Top 10 Best & Most Popular Vodka Brands in America 2017

Vodka is a neutral spirit which is usually distilled from potatoes or grain. It doesn’t have an aroma, color or taste. Its origin dates back in the Slavic countries where it was originally consumed straight or distilled.  It has become popular in the USA due to its versatility in cocktails which has made rise to the flavored vodkas. So from the 19th century,the manufacture of vodka has changed and is now manufactured at 80 proof. It is good before you buy the vodka, you read the label and understand what it stands for. There are various labels on different vodkas like filtered, distilled from grain, distilled from potatoes, flavored, gluten free,no sugar or gelatin, premium, small batches, triple distilled, and water. Get all the information about the label before you purchase one.

Here are the 10 most popular vodka brands in America

10. Pinnacle

pinnacle vodka

It is  a flavored vodka, which has various flavors, which are designed to tap into the USA consumers for taking brunch.The Pinnacle Mimosa flavor has a juicy orange and crisp champagne flavors, which make it ideal to be served with fresh juice for a low alcoholic brunch cocktail. Pinnacle Habarneto has a ripe, juice, chili pepper flavor which is best served in a typical brunch-time favorite. The Pinnacle company has come up with flavored vodka  for more than 40 seasonal and permanent expressions including Cinnabon and Pumpkin Pie. Apart from the  USA, it is stretching its market to South America, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. It costs between $8 – 20.

9. Russian Standard

Russian Standard

Though it is a Russian brand, it has found its way in the USA market.  It is owned by Roust and dominates the Russian market at 40% with 80%, exports to markets such as the USA, Europe, and Asia. It was introduced in 1998. It is loved by Americans. It costs between $18 – $51.

8. Finlandia

finlandia vodka

Owned by Brown-Forman, this brand of vodka is produced from pure glacier water and the Finnish grown barley. It was first launched in the USA and Scandinavia in 1970. It’s vodka portfolio delivers strong top line results. It is doing well in the USA market due to its pricing and mix. Apart from selling in the Scandinavia and the USA, it is also sold in Poland, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Ukraine.  Its bottle is well designed and it is intended to evoke melting ice. It costs between $17 and $30.

7. Skyy

Skyy is a vodka brand which is loved by Americans. It is owned by Campari and it keeps on releasing several flavored expressions due to the demand in the market. They have grapefruit and blueberry expressions which were released early in the year. The Skyy infusion Texas Grapefruit emphasizes on provenance and is made from grapefruits which are grown in Texas and it possesses a bold flavor which is ideal for cocktail trending that is ingredients driven. The Skyy Infusion Pacific Blueberry brings out the essence of blueberry which is grown from the Northern part of America.  It has high sales in their flavored vodka category all over the USA. It cost between $20 – $35.

6. Grey Goose

It is a brand which is credited with creating the super premium vodka category. Its sales are steady in the USA and that saw its partner with Richard Branson in 2014 to sponsor a Virgin Galactic project which is the world’s first commercial space flight. It boosted its brand by introducing Grey Goose VX, which was a mixture  of vodka with drops of a fine Cognac. It costs between $30 – $60

5. Svedka

Owned by USA Constellation and though a Swedish vodka brand, it is very popular in the USA market. In 2014, it released new flavors of Peach, Mango, Pineapple, and strawberry lemonade. It is credited for its flavored spirit portfolio, which boosts its sales. When it launched the Svedka 100 Proof in the USA, a grain neutral spirit which has a smooth, clean taste that is crispy and has an arid sensation, the brand became one of the most consumed in the USA. It costs between $10 and $39.

4. Zubrowka

The list of the best American vodkas cannot be complete without mentioning this great Russian vodka. It is owned by Roust and its parent company is Central European Distribution Company. It is a bison grass vodka, which has thrived the market for some time. It is sold in America, Australia, and other selected global travel retails. It costs between $14.68 and $19.00

3. Absolut

It is a vodka brand which is owned by Pernod Ricard, a French spirit company. Its success in America is due to its Chivas and Absolut vodka and also the Elyx, which is a super premium single estate vodka.  Absolut is a vodka which is made from wheat, which is produced by a single estate in Anus, Sweden. It is an expression of Absolut Honey is honey flavored. It costs between $15 – $35.

2. Smirnoff

A world renown vodka, Smirnoff has high sales in America. It is owned by Diageo. At times it suffers a decline in sales due to its high pricing. Smirnoff red is unflavored and it is the original Smirnoff which is the one improving the American market share. It costs between $9 – $37.

1. Stolichnaya


It is a Russian vodka, which is also popular in America. It is made from wheat and rye grain. It is popular all over the world. It costs between $17 – $59.

The 10 most popular vodka brands in America are some of the best vodka brands in the world. Get the best out of the best.