Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers In The World 2017

Vibrant in colors, pleasing to eyes and rich in fragrances, flowers are really one of the most beautiful creations by nature. From birth to death, they are used in all walks of life. Though they can be grown commonly in home gardens, there are some of the rare species cultured due to their high value.  They are one of the most common and natural beauties in the world.

For your loved ones, flowers are among the most preferred gifts. They have been an important part of all kinds of events and occasions – decorations during wedding, bouquets during Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, or just daily hobby of gardening. Our lives are filled in the most exciting ways thanks to flowers. Even though they are very affordable (a bouquet costs around a few dollars), there are some of the most beautiful, yet rarest flowers in the world that only some people can afford to lay hands on them. If you don’t really know what these flowers are, take a look on the list of world’s top ten most expensive flowers –

10. Lisianthus ($10 to $35 for each bundle)

Scientifically called as Eustoma grandiflorum, Lisianthus grows around 5 cm by diameter and it blooms every year. It can grow up to 15 to 60 cm tall. It is noticed with ruffled, wide, and delicate oval petals and it comes in different colors from white, pale purple, blue violet and lavender. Even though it is long lasting, it sells for a very high price as it can survive for around 2 to 3 weeks before you perish it after cutting from stem. Most of these flowers are very fragile and shipped white. So, it is known as ‘paper flowers’.

9. Lily of the Valley ($15 to $50 for each bundle)

The toxic yet sweetly fragranced Lily of the Valley is well known for its dainty, delicate looks along with bell shaped blooms. The flower is well known as “Old Lady’s Tears” in old Christianity and it basically blooms early March (late spring) when there are mild winters in Northern Hemisphere. The stalk of the flower grows 15 to 30 cm tall, covered by long two leaves and the flower reaches around 5 to 10 mm by diameter. The lifespan of the flower takes just weeks before it perishes. When picking up, most harvesters take extra care because wrong step can shorten the lifespan.

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8. Hydrangea ($6.5 for each stem)

Hydrangea is popularly known for its different circular cluster of stem which has little flowers. Basically, the shrubs grow around 1 to 3 meters tall between early March springs and late autumn. The flower is harvested in white blooms and some are renowned for being pink, blue, violet or light purple. Hydrangeas can wilt and droop easily and they must be bought on night before the date of event. Irrespective of this fact, it is still used widely in most occasions, particularly in weddings. It can be harvested and cultivated with a lot of efforts.

7. Gloriosa (Each Flower Costs around $6 to $10)

Native in Asia and South Africa only, Gloriosa is very costly, unique and very rare species. It features long tendrils which can support the weight of bloom and around 3 meters long leaves. It is known popularly for its showy blooms with flexed, distinct petals as well as color changing from tip to center. Usually, they are available in orange, deep red, yellow-green and yellow colors.

6. 17th Century Tulip Bulb ($5700 or 10000 Guilders in 17th Century)

Despite the huge availability and simplicity of this tulip in 17th century, its price has been doubled. This single layer flower was charmed and captivated for its shape by the Dutch as well as its deep and lush colors. Actually, the flower has got stronger color as compared to other flower at the same time. It was very rare species. These tulips were used to be very costly as they reached around 10000 guilders. Since then, they were known basically as a status symbol if they were in gardens.

5. Saffron Crocus (Each Pound Costs $1200 to $1500)

Saffron flower is well known as a spice along with a bloom. But it is still sold widely as a flower. By color, saffron is purple. It becomes even more unique with its rich yellow stamen. In order to develop only 500gm of spice, it takes whopping 80000 flowers to create spice from yellow stamen. All of these flowers are picked manually and dried. Saffron spice enjoys huge demand but takes plenty of skill and time for cultivation. Along with it, the flower is used for high coloring and seasoning in cuisine.

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4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid (Each Piece Costs $6000)

This flower is available at a very high price because it is very beautiful and rare. It boasts long, beautiful and green petals having red spots. This is such a rare gem which is native to only Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia. It is found only in one place in the whole world. Along with this fact, growing one flower takes a long-haul process and is very difficult. The flower grows only from April to May and takes several years to bloom before it appears finally. It is very expensive and rare. So, it is known as the “Gold of Kinabalu”.

3. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid ($200,000 or 1.68m Yuan)

It is yet another flower which was made totally by humans and it is named after the group which conducted that experiment. It took around 8 years to grow for the researchers and observe the flower. Along with its cultivation, rarity and background, it is also costly for its looks. The orchid blooms only after four to five years. It is also known for its delicate taste.

2. Juliet Rose ($15.8 million or £3 million)

It was first introduced at the Chelsea Flower Show in the year 2006. Its elegance and looks took the world by storm. The Juliet Rose took 15 consecutive years for David Austin to create this amazing flower. Due to its price, it is also called as £3 million rose, which costs around $15.8 million approx.

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1. Kadupul Flower (Not for Sale)

Not just because of rarity, Kadupul Flower doesn’t have any price tag for yet another reason. This flower cannot be picked without having any damage on it. Along with it, the flower dies before dawn. Actually, the flower is a kind of cactus. It blossoms only at night and it emanates a beautiful, calming fragrance. It lasts just for years when picked and it will never be available online, not even shops.