Top 10 Most Evil Doctors In The History of World

Doctors are considered to be the god for those who need immediate medical treatment and who are sick. A lot of doctors are known to be kind for society, probably not by those who need routine vaccinations. Though doctors are considered to be trustworthy and helpful professionals, but there are some doctors in the history who were very evil and ruined the lives of their patients and even killed them.

Take a look on top 10 doctors you will never want them for check-ups.

10. Marcel Petiot

Marcel Petiot

This serial killer is alleged to slaughter around 60 patients. This French doctor started his clinic after getting internship in a mental asylum. This hospital has been soon in controversy because of alleged additive medicines and illicit abortions. Despite evading any legal action, he got busted when lingering smoke and stench was supposed to be coming from his house. In his house, human body parts were found in the fire by the police. He was tried and beheaded on May 25, 1946.

9. Jayant Patel

Jayant Patel

This Indian doctor is notoriously called as “Doctor Death”. He practiced in the US and later in Australia. His lack of knowledge and his incompetence are alleged to be killing around 87 patients on his practice from 2003 to 2005. He was used to conduct unnecessary operations, even on the patients of other doctors. He is also alleged to forge the documents. He was sentenced for 7 years of imprisonment in 2010 for killing several patients.

8. Herman Mudgett

Harry Howard Holmes

Herman Mudgett aka Harry Howard Holmes was first serial killer who was executed in the US. In 1884, he graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School. When he was studying, he used to steal bodies from the laboratory of the university to disfigure them and claimed they had been died due to accident so he could collect insurance from policies taken by him on each individual.  After graduation, he moved to Chicago. He approached a pharmacy worker so he can own a hotel. He continued experiment with bodies at the hotel. He also chose women to suffocate them to death. He often cut up the bodies, stripped their flesh off and made their skeleton models. Then he sold bodies to medical colleges.

7. Arnfinn Nesset

Arnfinn Nesset

Technically, he was not a doctor but a Norwegian nurse who was studying to become a doctor. He was alleged to kill 22 patients with a deadly Curacit injection, a muscle relaxing medicine. So, it was very difficult to prove his crimes during investigation. It took 2 years for investigation. He was found guilty of 22 deaths by the end of trial for 5 months and sentenced for 21 years of imprisonment. He was released in 2004 and is supposed to be living somewhere in Norway with different name.

6. Carl Clauberg

Carl Clauberg

He was one of several Nazi German doctors who performed experiments at several concentration camps. He studied gynecology and ranked as chief doctor and became gynecology professor at University of Königsberg. In 1933, he became a Nazi and approached Heinrich Himmler in 1942 to experiment mass sterilization on women. He wanted an easy and affordable option to sterilize them. He often used liquid acid to inject to their uterus. The damaged ovaries were removed and sent for further research in Berlin. He is alleged to experiment over 300 women during his time. He was arrested, then released but again arrested and died before trial.

5. John Bodkin Adams

John Bodkin Adams

Life of this general practitioner was full of fraud and murders. From 1946 to 1956 he was alleged to kill over 160 patients. Among them, around 132 patients left valuables and money in their wills for him, which were found fraudulently written by him. He often used painkillers or prescription drugs in excess which killed their patient. He got caught and took on trial when most of his patients started dying rapidly. He wrote and signed their patients’ will without any notice. So, he was also charged for fraud.

4. Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman

He was the only British doctor who was alleged of killing his patients. He is the most infamous serial killer in history who is guilty of killing over 218 patients (actual figures may be double). He got appointed as general practitioner in 1974 in West Yorkshire. He was found for forgery of prescriptions for his own use. He gave diamorphine injection to his patients so they would die. He was also found guilty for forging the will of his patient.  He got lifetime sentence in January 2000 but hanged himself in the cell on January 13, 2004.

3. Michael Swango

Though he found guilty of only 3 murders legally, it is believed to be killing around 30 patients, and 60 more during his career in several medical facilities and states. When he joined the Southern Illinois University Medical School, he was supposed to be fascinated with dying patients.  Despite being expelled after graduation, he somehow managed to get internship at Ohio State University. On his departments, nurses witnessed that the patients who were healthy were dying alarmingly. According to a nurse, he was injecting something into their body and they became ill later. He was arrested for having arsenic and other kind of toxin. He was caught and arrested for killing 3 patients.

2. Shiro Ishii

Shiro Ishii

He was a Japanese physician and microbiologist. He was a lieutenant general of a biological warfare unit, Unit 731 during Sino-Japanese War II. Despite being called as self-oriented, he stationed at First Army Hospital in Tokyo and excelled in school. He got post-graduate schooling and impressed his supervisors at Kyoto Imperial University. He started testing on germ warfare in 1942 with firearms, bombs, and other ways. He used to experiment germs on civilians and Chinese POWs. He used weapons on battlefield. Due to his human experimentation, tens of thousands of individuals died because of weapons exposing cholera, anthrax and other diseases. He also performed experiments like simulated heart attacks, forced abortions, hypothermia, strokes, and frostbites on people.

1. Josef Mengele


As a Nazi physician and German SS Officer, Josef Mengele is the most notorious name also known as the “Beautiful Devil” or “Angel of Death”. He was in charge of deciding which hostage is fit enough to keep as forced laborers and which ones should be killed. Along with deciding the fate of millions, he also conducted human experiments. He desperately wanted to learn more on heredity and performed experiments on twins. He took 10 of the twins, make them sleep and killed them using chloroform, and dissected each to compare their bodies. He also performed experiments on changing eye color. He amputated the limbs, injected dyes into iris, and tried to reconnect them and sterilized women.