Top 10 Worst Terrorist Attacks in U.S

Terror is not the new word to the nations around the world, call it a weak nation or a strong well-equipped nation like the United States all are victimized by terror attacks and the whole world is keen to find ways to shut the biggest attack on Humanity.

Here is the list of top 10 Terrorist Attacks in U.S that thrashed their claim of the safest nation.

10. Bombing the USS Cole

Bombing the USS Cole

Terrorist forming ideology to hit the ‘soft targets’ most, the attack on the military targets and the first of its kind termed out as the challenge to military forces. The unfortunate and unanticipated attack were registered on October 12, 2000, when suicide bombers attacked the famous American Warship called the USS Cole. The ship was waiting to be fueled at the port of Aden region of Yemen. The port was same at which Al Qaeda tried to attack USS Sullivans earlier the year. Without any earlier threat or warning taking advantage of light security a small motorboat full of explosion collided with the warship calling out 17 Fatalities and 39 Injuries.

9. Anthrax Letter Attack

As the nation was fighting with bug of 9/11 attack, On September 18 and October 9 letter heads traumatized US media houses and two U.S Senators, these letters were mailed to media and Senators with usage of deadly chemical agent that resulted in death called Anthrax(In Powder form) these letters were tagged with notes pointed to extremist religious groups.

Calling a threat and outrages in the different part of U.S, people were in distress as the letter arrives. U.S investigation authority named Dr. Bruce Ivins responsible for the compound formed and planning deadly mission targeting media houses. Death Toll 5 and several injuries.

8. Salmonella Attack

One of the most threatening bio attack in World and first of its kind in U.S, the attack shook Oregon and was practiced in between 9-19 September in 1984, the attack claimed that people in bulk amount were poisoned with Salmonella spores.

The attack was led by Indian cult-like the group called Rajneeshee, under the leadership of mystic well known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. With the aim to form control over the local circuit court, the group formed poison in Wasco County in Oregon region. Injuries 750

7. Shooting Pan Am Flight 103 mid-air

Targeting Planes is a prime mission carry out drill of Terrorist from time to time, the most influential of its kind was bombing down Pan Am Flight 103 flying from Heathrow to JFK exploded in the mid-way the plane was doomed over Lockerbie, Scotland. The attack killed all passengers and crew members with causalities in Lockerbie’s town as Plane’s burning debris struck homes. Many extremist groups claimed its responsibility as the attack was in response to shooting down Iran Flight 655 in July. Death 376

6. Bombing at the Marine Barracks

The Middle East termed as most unrest part of the World, UN’s initiative as it developed peacekeeping forces in Lebanon were soon targeted by extremists, in the attack two explosive trucks with suicidal drivers were used on October 23, 1983. These trucks collided with war housing U.S Marines and French Paratroopers. The explosion resulted the huge loss for U.N with 241 U.S Servicemen killed (220 Marine Army).

5. Truck Bombing U.S Embassy in Nairobi

Earlier to 9/11 attack most of the attacks targeting U.S Official were largely targeted in the foreign soil. The attack on U.S Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam showcased such attacks, targeting Americans and properties of Americans these attacks were carried out with trucks with 17 tons of explosion although it causes major causalities to civilians. Thousands of civilians injured and killed.

4. Beslan Slaughter 

The problematic didn’t only confine the United States, Russia another superpower hampered as Ingush and Chechen militants seized School number One in Beslan 1,100 hostages (770 tolls of children) demanding an end to the war.

Army attacked the school with Armed forces resulted from 30 militants killed with 334 hostages killed(186 were children).

3. Bombing on Oklahoma City Federal Building

The very first example of Home Grown Terrorists in U.S, the bombing of the Federal Building was carried out by a homemade explosive massive brigade, the convict of the attack Timothy McVeigh was not part of any religious extremist group and planned the whole thing with his partner in crime Terry Nicholas.

The Homemade Bomb was used to loaded in the truck and was exploded in front of Federal Building, the toil of damages counted $652 million. Both were quickly arrested and sentenced to death for Timothy and Life without parole. 10 Deaths and several causalities

2. Bombing on 1st World Trade Center

Bombing on 1st World Trade Center

The First attempt to tackle down World Trade Center in 1993 with help of explosive loaded van Yellow rider was moved in the garage of the World Trade Center to demolish two buildings. The exploded Nitrate Hydrogen Gas of worth 1500 pounds was that much massive as it punched 98 feet wide hole through four level walls of concrete.

The attack was later claimed as the plan of extremists group called itself The Liberation Army, 5th Battalion. Six men were later charged for bombing and were punished.

1. 9/11 Attack

9/11 Attack

The talk about Terrorist attacks cannot be called off without discussing September 11, 2001, attack on World Trade Center, the attack is known as the most brutal and brazen recorded in Human history. Al Qaeda and his leader Osama bin Laden were the mastermind of the attack as the revenge of America’s Civil War against Terrorism.

The horrific incident demolished both Trade Centers and also heavily damaged The Pentagon. Death Count 2996.