Top 10 Most Beautiful Horses Around The World

The horse is considered to be one of the most faithful and incredible animals in the world. Horses were used widely in the war fields in ancient times. People are fond of keeping their horses as a pet and for riding. There are different types of horses in the world that come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. However, some of the horses are blessed with eye-catching looks. In this post, we are going to tell you about some of the stunning horses in the world.

Out of the most popular horses listed here, the Turkmenistan Horse is the most beautiful one as its origin is Akhal-Teke breed. These horses are known to have a golden coat and shiny look to add up to their beauty. Along with it, here are the most beautiful horses you may not know.

10. Dalmatian Horse

Also known as the British Spotted Pony, Dalmatian Horse is one of the most stunning horses in the world. Only 200 or fewer horses of this breed are born in the UK every year. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful breed and is known as the modern horse breed. These beautiful horses have been around for around 25000 years in the world.

9. Mustang

Mustang usually falls in a free-roaming horse category found in North America. It was first brought by the Spanish people to the US. They are also known as the wild horses and they are also descended from the horses which were once domesticated and they are well known as the feral horses.

The Colonial Spanish horses were the previous mustangs but other types and breeds related to the new-age mustangs result in different phenotypes.  The herds of mustang are varying to an extent that they can be traced to Iberian horses in the 21st century. Some of the breeds have a greater genetic blend of the more recent breed and ranch stock, while some are quite unchanged from Iberian stock and represented most strongly in the isolated populations.

8. Marwari

Also known as Malani, the Marwari is the rare horse breed belongs to the Jodhpur (Marwar) region of Rajasthan, India. It can be identified with its unique inward-turning ears. The pinto pattern of these horses makes it most popular among the breeders and buyers, though it is bred in all equine colors.

Like another Indian sibling, Kathiawari from the Kathiawar region in the southwest of Marwar, the Marwari horse is known for its strength. The Marwari horse is descended basically with some of the Mongolian influences from Arabian horses crossed with typical Indian ponies.

7. Friesian Horse

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful horses in the world. It is based in Friesland, Netherlands. It is nimble by size and the most graceful horse. These horses enjoyed huge demand during the middle Ages, across the Continental Europe. They are getting popular across the world.  This graceful horse has always been the first choice of people. It is also known as the Belgian Black Horse.

6. Andalusian Horse

Also known as the “Horse of Kings”, the Andalusian Horse is a Spanish Horse and its origin is The Iberian Peninsula. It is widely known as a war horse and used as a tool of diplomacy by the Spanish government. In the 1960s, the export of such horses was restricted but it has spread across the world.

The warfare, cross-breeding, and disease affected the population of Andalusian herd drastically during the 19th century. Despite some recovery, the trend kept on going till the early 20th century. Until the 1960s, the export of these horses was banned. Despite low population, the breed has managed to expand across the world. Over 185,000 Andalusian horses were registered across the world in the year 2010.

5. Haflinger Horse

Developed in the 19th century, Haflinger is well known as an Avelignese horse in Northern Italy and Austria. They come in chestnut color and are usually small in size. Their unique gaits are smooth, elegant and lively. It was used mostly during the World War I and World War II in the mountains. They played a vital role as short horses and pack horses in the World War II.

4. Morgan Horse

It is among the oldest horse breeds developed in the US. It came in different colors and pinto variations. It is used mostly in the Western and English disciplines and well known for its versatility. It was used for harness racing as Coach horse during the Civil War and as Cavalry horse.

They also influenced several leading American breeds, such as the Walking Horse in Tennessee, the Quarter Horse, and the Standardbred. They were exported to several countries in the 19th and 20th centuries. A Morgan stallion influenced Hackney horse breeding in England.  The US Morgan Horse Farm has been established by the US Department of Agriculture in 1907 near Middlebury, Vermont, for the improvement and perpetuation of this breed.

3. Gypsy Vanner

It is one of the most beautiful horses in the world. It was used by the Romanichal People to pull their wheeled houses. It is also popular for the long feather on lacks and Piebald or Black & White coat pattern. It is also known as the Irish Cob, Colored Cob, and Tinker Horse, according to where you live. It is now considered to be the source of history and pride of Romanichal British people and they are also used for dressage and riding.

2. Arabian Horse

The origin of the Arab or Arabian horse is the Arabian Peninsula. With high tail carriage and unique head shape, this horse breed can easily be recognized. According to the archeological evidence, the Arabian horse breed is around 4500 years old. They have spread worldwide in the history by both trade and war, to improve other breeds by including endurance, speed, agility, refinement and strong bone. Today, these horses are found in all over the world.

1. Akhal-Teke

Belongs to Turkmenistan, the Akhal-Teke are the national emblem of Turkey. They are known for endurance, speed, intelligence, and unique metallic sheen. Due to the shiny coat of buckskins and palominos, they are often referred as the “Golden Horses” and they are adapted to extreme climatic conditions. They are among the oldest horse breeds in the world.

Currently, there are only 6600 Akhal-Teke horses worldwide, mostly in Russia and Turkmenistan, even though they can be found also in North America and Europe. According to some theories based on its ancestry, this breed dates back to thousands of years. The breed was also used in the Russian Empire on the battlefield and has influenced several other breeds.