Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime Statics 2016-17

Rape is a strained intercourse which consists of two victims – heterosexual and homosexual. Several types of offenses take place in the world, but rape is worst and extreme. It has spread across the world too rapidly. Women are mostly the victims. In every 2 of 10 cases, women are raped. Sexual assault is yet another form of rape where most of the verbal threats are added. Along with undeveloped nations, rape is common also in developed countries.

To prevent this crime, it is important for the government to ensure strict punishment and precise measurements for the person who is found guilty. Rape is a major crime in many countries. Here is the list of countries which have highest number of rape cases recorded.

10. Ethiopia

It is recognized to be one of those countries with highest rate of violence against women across the world. According to a UN report, around 60% of Ethiopian women found victim of sexual assault. Rape is very critical issue in this country. It is well known for marriage by abduction and this practice is in prevalence in this country and it is among the highest in the world. In several parts of this country, it is common that a man with his friends kidnaps a woman or girl, uses a horse to escape easily. Then they hide his intended bride and he rapes her until she gets pregnant. Around 11 years old young girls are reported to be kidnapped for marriage. Even the Ethiopian military has been charged for systematic rape crimes against civilians.

9. Sri Lanka

sri lanka

The security forces in Sri Lanka are still torturing and raping the suspects. The Sri Lankan security forces have been accused of torture and rape for four years after the end of civil war. According to the Multi-country Study on Violence and Men by the UN, around 14.5% of sample of men in Sri Lanka perpetrated rape in their lives, and around 4.9% raped last year, 2.7% raped another person of same sex, 1.6% involved in gang rape, 96.5% who raped had no legal issues, 64.9% rapists raped several times, 65.8% didn’t feel guilty or shame, and 11.1% raped up to 4 girls. This is why; Sri Lanka also tops the list of highest suicide rates worldwide.

8. Canada


The American continent has around 2,516,918 cases of rape reported. These are just 6% of total rape cases in the world. Around 1 in 3 women had sexual assault in the country and only 6% of cases were reported in police stations. The Justice Institute of British Columbia reported around 62% of raped women was injured and 9% were disfigured or beaten, of every 17 raped women.

7. France


In France, rape was not considered a crime until 1980. The laws in favor of women safety and rights are almost recent in this country.  In 1980s, rape has been declared a crime. Earlier decrees were on moral codes of 19th century.  In 1992, the sexual harassment based law was approved and one was passed in the year 2002 on moral harassment. Earlier this year, the last bill against sexual violence was passed. According to government studies, there are 75000 cases of rape every year. Just 10% of victims filed the cases.

6. Germany


This crime led the death of around 240,000 girls and women. It ranks No.7 in this list as it has around 6,507,394 rape cases in a year. It tops the list of highest rape crime countries. For the victims, the morning-after pills have been allowed by German Catholics. The country is rapidly moving ahead in technology but back in humanity.

5. United Kingdom


Most of us have a dream to settle in or even visit the UK. It is one of the most developed nations. But you may definitely not know that it is also suffering the curse of rape crime. The Ministry of Justice, Office of National Statistics released the first joint Official Statistics bulletin in January 2013 on violence against women. Over 85000 women are raped in Wales and England every year. Up to 400000 women are sexually harassed every year. One in 5 women (from 16 to 59 years old) had some kind of sexual violence.

4. India


Sexual assault is rapidly increasing in this country. It is one of the most common crimes in India against women. The National Crime Records Bureau reported up to 24923 cases across the country in 2012. Experts believe that there are much higher cases of rape which left unreported. Of these, around 24470 were committed by relatives, family/parents, neighbors and some known persons. In most cases, around 98% of rapists were men. In a new survey, in every 22 minutes, a new rape case is reported in India.

3. Sweden


It has the highest number of rape cases reported in Europe and among the highest worldwide. About 1 of every 4 women reported victim in Sweden. By the year 2010, the Swedish police reported highest number of rape cases – around 63 of each 100,000 inhabitants. It has fourth highest rape cases in the world. There were around 15700 sexual offences reported in Sweden in 2009. Sex crimes have been raised by over 58% over the last 10 years. Sweden has one of highest rape cases across Europe.

2. South Africa


It has among the highest rape cases in the world. Around 65000 sexual assaults and rapes were reported for 2012. The cases of rape led to the nation being called as “Rape Capital of the World”. Out of 4000 women, around 1 in 3 women reported that they had been raped last year, when asked by the Community of Empowerment, Information and Transparency.

Over 25% of men in South Africa admitted to rape, and around half of them claimed that they raped several women, when asked in a survey by the Medical Research Council. Around 3 of 4 who committed rape told that they attacked first during teens.

1. United States


The super power stands at the first position in rape cases. Males are accused of raping women with the proportion of 99%. Of all victims, over 9% are males and 91% are women. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, around 9% of rape victims are male and 91% are female, and almost 99% of criminals are male. The National Violence against Women Survey reported around 1 in 6 women in US and 1 in 33 men in the US experienced completed or attempted rape in their life. Above all, around 16% of cases are reported. Most of the cases take place at homes.