Top 10 Cleanest Cities In The World 2017

Cleanliness is something we all want. It is a conceptual state of being free of dirt and clean. We all want to reach the process of retaining and attaining that state. The cleanliness is often called as moral quality when everyone is not able to hold but it is important to stay healthy. One has to be clean morally and physically and free of all the pollutants.

Now, let’s start discussing about the cleanest cities in the world which are called cleanest because of the habit of residents to stay clean and fresh all day long and cleanliness played an important role to build cultural values of any class, humanitarianism and various traditional imperialisms. Well, there are many people who perform some efforts to stay clean in all aspects and keep their city clean.

Here are some of the notable cities which have managed to become one of the top cleanest cities worldwide.

10. Oslo, Norway



As the capital and most popular city of Norway, Oslo is also considered as the erstwhile governmental and economic hub of the nation and it is also the centre of overall Norwegian trade, for industrial and banking sector. When urban and metropolitan areas of the city of Oslo have around 2.5 million residents, Beta World City houses the population of 634,000 residents.

The historical city of Oslo is rich in traditions and culture and it has been one of the most popular cities in the world due to its exotic landmarks and it has also set a record in cleanliness. Residents here are well educated and they all know the benefits of unpolluted environment and being clean.

9. Vienna, Austria



Positioned in the northeastern region of Austria, Vienna is the capital and largest city in the state with up to 1.8 million of population. With the combined efforts of common people and government as well as modern and advanced traffic waste management techniques, Vienna is ranked among the world’s cleanest cities. Vienna is also the source of inspiration for music and art in the world and it has a lot of green projects that play an important role to keep the environment safe and fresh and away from pollution and the residents are well educated. They all are aware of the adverse effects of pollutants to their health and the value of cleanliness.

8. Kobe, Japan



It is another cleanest city in the world. The Japanese city of Kobe is also the most popular city in the world because of its progress and technological achievement. The government is doing a lot of efforts to keep the city green and clean.  The consistent and impressive improvement measures and effective waste management techniques as well as awareness of public led it to become the greenest city of Japan. It is spreading a very healthy message to the world because public are enough to lead Japan to become one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

7. Stockholm, Sweden



The cultural, political and economic hub and the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm is also among the cleanest cities because of its impressive transport system to avoid pollution and reduce fuel consumption. Stockholm has around 3.4 million of population, covering both urban and metropolitan area. Despite having such a density of population, government is taking strict measures to avoid pollution from the state. It is surely commendable because the effort of citizens is making it possible and they played a vital role to keep the environment fresh and clean.

6. Singapore



The Southeast Asian city, Singapore is another most advanced and cleanest city with high profile lifestyle of citizens. Along with aristocratic lifestyle, the city is also famous for clean and healthy atmosphere. Like a lot of other modern cities, Singapore also has great and ideal standards to ensure safe and clean environment and people adopt wealthy and healthy lifestyle by complying with strict regulations set by the government. The rules for cleanliness are so strict that you may be fined even for spitting on the streets.

5. Adelaide, Australia



The capital of South Australia houses up to 1.3 million of population and it is located near Torrens River which inhabits mostly Kaurna people. Adelaide is also one of the cleanest nations in the world for offering clean and safe environments to the residents with world-class lifestyle. As per the estimate, around 85% of waste has been recycled successfully with well-organized system. It is one of the important reasons for clean environment.

4. Freiburg, Germany



The German city is also famous as the Flower city and it is known for Renaissance University and its minster. It is the world’s greenest city with a lot of grass landscapes, public parks and various eco green projects to make environment eco friendly and safe. So, Freiburg is one of the cleanest cities worldwide. Both residents and government played a vital role to make city most widely known in the world and it has become the most popular destination for fresh environment and cleanliness.

3. Luxembourg



The capital city of Luxemburg, Luxembourg enjoys city status and located at the confluence of Petrusse and Alzette Rivers in the south of the nation. Luxembourg City is one of the most popular cities. It is the richest country with highest per capita value. It is one of the least polluted cities and cleanest city as it is full of greens. It is well known as the Green Heart in Europe. It has world-class waste management system. It is playing a vital role to keep the city clean and offering healthy environment.

2. Zurich, Switzerland



The largest Swiss city, Zurich is also one of the most popular and busiest tourist attractions as it houses a lot of world class landmarks. Despite low density of population, Zurich is the largest financial hub and leading city for having the modern and most advanced culture. The government and the locals are getting involved in a lot of advantageous activities that are beneficial and made city well known in the world for having green and clean environment and it made way to the list of cleanest cities worldwide.

1. Calgary, Canada



It is the livable and best city in the world. Calgary is one of the cleanest cities in the world. It is located in Alberta, Canada. It is also the largest city in Alberta province for having up to 2.3 million residents, including metro and urban areas. The city is enjoying great economy because of its telecom, energy and financial services and remarkable environment. The government has restricted residents from activities that can pollute and harm the area.