Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries without Armed Forces

Most of the nations have very powerful armed forces which can protect and deploy at any time (the country with most powerful and largest army is China, with around 1,600,000 armed personnel). On the other hand, there are some countries that don’t have any armed forces at all. We have found the top 10 nations that are so peaceful that have never acquired any armed forces. Each of these countries has their own reasons because of the history of the country and some because of their location.  Most of us have a common belief that we are nothing without armed forces and it is true in most cases. But there are some countries that don’t need military strength at all. They have never seen any military in their life ever. In most cases, they have a backup plan in case emergency is declared or country is invaded.

Armed forces are mandatory for every country to stay strong in the world without any terror or fear from neighboring countries and these forces are known to be important for the country. When most countries are getting more powerful and more secured with the help of armed personnel and advanced and world-class weapons, there are some countries which don’t have these things at all.

For some people, it is quite surprising that there is no lack of countries that are still present in the world without any armed forces. There are several factors became the main reason due to which these nations are either not able to stand these forces for their protection or they may be regional and seasonal grounds. We have listed the top 10 nations which are so peaceful that have no armed forces in the world.

10. Nauru

Nauru island

It is known to be a small island country in Micronesia positioned in Central Pacific Nauru. It is a well known and unique country in the world that doesn’t have any armed forces as Australia took responsibility for its defense after an unofficial bilateral contract between both nations. It has absolutely large armed police forces that are responsible to handle all the internal security issues in the state with highest per capita income among all other sovereign states in the world.  It is one of the smallest states as it covers only 8.1 sq. miles and one of the scarcely populated countries in the world.

9. Palau

Palau island

It is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. Geographically, it is the part of a larger island group, Micronesia with the population of over 21000 people and it is a presidential republic politically in free association with the US. It has just police forces liable for internal security only. Hence, it is one of those safest countries which have no armed forces to deal with terror, external affairs and other activities to save nations from such factors that are beyond the authorities of internal forces.

8. Federal States of Micronesia

Federal States of Micronesia island

It is an independent sovereign island country with four states – Chuuk, Yap, Kosrae and Pohnpei stretched over Western Pacific Ocean. The Federal States of Micronesia is among those countries which exist without armed forces across the world and only police forces maintain internal security with Maritime Surveillance Unit. For the defense system of the Federal States of Micronesia, the US is responsible for international security and various liabilities as per the Compact of Free Association agreement.

7. Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein is an economically developed nation with highest gross domestic product for each person in the world. To secure the territorial boundaries, the constitutional kingdom doesn’t have any armed force in central Europe. The hilly nation only has SWAT and police forces for internal security issues and law and order, but abolished armed forces in the year 1868 as it was too costly for the economy of the country. The country is bordered by Austria to the north and east and Switzerland to the south and west. It is also one of the hottest favorite tourist destinations worldwide.

6. Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

It is the island country lies in the coast of Pacific Ocean and positioned in the west of International Date Line. Geographically, it is the important part of Micronesia, the large island group, which houses only 68,480 inhabitants and covered up to 70 sq. miles of landscapes. In free association with the US, the presidential republic is responsible for subsidies, defense, and connection with US based security agencies. It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world without armed forces.

5. Kiribati

Kiribati island

Kiribati is the island country located in central Pacific Ocean and has 33 reef islands and atolls stretched over 3.5 million sq. km with just 100,000 inhabitants. The constitution of the country allowed only police forces along with Maritime Surveillance Unit to ensure internal security only and equipped with only small arms. New Zealand and Australia are held responsible for the defense of Kiribati under unofficial agreement between such countries.

4. Grenada

Grenada island

The island country of Grenada consists of Grenada along with 6 smaller Grenadine islands in southeastern Caribbean Sea. It is one of those countries that don’t have their own armed forces since the year 1983 due to invasion led by America. A paramilitary special service unit, Royal Grenada Police Force handles the internal security matters. The Regional Security System is liable for the security of Grenada.

3. Andorra

Andorra island

Positioned in the eastern Pyrenees Mountain, Andorra is the sovereign landlocked microstate located in the Southwestern Europe. It is 6th smallest country in Europe with the population of over 85000. It is among those nations with no armed forces. Instead, it has paramilitary force, GIPA apart from public security force for dealing with internal security matters. It is one of the most appealing and popular country due to its stunning landscapes and it has appealed to around 10.2 million visitors every year.

2. Dominica

Dominica island

Located in the Lesser Antilles, the island country of the Caribbean Sea Dominica is called as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean is among the most stunning region in the Caribbean. It has become an independent country on November 3, 1978 but it didn’t have its standing army since the year 1981. It has its official security forces in order to deal with concerns related to internal security of the nation. The Regional Security System is responsible for the defense of the country for the protection of its territorial boundaries.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The Central American country stands one of the most prosperous, stable and progressive Latin American nations. It has great living standards and very favorable environmental policies.