Top 10 Most Deadly Sports Around The World Today

Listing the world’s most threatening sports is supposed to be a challenging job, as we don’t have exact data as how many deaths recorded in any sport. In the UK, angling is responsible for more deaths every year than any other sport, because of drowning but it is not going to be extreme. We are going to discuss the most extreme sports that are not for everyone. Even without death, these sports cause a lot of serious injuries, such as brain damage (on riding bull), frostbite (mountaineering), broken bones (luging), bends (on scuba diving), and others. In order to push their limits, people still go to extraordinary heights.

Here are the top 10 most dangerous and extreme sports in the world.

10. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is one of the most dangerous outdoor activities in which you navigate the uneven, rough water in an inflatable raft which dashes towards, smashes into the rocks and adds new challenges and risks of drowning and being tossed out. The wild waters cause huge threats of tossing you off and smash you into the rocks. If you fall off, your foot may entangle and you cannot dislodge yourself so easily. Some of the common injuries are twisted knees or broken bones.

There are many rivers in the US and each river has various difficulty levels – from I to V+. There are also diverse choices, from Mexico to Zimbabwe and Nepal.

9. Bicycle Motocross (BMX)

It is actually a cycle sport which includes special varieties of bikes, or BMX bikes. In its basic form, the sport involves racing and the offshoots include stunts on flat land and vertical ramp. A cyclist has to perform several acrobatics when he is riding the bike. As the bikers love to do the stunts no one has done ever before, there are chances to face concussions or injuries, scrapes, cuts and bruises.

This sport is organized all around the US. However, East Coast has better dirt tracks. A BMX bike can cost from a few hundred dollars to $1000 for the pros. California also has several spots to practice this sport.

8. Mountain Climbing

It is pretty obvious that mountain climbing involves climbing the mountains up and down. Here, each aspect of this sport is life threatening. Climber can face different types of physical injuries, such as sprained muscles, twisted ankles, broken bones, torn ligaments, concussion, back injury, or even frostbite, from falls or during heavy activities.  During weather changes, one can easily lose path and deaths are very common.

The Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Rocky Mountain and other national parks in the US are ideal for rock climbing. Denali in Alaska and Red Rocks in Nevada are also famous for mountaineering. The Himalayas, Alps and Andes mountains also attract the climbers from different parts of the world.

7. Street Luge

This sport is played mostly like skateboarding. The only difference is that rider stays in a supine position on the sled or luge board as he dashes the paved road down or course at very high speed. It is a very extreme gravity-powered sport whose legality is a shady concern. Participants have to wear helmets and protective gear, as it involves the risk of getting smashed by the vehicles that don’t notice the rider. The collision on road is also common. Hence, you can stop only with your feet.

6. Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing is the surfing activity where a surfing maestro paddles in it or towed on the waves of around 20 feet. Riding the huge 100 ft. wave is a major achievement which crowns the surfer with $100,000. In this sport, some of the biggest difficulties and risks are being pulled in the water by waves and drowning. The head can also be smashed off the underwater rocks hidden underneath. It is almost impossible to get the surfboard back.

5. Bull Riding

It is a rodeo sport where rider rides a giant bull and tries to stay as long as possible over the bull, when it is trying to buck the rider off. It is known to be the hottest favorite sport. Only very macho men with high testosterone level can take this pain on their body for the sake of it. If you fall, it can cause serious concussions and injuries. The 1800 pound bull may easily trample over you.

Gary Leffew’s in California and Lyle Sankey’s in Missouri are the two schools widely recommended by the Professional Bull Riding Association.

4. Cave Diving

It is another most unusual and dangerous sport which consists of underwater diving in the caves with almost partial water content. Along with using the regular scuba gear in specialized situations, it uses widest range of safety gears, according to the circumstances. Some of the common hazards involved in this sport are caused by low visibility and lighting failure, that can cause separation from the partner. Air loss is another common hazard, particularly because one cannot rise to the surface when it comes to catch air or the diver may just smash his head.

3. Scuba Diving

When it has become the common sport, most of us don’t know that Scuba is basically a short form of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, used for breathing underwater by a diver. Though it seems amazing, it has its own perils. If the climb is too fast from the dive, it may lead to illnesses due to decompression, such as bends as well as brain, lung, and spinal cord failure. It also involves the risk of being hit by various marine creatures or stray sharks.

2. Heli-Skiing

It is quite easy to assume that heli-skiing has something related to helicopters, as suggested by the name of this sport. It is downhill, off-trail skiing or snowboarding which is controlled by a helicopter. Some of the passionate adventure lovers also book their position a year in advance to leap over the show on the peaks far off from human reach and ski down. They literally ignore the risk of being stranded by weather changes or being affected by avalanche. The helicopter rides are also dangerous.

1. BASE Jumping

Basically it involves parachuting. The BASE is the short form of Building, Antenna, Span and Earth (cliff). These are actually stable structures where jumpers hurl themselves. Though it sounds exciting, it is lethal to speed up against the air when the wind is running through your face. It has some of the major risks by jumping from hundreds of feet. You are more likely to be thrashed by the wind. In several countries, it is an illegal sport, even in the US, excluding in organized events.