10 Unbelievable Facts about People Born In April

Whoa! It’s quite a Herculean task to sum up the traits and characteristics of April-ians. April, the name most probably derived from that of a Greek goddess is the month of mathematicians, comedians, sports persons, leaders, philosophers, artisans, jazz and poetry. One message that flies off their backs is ‘Don’t mess with me unless you want trouble’. Remember Adolf Hitler. They are extremists, they are experiment a lists, they are discoverers but above all, they are one of the most affectionate humans on Earth.

Below mentioned are some more interesting traits of the April-born that you’ll love to explore. To start with.


10. Inescapable

Be it a conversation for a cup of coffee or simply an argument, you can’t bet to win. Their extremist nature is so compelling that you won’t be able to deny what their sayings. They, themselves too are quite headstrong when it comes to their favourites. It can be a dish of scrumptious chocolate cookies, flavourful brownies or spicy junkies, if they like it, they would leave no attempt to get it.

9. Delicate yet Discerning

Like Pisceans, April-born people too might be on the extreme emotional side; however, they strive to stay sane even in extreme situations. This combination of ambition and emotion makes them one of the greatest leaders born. People like to take advices and suggestions from these people. American President Thomas Jefferson, Russian Revolutionary Vladimir, Iraqi president Saddam Hussain and the legendary comic actor Charlie Chaplin are few of the examples.

8. Friendships Are Their Life

All things aside, let them burn in stove but friendship is the first and foremost thing that April-ians fall for. From Disney’s Mowgli & Balloo to Sholay’s Jay & Veeru to Gunday’s Bikram & Bala, the names of these duos are almost inseparable. Likewise in real life, people born in April are highly sensitive towards their friendships and relationships with buddies. They generally have a lot of friends and a rich social life.

7. Bold & Firm

Like their emotional side, the other side of the medal is their courageous side. They are quite brave and strong mentally. So, when it comes to decision making and holding onto their decisions, they are masters in this. When they commit to something, it’s hard to replace their decisions. Despite of innumerable difficulties cross their way, they do what they decide to do. Take the example of Indian cricket patron Sachin Tendulkar. Irrespective of facing constant bullies due to his short height, he kept on going and see where he is! American acting star Al Pacino too was born in April.

6. Their Only Limit Is the Sky

When you meet any person born in April, this is the most common trait that you’ll notice. They come from a diverse array of professional backgrounds. Well, the daisy-loving people prefer to go by their heart. Whatever their heart says, they have the courage to go for it no matter what. Plus, this trait shows quite a lot about their adaptable nature. They respond positively to nature’s laws of change and hence, tend to achieve excellence in whatever they do.

5. Captain of their own Ship

People born in the first Hindi-month like to remain independent in their life. They start developing this quality from a very early age in their lives. Rather than depending on their parents, siblings or spouses, they prefer to figure out ways to earn their own living, balance their resources and save for future. Besides, they make it a point that whatever they need, they find out the easiest way to get it on their own. This makes them highly respectable and admirable in eyes of the people around them. Besides, this develops them into responsible citizens.

4. Hit & Trial

Just like the birthstone of April-born i.e. diamond, they too are self discoverers. They believe in trial and errors, in experimentations until they discover who they are. For this, they try everything they get their hands on from science to philosophy to mathematics and art. Their failures may cross the lines but their enthusiasm sticks at the place and nobody exactly can stop them from doing what they want to do.

3. From Confusions To Clarity

People born in the fourth Julian month carry an attribute of impatience. Call it their extremist nature, their ambition to lead or their innate desire to succeed; their thoughts remain clouded until they fully discover the purpose to their life. Born leaders they are, this is perhaps a part of the natural mind-development process. That’s why they get to build top-spot businesses. Consider the example of English born businesswoman Victoria Beckham. Beckham too is not just a businesswoman, but a singer and a fashion designer as well.

2. Charged & Active 24×7

Be it any time of the day, any day of the year, you’ll find the April-born persons in a zealous mood and athletic spirit. Only being in their company will make you feel lively and energetic too, such is their aura. It might be one of the ends of their extremist nature but what’s wrong in something that motivates and energises other people. Watch Jackie Chan, do you see a 63-old man or the legendary cheerful martial artist?

1. Ravishingly Romantic

When it comes to their romantic side, they are diehard romantic. However, they wait only for their right partner. Until found, they show their ambitious side only. This makes them great life partners. They understand and empathise with the other person and are ready to give up one’s pleasures for the sake of other’s happiness. Withal, when cheated or lied to, there is no turning back neither to the person nor back to their cheerful life.

The trait span of an April-born spans 360 degrees and hence, it’s actually difficult to sum up their character in a single line. Still and all, what best describes them is this phrase from one of the songs of Beatles, ‘obladi oblada, life goes on brother!