Top 10 Mysteriously Scariest Places In The World

There is no lack of weird and scariest places in the world that are even stranger than a lot of alien planets in the universe. The places we are going to discuss here can literally make your skin crawl. These places induce huge paranoia before anything happens. We dare to take the dusty, dark steps of old houses and castles, and roam the halls of tunnels and asylums, looking for something ghostly. But we often get disappointed sometimes. In the beginning, our curiosity improves and squashed with absolute terror that no one wants to feel.

Here are the top 10 creepy places on earth that adventure lovers would surely love to know about.

10. Riddle House, Florida

Riddle House, Florida

Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, Riddle House was built on 1920 and owned by Karl Riddle. It is believed that Karl and Joseph (his employee) committed suicide there and their souls are haunting in its premises. They were supposed to be dead mysteriously as their bodies were hanging with fans with broken neck bones. Along with house, the outside garden, furniture and even nearest houses are haunted and people are not allowed to stay there.

9. Pluckley, Kent

Pluckley, Kent

It is also known as the scary and haunted village of Britain. It is located bear Ash ford, Kent. During the night time, several ghosts are believed to be wandering the area. According to some people in nearest colonies, a loud voice of cries is heard during night time. This area is so spooky that it is restricted by the government for tourists. But paranormal experts still get there to reveal the truth.

8. Moundsville, West Virginia

Moundsville, West Virginia

Located in West Virginia, Moundsville has a long back history of around 120 years. This site was used to captivate violent criminals during that period. Such criminals were jailed without any food and facilities. They were put behind the bars to teach them a lesson and to change their path. Some of them died because of spooky interiors. The prison was closed during 1995 as the souls of these criminals are haunting and cry during night time.

7. Bell Witch Cave

Bell Witch Cave

John Bell along with his family was killed in this black and dark cave. Their spirits keep on torturing the youth in nearest colonies. So, the people here rent or buy their house miles away from this cave. According to the visitors, even a small part of rock is cursed here. So, you shouldn’t take anything outside, not even small amount of sand. If someone tries to do it, they may lose their life within few days. The experts used several tools to capture the inside images of the cave but none of them found useful.

6. Stull Cemetery

Stull Cemetery

Located in Kansas City, Stull is an unincorporated town with the population of only 20 people. But don’t overlook this misleadingly quaint village. Its darker side is the way scarier. This tiny settlement faced two tragedies in early 20th century (these are facts, not folklore or legend).

First tragedy was when a father was dead burning a farm field just to find the corpse of his young son. Next was when a man gone missing and later found hanged from the tree. According to the legends, the cemetery is filled with supernatural powers. It is believed that Stull Cemetery is among the seven gateways to hell. Though the old church is demolished, some people also try to sneak in during night time. Especially on spring and Halloween, there is heavy police patrolling here.

5. Helltown


Located north of Summit County, Ohio, Helltown is an in harmoniously blunt moniker. It was a site of government buyout in the 70s and huge mass eviction of citizens. The houses were torn down to use the land for national park but the government plans were manifested. Just driving through the wooded and dark landscape of Helltown can give you chills.

The dead end at the steep Stanford Road is also known as the End of the World. If you get stuck here for too long, it may be the last day of your life as you may witness the endless parade of freaks around the woods. Ku Klux Klan members, Satanists, a large snake, escaped mental patient, and mutants due to chemical spill march on this parade. Boston Cemetery houses the grave robbers, ghostly man and a moving tree, scariest of all.

4. The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation

It is known to be the ghostly inhabitant. According to the rumors, it was built over the burial landscape and it became a deadly end since that period. The ghosts target ladies and children and usually vanish. According to the visitors, a long-haired woman is often seen wandering the streets in dark night. She is seen alive as a normal woman and sometimes her body is seen hanged with trees. For a few years, this place is closed for visitors and the facts are still unknown.

3. Leap Castle – The Most Haunted Castle in Europe

Leap Castle – The Most Haunted Castle in Europe

This Irish castle is supposed to be the most popular and haunted location in this list. It is known to have gruesome and long-back history. Though it was built in 15th century by the O’Bannons, the castle was ruled by O’Carrolls. A fierce rivalry started after Mulrooney O’Carroll’s death. Two brothers were fighting for control. One of those brothers was a priest who was brutally killed in front of family by his own chapel and older brother. He is now called as Bloody Chapel and several people were executed and held prisoner at the castle.

It is supposed to be haunted by a lot of spirits, including a hunched, cruel beast, the Elemental. It can be recognized by the smell of sulphur and rotting flesh. Workers found an oubliette when renovating it, a dungeon that can be accessed using a ceiling hatch, where prisoners are thrown and left to die.

2. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Located in Xochimilco district of Mexico, the Island of the Dolls has the forests where trees naturally originate with the heads of dolls. The dolls’ head originate naturally from the roots and shrubs of the trees. According to the legend, the dead body of a little girl was found in the canal that died in this island. Her soul is believed to create such doll heads from the trees. Even when such trees are cut, the new trees bring the same doll heads.

1. Shades of Death Road

Shades of Death Road

Let the spooky name and gruesome history aside, the byway has a lot to fear about. There is a lake which is officially untitled but it is known as Ghost Lake which houses specter-shaped vapors and sky often remains bright, no matter what time of night it is.