Top 10 Most Famous Dragons of All Time

As we all know, Dragons never had any existence. So how every civilization has folklore about the existence of these giants? The probability is that a creature like dragon once roamed the world but now extinct on screen, in literature, paintings and our imagination. We all know that dinosaurs had existence millions of years ago.

Today, we are going to discuss the 10 popular dragons in literature, movies, paintings and history.

10. Jabberwocky from the film “Alice in Wonderland”

Jabberwocky from the film “Alice in Wonderland”

It is a fictional dragon from novels “What Alice Found There” by Lewis Carroll and Through the Looking-Glass. It appears only in the poem that Alice reads “Jabberwocky” during first chapter and it never connects with other cast. It is basically and improperly referred as Jabberwocky, though it is the poem’s title, instead of the name of creature as appeared in original poem. It seems to be a black dragon, which is much similar to Tenniel illustration, with two wings, six limbs, and four legs. It has snake-like, forked tongue, along with forward red eyes. He also breathes purple lightning that can also destroy someone like in White Knight. It gains upper edges and Tarrant pokes its tail with its sword that leads armies in battle.

9. Falkor


In the Swamps of Sadness, the Fantasy land, Falkor is a giant furry luck dragon along with the hero, Atreyu, which confronts a lot of obstructions in their way to fight the evils. Falkor was among the few The Nothing survivors who almost taken Fantasia and helps the hero with his lightning fast flight with hope and encouragement. This fortune dragon seems to be in The Neverending Story (1984).

8. St. George & the Dragon

St. George & the Dragon

St. George (275-303 AD) was a patron saint in England. According to hagiography in Christianity, St. George is the venerated martyr in Christianity after he won the battle against dragon and saved thousands of lives. There are several versions of the tale of St. George slaying it but the most popular is like this and it is known as damsel in distress. St. George, on hearing the news about the dragon’s lair, he was slayed across the wings. A town which was attacked by a dragon chose to settle him by offering him a princess. Disney made a film in the year 1941 on “The Reluctant Dragon”, 1898 children’s story by Kenneth Grahame. This short story is also hailed as prototype of a lot of modern stories where dragon known as sympathetic character.

7. Mushu


The funniest dragon ever lived, Mushu didn’t live actually, except in our minds. It is a red dragon appeared in “Mulan” a 1998 Disney film as well as its sequel. Voiced by Mark Moseley and Eddie Murphy, Mushu is known to provide comic relief. He is witty, overconfident, impulsive, and of course, selfish. He was once a guardian of family of Mulan but he was demoted as he couldn’t protect one of his members. He was quite desperate to rise to his last position. So he urged Mulan to give him another chance in the army and he puts his life in danger but regrets later. He has good heart yet sensitive for his size. He doesn’t like when someone calls him a lizard.

6. Saphira


She is such a wonderful creation of Christopher Paolini, an American author. Though the Inheritance Cycle’s first book is named Eragon, after her rider, Saphira is the most vital character in his book. She was the dragon who decides to find Eragon and reveal the potentials in him to deal with the evil forces. Saphira is not only his friend and partner, but she is also the guide who leads Erago to right path when he was lost. When it comes to his power, she can connect telepathically with her rider and offer dragon-y most sophisticated advice. You must get Saphira, and other dragon for yourself. She will definitely change your life. Saphira is the most enchanting blue dragon in “Eragon”, the film released in 2006.

5. Draco (from Dragonheart)

Draco (from Dragonheart)

Did you think of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter series? You must be! Dragonheart was released in 1996.  Voiceover given by Sean Connery, Draco was one of the heroes. This copper-scaled digital dragon was the most authentic and finest looking dragon onscreen you have ever seen.  Without getting too far from the plot, let us tell you that he was the last living dragon in Draco and he managed to deal with the wrath of the village. Even though he is feared, Draco is very wise, kind-hearted, sarcastic and truly loyal. He finds an unlikely friend in Dennis Quaid’s knight.

4. Fin Fang Foom

Fin Fang Foom

Fin Fang Foom is the most lasting character in the age of monsters. He was first seen in Marvel Comics created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. It was a kickass dragon which has great abilities, from superhuman power to great durability, acid mist breadth, regenerating power of healing, supersonic flights through wings, gifted intellect, prolonged life and he has great alien technology. He has fought with a lot of superheroes like Fantastic Four, Iron Man etc. He is ranked #99 among the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of all time in IGN.

3. Elliot – Pete’s Dragon

Elliot – Pete’s Dragon

How would you do if you have an invincible dragon? Isn’t really that scary as it feels? The naivety of Elliot often causes trouble but he is not as badass dragon as Smaug. Pete’s Dragon is actually an animated, live action musical film by Walt Disney. It is about a young orphan, Pete, who visits Passamaquoddy fishing town with his friend Elliott who protects him and sometimes causes trouble for him with locals. He can be invisible and seen only by Pete.

2. Smaug – The Deadliest Dragon

Smaug – The Deadliest Dragon

J.R.R. Tolkien, the writer, created the most amazing characters in Smaug literature over the years. It is the fire drake which is the only dragon that has around 15 names, including, Smaug the Terribe, Smaug the Magnificent, and Smaug the Mighty, etc. For the first time, he appeared in “The Hobbit”, a 1937 novel, as an enemy where he is known to be wicked, strong and greedy worm. He lived on the Lonely Mountain in a den where he protected all the treasures. It is such a badass dragon. So, better you stay away from him. In Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, the motion capture and voiceover are provided by Benedict Cumberbatch for Smaug.

1. Puff – The Magical Dragon

Puff – The Magical Dragon

The magical dragon, Puff is a song by Paul, Peter and Mary composed in 1963 which garnered huge popularity and controversy with the concept that “Puffing the Magic Dragon” is related to smoking marijuana.