Top 10 Slowest Animals On The Earth

Every animal species are born with some sort of special features that make them stand out. Some animals are capable to run faster while some are extremely slow and lazy.

In the animal world, all the credit goes to the fastest creatures. They are highlighted as the athletes of the kingdom. On the other side, slow creatures are just limited to tales and known as stable animals. In reality, being the slowest creature in the world is not an icing on a cake, when it comes to move at their own pace. Let’s have a look at animals who don’t give a damn to their thrilling rivals like rabbits and foxes.

Here are the top 10 slowest animals on our planet.

10. Sea Cows (Manatee)

Sea Cows (Manatee)

They are among the most adorable marine herbivorous creatures that are native to Caribbean Seas, Indian Ocean and Amazon Bay. They prefer shallow water and they just float over the water, instead of moving. Actually they don’t have any harm throughout the life. They are heavy because they mostly eat and rest in their daily life.When it comes to size, they may weigh up to 590 kg and can reach up to 4m in length. It’s no surprise that they are slow. They can move only at the speed of 140 to 222 cm per second. They are so lazy that they hardly use their flippers. They float around shallow waters to carry their weight.

9. Gila Monster

Gila Monster

If lizards are one of the reptiles you hate the most, Gila Monsters must be in your list. They may weigh around 350 to 700 gm and can grow up around 60 cm and weigh from 350 gm to 700 gm. It is only lizard in United States which is venomous. But they hardly harm anyone, as they move only at 667cm per second. In addition, they can eat around 1/3rd of their weight and store fat in their body. Hence, they rarely look for food.

8. Koala


The very adorable and cute creatures, Koala are definitely not bears. They are endangered arboreal herbivorous marsupials species, despite the fact that they can get a bit furious when irritated. They can move around 447 cm per second of top speed and they can move up trees faster.They are special mammals come under special sub category of marsupial. It is known for its looks. They are native to Australia and they look like bears. They are known to have strong claws and limbs to help these creatures climb on trees faster. They are used to have leaves of trees. They are among the slowest animals as they are known to have poor eye sight and spend a lot of their time in trees. They have thick padded tails and sit in trees for several hours. They have great sense of sounds and smell and they can recognize predators with ease.

7. American Woodcock

American Woodcock

It is a must-inclusion and the only bird in this category. They are one of the slowest animals across the world. They are colloquially known as timber-doodle and small chunky shorebird. Because of its courtship flights, it is a migratory bird which is accepted worldwide as a harbinger of spring in northern regions. They can move at around 222cm per second and they are slowest of all bird species.

6. Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise

Known for extremely slow speed, the turtles are already famous with the whole story written on them. These are slowest of all reptile creatures. Their thick legs and heavy shells are the major reasons for their sluggish performance. Giant Tortoise is the slowest of all tortoise species. On average, they are around 1.3m long and weigh around 300 kg. They cannot move faster than 76 cm per second and they can live around 100 years.

5. Loris


Found in south-east Asia, Loris is one of the hideous and weird creatures, and a medium sized primate. They are known to have strangely long, human-like hands and tennis ball eyes. At around 55.5cm per second, they can move very slowly. To avoid some predators, they lumber and release mild toxins. But they are fearless creatures. They almost remain hidden in the dark and are also nocturnal.

4. 3-Toed Sloth

3-Toed Sloth

The term ‘Sloth’ is itself synonymous to laziness. This animal is so slow that this word is inspired from its speed. It truly justifies the meaning of the word “Sloth”. The highest speed of this animal is only 3 cm per second. At 6.7 cm per second, three toed sloths can travel only 5.6 km in a day. They are native to the US and can move only at 0.003 miles per hour. They cannot move faster as compared to 100 ft. a day and tied to a specific place. They spend most of their lives in tree branches in the tropical rain forests of the US.

3. Starfish


Starfish is actually not a fish, despite its name. There are around 2000 species in the world and the speed of every species is different. On average, they may run at around 0.89 to 2.7 cm per second. Leather star fish can move at around 0.25 cm per second. The sand star can travel at around 4.7 cm per second which is fastest of them. It is a creature that can travel only 0.168 km in an hour. So, it is best for them to float around in ocean current.

2. Seahorse


Animal world is named weirdly.  Seahorse is yet another common instance. It is an aquatic fish which has uncanny resemblance to the horse’s torso. It can surely not move as the highest speed is just 0.04cm per second on which they have been known for. They have unique way of swimming. The male seahorses are known to be the only creatures in the world that give birth.

1. Garden Snail

Garden Snail

Garden snail is the slowest creatures of all. It is actually the land snail species and also known as terrestrial mollusk. The slithery, slimy animal is used to live behind the wet trail on its path and makes everything squirm. Their highest speed is only 1.3 cm per second. This way, they take only 21 hours to cover only 1 km. This legless creature has a whole house over it.

Slugs are some of the common slow animals. It can really fit the profile of term “sluggish” or the nematodes. Speed doesn’t matter when it comes to size. These small creatures are very slow and mostly harmless to us. They have been inducted in the hall of fame as the slowest creatures in the world.