Top 10 Best Hair Color Dyes Brands In The World 2017

Hair is every woman’s pride & passion, and men’s too. How you treat your hair is what shapes your physical personality. However, it’s mostly a hassle to balance the two elements, style and care in order to have hair that are both trendy and healthy. And when it comes to hair color dyes, there are a lot of misconceptions and fears about safety from ingredients and chemicals used in the dyes.

So, we simply researched, explored and experimented different hair color dyes from different brands worldwide. Here are the top ten of them.

10. Radico Herbal

radico herbal

Since 1992, Radio Herbal boasts to be the first certified organic hair colour without any side effects. The Arch Of Europe Gold winner features many products in organic herbs, henna, skincare potions and organic hair colours. With ingredients like Coffee, Manjistha, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Amla, Henna and Methi, they offer an effective alternative to that orangey coloring hair dyes.


Price Range: $9.50 to $148.90

9. Godrej


With daily soap television commercials, the name of Godrej Rich Crème Hair Color is at the tongue tip of everybody from children to adults.  Coming in five beautiful shades, their hair color is famous for giving off its natural look properties with ammonia-free ingredients palate. What’s more interesting is that their hair care products come in prices that are affordable by anybody and everybody. Millions of Indians are already under Godrej’s umbrella for hair care and this is a testimony in itself of the fact.


Price Range: Starts from $4.49

8. Naturtint 


No tint lasts for long except when it is Naturetint. Naturetint’s products are fabricated for every kind of hair care your gorgeous locks need. Their product line includes many hair care products including hair color dyes, shampoos and conditioners. And these are totally free from ammonia, parabens and sulphates. And yes, if you are a style aficionado, do browse over the Naturetint Color ChartÒ for a plethora of shade options like Golden Chestnut, Arizona Copper, Honey Blonde, Dark Chocolate and more.


Price Range: $7 to $49.99

7. Revlon ColorSilk

Revlon ColorSilk

Revlon is a revolution in hair care and beauty. Their hair care range is divided into shampoos, conditioners, butter cream, moisture-rich color and intense color. With UV-tested butters, use of high-end technology with multiple testing of butter creams, their dyes ensure that your hair don’t fade away even in during high environmental stress.


Price Range: $3.69 to $66

6. Wella Koleston

Wella Koleston

Wella color touches enters every strand of hair and is bound to leave you mesmerised once you apply. The silky smooth look you get through Wella shades may get you thinking of hair fall but not to worry, their conditioning technology is as gentle on hair as their look. What’s more, you can try their look book trends. And we shall wait for the next Salon Star.


Price Range: $3.26 to $14.99

5. Matrix


Matrix, a part of L’Oreal’s USA product division, is employed by thousands of hairdressers and hair experts worldwide. Their most popular product categories are renewal sprays, fortifying creams, shampoos and conditioners. Their team of artistic directors consists of experts from hair care industry and creative body care artists.


Price Range: $3.69 to $19.87

4. Organic Color Systems

Organic Color Systems

You love your gorgeous hair locks, so does they. Organic Color Systems offers a complete hair care with minimal use of color & chemicals and maximum utilization of natural organic herbs. But that won’t leave you starved of style. They use a natural tint of keratin in conditioners that automatically straightens your hair strands without damaging the roots. Even more, their nourishing reconstructors and UV Light Filters prevent ageing of hair.


Price Range: $4.49 to $67.98 

3. Garnier


Frizzy, brittle, dull, dry, damaged or what, what kind of hair do you have and what kind do you want. Garnier bridges the gap between the two. Their blends of safflower seed oil and virgin olive oils offer ultimate care and nourishment to every kind of hair. Their system includes products like restorer, smoother, illuminator, transformer, revitalizer, strength restorer, oils, shampoos, conditioners and what not.


Price Range: $1.98 to $87.76

2. Clairol


You have one life, live it like a blonde. Indeed! Clairol justifies what it says. Their color kitchen houses an assortment of natural ingredients and Root-touch up products. The textures and tones their hair colors embody on hair are truly commendable. Now their My Shade App lets you check the hair color and style even before you actually buy them. If you are a stylist, their beauty school is a great source. Check out at


Price Range: $2.68 to $100

1. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris


Being the leading player in the beautification industry, L’Oreal lets you fulfill your obsession of hair styling without any inhibitions. Excellent grey coverage with fade-defying agents add to the revitalizing quality in their hair colors. You can be a teen, an adult or at the verge of ageing. But use of L’Oreal Hair Colors has made even the oldest of women gain an all-new young look and shine brightly through it.


Price Range: $2.55 to $76.59

Pick and match, colour your hair, style and, and the world is your ramp! Go grab the show!