Top 10 Coldest Places In The World 2017

It’s difficult to define actually what the coldest areas in the world. The world is full of coldest places which receive extreme climates for human habitation. Here, we are going to describe the places with coldest temperature in the world. At a Russian Research Station located in Vostok Antarctica, the coldest ever temperature recorded was-128.6oF on July 21, 1983.

Enjoy this winter with the following list of world’s coldest places.

10. Stanley, Idaho City, USA

With the population of only 63 residents, the Idaho City is known to receive -54F of lowest recorded temperature in the month of December. Every January, it receives the average low at -1F level. On warm day, it gets up only at 18F. With around 78.5F in the month of July, the summers are warmer. There was also record highest of 98F. There are 10 frosty nights mostly in the month of July. The average temperature of 35F makes it the city of extremes. It goes just above freezing point. If you are after sun and sea, you surely not want to head to this place. For just 63 people, it has a mayor, chamber of commerce and a museum.

9. Rogers Pass, Montana, USA

Located around 5610m above the sea level on Continental Divide, it is actually one of the warmer areas in the world but average temperature fluctuates from 14 to 33F in January. It never goes far over freezing, with average below at freezing or from October to April. Nevertheless, summer months are hot, with average high of 82F in July. On average, the mean temperature ranges from 43.5F that is quite high. If you visit in December, it would be little comfortable and it won’t go warm till Easter. It is also the destination where coldest ever temperature was recorded in the US – at bone-chilling -70F, on 20th January, 1954.

8. Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA

This settlement was once a home to thousands of construction workers building Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System from 1974 to 1977. Now it is almost uninhabited. When the pipeline construction was finished, the camp was shut down. Today, there is nobody to face the daily average temperature of -14.9F in the month of January. The lowest ever temperature in the contiguous United States was recorded here at -80F in January 1971, around 10 degrees lower than Rogers Pass.

7. Snag, Yukon, Canada

For the first time, we are going to record the lowest temperature in the whole USA, not the contiguous USA. At Snag village of Canada, the lowest temperature ever recorded was +81F on 3rd February, 1947.  In Snag, it broke the long-standing record set at 80F on 2nd February 1947. Researchers found a strange acoustic effect in Snag. Here, one can hear the voices clearly over the farther distances of several miles. On average, the annual temperature these days is around 34.3F and lowest is 10.3F, and average is 22.3F. In January, it goes below -27F.

6. Oymyakon, Russia

Russia is yet in another league of being cold, with the record lowest of -90F for any permanently residential area on Earth, on February 6, 1933.  Obviously, the everyday temperature never goes quite that lowest. For the months of December, January and February, the average low is around -50s. For July, the average low is still -51.5F. It climbs all the way up to around 58.8F in July. The town has the population of only 472 residents. In June, it has 21-hours of daytime. In December, the day time lasts only 3 hours.

5. Eureka, Canada

It is a research base that doesn’t have any permanent residents but it has 8 staff working there at any one given time. Since 1947, it has been used as a weather station. It is definitely the most favorable place to work. It receives no sunlight from the months of October to February with average annual temperature of -1.8F. The area becomes a polar desert as there is no rain from October to May. The temperature is too low to hold the moisture in the air so it can evaporate. It has a lot of plant life. It has become the “Garden Spot of the Arctic” with wildlife like foxes, oxen and wolves roaming there.

4. Eismitte, Greenland

The Middle of the Ice, Eismitte is vastly devoid of fine art, museum and other things. In the 1930s, it was an expedition site, with lowest average temperature of around -85F to 27F. The warmest month of July receives temperature of only 10F and February is the coldest month receiving -53F of temperature.

3. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

It is definitely the most populated areas in this list. It is the capital city of Mongolia which holds the honors as the coldest ever capital of the world and among the most polluted ones. It houses over 1,278,000 residents and located around 1310m above the sea level. It is apparently a significant cultural center of the country, with Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts and other museums where you can spend your time as you may not want to stay out in -16F temperature outside in January. The average temperature throughout the year is around -2.4F, because of icy cold winds. People are supposed to be friendly there.

2. North Ice, Greenland

North Ice is yet another place about which we have little information. It was the subject of British expedition in the decades of 50s. They recorded the lowest average in North America as it beaten the Snag’s record by around 6F (Snag is the important part of continental North America and it still holds that position). At North Age, the whopping lowest was recorded at -87F on January 9, 1954.

1. Vostok, Antarctica

As expected, Antarctica holds the No.1 position as the coldest place on earth. It is actually a Russian Antarctic research station. It is located at the southern part of Pole of Cold. August is the coldest month there with the lowest measured temperature is minus 89.2 Deg. C (-128.6F).  If measured and inhabited, it would definitely fill the chills on itself. Vostok is the research station which holds record for lowest temperature ever on Earth. It is claimed to go lowest at -132F in the year 1997. January is the warmest month in the year, with average temperature of -25.8F. For the winter months, the mean averages are in the -80s.  It is located around 3488m above the sea level. Hence, it has lack of oxygen has no moisture also. All in all, Antarctica is one of the most threatening, unpleasant and inhospitable places in the world. There are, surprisingly, no permanent residents.