Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species Across The World

Across the world, a lot of people depend on fish products or fishes for their livelihood and food. Up to 30000 species ply fresh water and oceans. One can explore the beauty of several fish species in aquariums, fish shores and home collections. But some species have scarier, darker side. Few of these also attack humans, while some inject a dose of venom. Some species are known for their terrifying look.

Here is the list of top dangerous fishes in the world:

10. Electric Eel

electric eel fish

It is a well known South American fish produces strong electric shock and stun other fish, or its prey. The hollow, long, scaleless, gray-brown (or red underside), electric eel can grow up to 9 ft. (2.75 meters) and weigh around 22kg. This sluggish creature likes slow fresh water where it surfaces to gulp air in every few minutes. The mouth has a lot of blood vessels to use it as its lung. The stunned prey is shocked for longer time so it can easily suck its prey through the mouth. The electric organs in its tail region can discharge up to 300 to 650 volts.

9. Tiger Fish

Tiger Fish

As the name suggests, Tiger Fish is among the most dangerous predators with steep and sharp teeth, making it a true hunter and fighter. It is found commonly in Lake Tanganiyaka and Congo River in Africa. It feasts on large creatures and attacks in packs.

8. Goonch Fish

Goonch Fish

It is found widely in Kali River between Nepal and India. It hails from catfish family with razor sharp teeth and it is up to 7 feet long. This fish species knows the taste of human flesh. This fact makes this fish even more dangerous. This giant man-eater is responsible for huge number of drowning and disappearance of humans in Kali River.

7. Stonefish


It is a lethal marine fish comes from Synancejidae family and in genus Synanceja category. It is found widely in shallow waters of Indo Pacific tropics. They are bottom-dwelling, sluggish fish live among the corals and rocks and in estuaries and mud flats. It is identified with large mouths and heads, bumpy skins, small eyes, coated with wart-like lumps and often fleshy flaps. They live on the unmoving, bottom water, and can blend with their surroundings in color and form. They are hard to see and can inject huge dose of venom with grooves in their spines. The wounds by these species are often fatal and painful.

6. Snakehead Fish

Snakehead Fish

It is the original inhabitant of Russia, China, and Korea and it can find its way to other nations and their ecosystems as well. Once they enter into any pond or lake, they can eat all the living creatures they find in water. Once the water is cleaned up, they get off the land and eat anything comes their way until they find another water reservoir.

5. Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Also known as white pointer, Great White Shark needs no introduction. It is fatal and most powerful marine predator in the world. Not only in real life, but great white has also been appeared as villain in famous Hollywood films like Jaws (1975). As per the fossil record, modern species have been around since 18 million years ago. In areas where they are fairly common, great white sharks are behind several fatal, unprovoked attacks on swimmers, surfers, divers, kayakers and small boats too. A single bite can cost life of a human. It rarely returns for another bite. If a victim gets s a moderate bite, they have to seek emergency help. A large bite can cause serious tissue damage and even death.

4. Piranha

It is yet another fatal creature. Up to 60 razor-toothed carnivorous species are found in South American kales and rivers. They have also been appeared in films like Piranha (1978) as a ravenous haphazard killer. Most species grow up to 2 feet long. Colors of these fishes may vary from silver to orange undersides to almost black. They have saw edged bellies, deep bodies and large, blunt heads with strong jaws having triangular, sharp teeth meet in scissor-like bite. They are found mostly in Amazon River where more than 20 species are found. Red bellied piranha is the most infamous with sharpest teeth and strongest jaws.

This species can grow around 20 inches in length and hunt in groups and can hunt in 100s of fish groups.  Red bellied piranhas like prey which is slightly bigger than them. The attacking scout signals others when the prey is found. It is done acoustically as they have great hearing. After getting signal, every fish in the group rushes in to take bite and swims off to let others. The Lobe-toothed piranha is found majorly in the Orinoco River and the Lower Amazon. The San Francisco piranha is native to San Francisco River, Brazil and is almost harmful to humans.

3. Puffer

Also known as swell fish, puffer or blowfish is the member of group of around 90 species from Tetraodontidae family. It is known to inflate themselves so vastly with water and air that they turn globular, when disturbed. They are found in temperate and warm regions across the world, especially in sea and in fresh or brackish water. They have prickly or tough skins along with fused teeth which form beaklike structure with split in the center of all jaws.  It can cause death but they are often used as food in Japan. They should be carefully cleaned and it is prepared by a well-trained chef.

2. Red Lionfish

Red Lionfish

Lion fishes make up any of various species of Indo-Pacific fishes from scorpion fish family. They are known for their toxic fin spines that can produce almost fatal, painful puncture wounds. They have elongated dorsal fin spines and wide pectoral fins. Each species have a specific pattern of zebra-like, bold stripes. When disturbed, they display their fins and spread and attack with dorsal spines, if pressed. It is one of the well-known species and it is an impressive fish stored by fish lovers. It is striped with brown, red and white and grows to around 12 inches. It is found in South Pacific reef ecosystems.

1. Payara – The Most Threatening Fish


Also called as Vampire fish, Payara is even more fatal and vicious than its name and they can cause more harm than Piranhas. It is capable to grow around 4 feet and is almost capable to prey fishes near their original size. Along with having 2 front outer tusks and sharp teeth, it is the only fish that can devour Piranhas. It shows their threat more than piranhas. They are another fatal water species.