December children are book lovers. Their curiosity to understand the ongoings of the world take them to read lots and lots of holy texts and books. Besides, in order to deepen their self knowledge, they meetvarious spiritual masters and teachers round their lifetime. Plus their birthstone tanzanite acts as a double bonus. The rare, auspicious gemstone is known to bestow these persons with the inner light of wisdom and spiritual aura. Some of the legendary personalities in this category include Isaac Newton and writer Rudyard Kipling.

10. Grateful and Generous

It might sound a childish ritual, but it’s so real and innocent at the same time. On Christmas night, children keep a pair of socks under their pillows before sleeping. They believe that Santa Claus will bring them beautiful gifts and fill it in their socks. People born in the snowy winter month of December also possess some characteristics of Santa. They are big philanthropists. Brad Pitt is exemplary of this fact. The December-born Hollywood superstar donated 5 million dollars to New Orleans people so that they could rebuild their homes that had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina

A very happy birthday to all great people born in December!