Top 10 Hottest Chinese Models & Actresses

The world of entertainment is not just ruled by Hollywood actresses from western countries. There are also some celebrities from the eastern countries who are really worth a while, not just due to their achievements, but also for their hotness and natural beauty. When there are thousands of hottest Asian actresses in the world, we are going to list the top 10 hottest and beautiful Chinese actresses and models. These hottest Chinese celebs have got both beauty and brains.

The list also includes the most popular Chinese actresses in Hollywood, such as Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li, along with other popular Chinese actresses like Tien Hsin and Bianca Bai. There may be Chinese actresses on small screen or silver screen. These Chinese ladies are incredibly beautiful.

10. Bianca Bai

Born on 1982, Bianca Bai is among the most celebrated names among the beautiful actresses in eastern part of the world. She is born in Taiwan and already famous as a model after graduation from high school. She was really a well known model before finally moved to film industry.  She was nominated for the Best Actress in Lead Role in a TV series in 2010 at 45th Golden Bell Awards.

9. Zhang Ziyi

Also known as Ziyi Zhang, Zhang Ziyi is among the most popular and well known Chinese model turned actress. She has been called as one of the Four Dan Actresses in China, by the Chinese media, along with Xu Jinglei, Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun. She is known to be very amazing and popular Chinese actress. Along with that, Zhang Ziyi is also ranked No. 1 among the “Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Asia” poll by FHM Magazine. She also has great achievements in entertainment industry. She begged 7 international awards for her lead role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. She was titled as the sexiest woman in the world in 2001 by FHM Taiwan. She is beautiful forever, sexy and elegant and a very talented actress.

8. Tien Hsi

Tien Hsi was born in Zhejiang province and has been titled as “Asia’s Pamela Anderson” because she has always attracted a lot of men with her eternal beauty and sex appeal. The Taiwanese model turned actress has great experience in entertainment world. She played very sexy, seductive and tempting characters in films as an actress.  She is known to have slim figure, very beautiful and curvy busts and superior experience as an actress. It is almost not possible to complete this list without this actress as she is one of the hottest Chinese actresses and models.

7. Lin Chi-ling

Born on November 29, 1974, Lin Chi-ling is a Taiwanese actress and model. She is well known for her beautiful looks and gentle behavior. She has been titled as the “First Face of Taiwan” by the Taiwanese media. She has also been the spokesperson for both Longines and China Airlines since 2006. Her meteoric growth of fame led Taiwanese scholars and commentators to coin “The Lin Chi-Ling Phenomenon” phrase. When she was a model, she had appeared in several TV shows and she also hosted TVBS-G Fashion Track, TVBS-G LA Mode News, Top Chinese Music Chart Awards and the Golden Melody Awards in the year 2005. She also played lead roles in films “The Treasure Hunter” and “Red Cliff”.

6. Chrissie Chau

She secures 7th position in this list of hottest and most popular Chinese actresses and models. Born on May 22, 1985, Chrissie Chau was born in Chaozhou. She is a beautiful Chinese actress and a well known celebrity model based in Hong Kong. She has earned a lot of fame after releasing her official albums in the years 2009 and 2010. In 2009, she got her first break with the horror film, “Womb Ghosts”. She had appearance in 20 productions in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

5. Lynn Hung

An actress comes from mainland China and also a fashion model based in Hong-Kong, Lynn Hung is well known for her well shaped busts and curvy body in modeling scene in Hong Kong. Hung was born in Nanjing, People’s Republic of China. She started her modeling in Hong Kong in the year 2006 and continued to work there, especially in runway scene. She became famous as a top model and she started her career in acting in 2008. She became the fourth top paid model in Greater China in 2009, followed by Hong Kong based Gaile Lai (at No. 3), Chinese model Jennifer Du (at No. 2) and Taiwanese model Lin Chi-Ling (at No. 1).

4. Du Juan

The Chinese Jennifer Du, fashion model Du Juan is also a former ballet dancer and currently a film actress. She has been recognized as the world’s first Asian model to appear on the cover page of Vogue Paris, first International Chinese supermodel and appeared on Vogue China cover for 11 times, i.e. more than any other celebrity or model. At the same time, she has also been selected by 5 international fashion brands as their international spokesperson, including YSL Rive Gauche, Louis Vuitton, GAP, Roberto Cavalli and Swarovski. Du was one of the world’s hottest models in the year 2006.

3. Gaile Lok

The well known Hong Kong based model, actress and magazine cover girl, Gaile Lok was born to a Vietnamese mother and a Chinese father in Macau. She studied in the US and made her debut in industry in a romantic film released in 2000 “I DO” and appeared in next film in 2004 “My Sweetie”.

2. Zhang Yuqi

The well known Kitty Zhang, Zhang Yuqi is still very young. She is just 24 years old and successfully made way to the entertainment industry in China and gained a lot of prominence among the elite artists. She is not just beautiful, but also very hot and smart. She started her acting career at very young age of 15. Along with acting in several successful films, she has appearance in Elle and various magazines. She was a “Guest of Honor” in June 2009 at Montblanc Arts Patronage Awards.

1. Fan Bingbing

She is another hottest Chinese model and actress who deserves to be in the first position as the most beautiful Chinese actress in the world. She is indeed known to be an actress who can match the achievements of Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li in international entertainment world. She gave great performance in “Lost in Beijing” and appeared in great films of Hollywood, including Stretch, Iron Man 3 and the recent X-Men series. The Beijing News, China’s largest newspaper company, ranked her in first position among the 50 Most Beautiful Women in China, in 2010.