Top 10 Most Amazing Photos of Beautiful Places

We are living in the world which is full of natural wonders which are so amazing and beautiful that you can’t resist visiting there. These places are discovered every day. With millions of beautiful spots and wonderful places, it is really very difficult to choose the one. But we still have tried our best to gather the list of top 10 stunning pictures of exotic places in the world. You may like some of these or all. Check out these exciting and stunning pictures of amazing and beautiful places.

10. Glacier National Park, Canada

Explore the exotic beauty of Glacier National Park in Canada. It is located in British Columbia, in the westernmost province of Canada. The national park is among the most popular tourist attractions over there. The park consists of active and large glaciers, high peaks and one of the largest cave systems of Canada.

The dense forests here are the home to large mammals, alpine species, and birds. The region is well known to receive heavy snowfall. The park enjoys huge network of three campgrounds, trails, and four cabins and backcountry huts. Because of several transport routes which bisect it, this national park gathers huge population of visitors.

9. Terraced Rice Fields, Ping’an, China

The Longsheng Rice Fields are located around 2 hours of drive from Giulin (named after Li River) in China.  It was taken from several lookouts in Ping’an mountainside village. These terraced fields are built along the winding slope from the riverside from the mountain top from 600 to 800m (2000 ft. to 2600 ft.) above the sea level. It consists of a coiling terrace line which starts from the foot to the mountain top and the mountain has been divided into layers of green rice in summer, water in spring, rice in fall, and frost in winter. These terraced fields were built mostly around 650 years ago.

8. Ratti Gali Lake, Neelum Valley, Kashmir

The alpine glacial lake, Ratti Gali Lake is located at the altitude of 12,130 ft. in Neelum Valley of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in Pakistan. It is well covered by the glacial waters in the mountains. It can be accessed by a 19 km long hiking trek starting from Dowarian village, Neelum Valley at 5300 ft. above the sea level.

Dowarian is considered to be the base camp to Ratti Gali Lake. From Dowarian, one can hire jeeps at around PKR 8000 during peak season. It takes around 2 ½ hour to reach Domail base camp. It is preferred to book horses because trek is very steep which is allowed only to young people. The tour is safe also for families which takes further 1 hour to reach lake. Bring your jackets and rain coats. This paradise was first explored by Mr. Mustansar Hussain Tarar in the lap of snow-capped mountains.

7. Wat Rong Khun, Thailand


Located only 13km out of Chiang Rai center, Watrong Khun is an exotic artistic temple which outshines also the most exotic Buddhist temples. The temple artist, Chalermchai Kositpipat with Hindi and Buddhist origin, started construction of this temple in 1997 both as a major statement and offering as a charm to the modern world.

It is also known as the white temple to the foreign tourists. It is totally an unconventional, contemporary, and private art exhibit built in Buddhist style, located in Chiang Rai Province.

6. Ta Prohm, Cambodia

Ta Prohm is an ancient temple located at Angkor Wat, in Siem Reap Province of Cambodia. It was built from the late 12th to early 13th century in Bayon style and originally named as Rajavihara. It is located around 1 km east of Angkor Thom. Khmer king Jayavarman VII was the founder of this temple on the southern corner of East Baray. It was a Mahayana Buddhist university and monastery.

Unlike other temples in Angkor, Ta Prohm is in excellent condition as it was found originally. The atmospheric and photogenic combinations of trees are growing off the ruins and the surroundings have literally made it among the most popular temples in Angkor.

5. Santo Domingo Savio, Medellin

This sculpture is located on the road from Medellin to Santo Domingo Savio, Colombia. It is the sculpture of a baby in the womb. It is the stunning sculpture carved beautifully in the pregnant mountain. This photo has gone viral in the recent years. Artist Dubian Monsalve has paid tribute to a woman who gives life through this art.

This sculpture was designed in 2012 but it recently became popular when someone posted the picture of it on social media. This picture has crossed up to 2 million likes on social media site, Facebook. The artist caved this sculpture through his rudimentary tools.

4. Abbotsford House of Sir Walter Scott

Located near Melrose in the south of Scotland, on the banks of Tweed River, Abbotsford Country house located in Scottish borders which belongs to Sir Walter Scott. He was a historic poet and novelist.  Founded by William Barclay Turnbull, Abbotsford is named after Abbotsford Club in 1833 as honor to Scott.

3. Sandstone Cliffs, Zion National Park, Utah, USA

The sandstone cliffs of Zion national park in the hues of pinks, creams, and reds uncover the secrets to the geological events happened to shape up this national park. It was first founded in Utah, USA. It features serene and natural surroundings with a breathtaking view.

Located at the Colorado Plateau Junction, Great Basin, the unique geography of the national park and variety of flora and fauna gives it a mesmerizing feeling. It houses over 289 bird species, 75 mammal species (including 19 bat species), and 32 reptile species.

2. Resorts in the Maldives

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is truly a paradise on earth. Located at Maldives, this spa is closest to achieve the heavenly pleasure. It features the picture-perfect scenery, feel of beach sands under the feet and sun setting in the exotic blue waters. Taj Exotica is undoubtedly a haven to feel blessed and relax.

1. Castle Combe – A Picturesque English Village in Wiltshire

Located in Wiltshire, England, Castle Combe is a civil parish and is also known as the most beautiful village in England. It is located in the conserved land on the Cotswolds and it is located only 12 miles from Bath. It is truly a hidden gem which welcomes visitors since centuries.

Castle Combe is categorized into two parts – one part Upper Castle Combe is located on the higher ground and another is in narrow By Brook valley. The Upper Castle is located on B4039 Road, connecting Chippenham to Chipping Sodbury.