10 Unbelievable Facts About People Born in August

From meteor showers to holidays to shedding of dusty leaves, August is a dusky month of new beginnings. When you think of August, the first thing that you might recall is Autumn. However, exact opposite to this season, August is also the Happiness Happens Month. Derived from the name of ancient Roman Emperor Augustus, August marks the beginning of festive season and so do the people born in it are.

People born in August showcase highly introverted unsocial specie of human beings who like to live in their private quarters. However, if you want to know what secrets dwell inside the cave of their deep brains, check out the facts down below.


1. They Are Always Right

Argue with them and you are wasting your time. No matter how strong your point may be, they tend to look at the one side of the medal. They never underestimate their ideas and thoughts. They are extremely passionate about what they feel is right. One of their birth stones, the Evening Emerald or the olive Peridot also symbolizes the gemstone of planet Mercury which means that they have immense power of speech and enduring to freedom.

2. Mr & Mrs. Perfectionists

People born in the eighth month of the year have a sharp observation and a keen eye for detail. This makes them perfectionists in whatever field they choose to work in. This can also be signified to one of their birth flowers which is Poppy. Poppy signifies profound inner recuperating power that leads these persons into an all new higher level of awareness. There are endless examples, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, James Cameron, Neil Armstrong, Roger Federer and many more.

3. They Like Being Alone

Just like autumn, the season of separation and loneliness, these people also like being alone. Privacy is the thing that they love the most. Remember J.D. Salinger of The Catcher in the Rye. Despite of being the best selling author, his private life was shadow until after his demise. Similar is the case with Leo-Virgo community.

4. Don’t Angry Them

If you’ve ever had an Augustian friend, you would know how anger comes so easily to these people. The moment you disturb their inner contemplations, you are bound to face boiling anger from the other side. Plus this also indicates the characteristics of a Leo, roaring lion that bubbles the fire of anger at people who annoy them. Withal, this doesn’t mean they are too bossy, this only demonstrates their courage to hold on to the Truth.

5. Their Mood Swings

Call it the effect of their planet Neptune or what; they swing too much in different moods and emotions. As it may be, it is the result of their over thinking. Hanging in their private worlds for longer periods makes them prone to thinking too much and consequently to not arrive at a pointed decision. This lack of clarity in their life is the biggest reason why they encounter sudden mood swings.

6. They Have No Social Circles

Taking their desire for privacy, they are utmost haters of social media. You would rarely find them chatting on a Whatsapp or posting pictures on their Facebook account. Augustians are known to lead an extremely private life away from the social circles. They don’t even like to make many friends or talk to their neighbors or relatives. However the best part is that instead of having too many people around them, they have quite a few acquaintances to whom they are utterly devoted.

 7. ilent in Front, Talking Within

People born in the eighth month are able to express better in words and less through speech. Their birth stone Sardonyx too signifies an inner courage and confidence. This means, when you meet a Leo or a Virgo, they might keep quiet. But their brain is fully active at all times. Some of the famous writers born in autumn are Tim Burton, H. P. Lovecraft and Lord Alfred Tennyson.

8. Shallow Wallets

Intelligent as they are, they know how to spend their money wisely and on right things. They don’t like wasting money at all. Where to invest money, how much to invest and what it will bring are some decisions that they take prior to every deal they make. Shelling out a few more pennies on useless things can annoy them. For this, there can be a no better example than the number one billionaire of the world, Warren Buffet. And so do his two rules say, Rule 1: Never Lose Money, Rule 2: Remember Rule 1.

9. No Surprises Please

Remember Henry the Penguin in super hit cartoon show Oswald. How he liked the same old ice cream, the same old dinner and the same old hat all the time. Same is the case with these people. In spite of their love of life, August-born people like to live in their same old routine. Change horrifies them. They work in a linear direction all through their life. Surprises might make them a little bit uncomfortable.

10. No Sympathies Please

While some people spend their lives giving excuses and not doing anything significant, Augustinians are exact opposite to it. Even if there are back to back failures, setbacks or struggles, they just keep on moving. Remember Karoly Takas, the man with the only hand. He was the one who changed the face of shooting sports by winning Olympics three times in a row and that too after losing his right hand. They like to keep their pains and suffering to themselves rather than sharing it with the world.