Top 10 Biggest Heists in UK’s History

The world has seen some extraordinary criminals and robbers, who have come up with ingenious crimes and robberies that have baffled the law enforcers as well as common people. There have been a few brilliant ones in the UK and they have defied all the boundaries of human understanding, with some astounding heists which are hard to forget.

Here are top 10 biggest heists in UK that shook you:

10. Baker Street Robbery

Baker Street Robbery

The Baker Street Robbery of London, carried out on 11th September, 1971 involved an amount of 1.5 million pounds, equating 16 million today. This one had a gang tunneling in the safe deposit vault of a neighboring shop and carrying out the robbery.

9. The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery

Another daring robbery in UK was the Great Train Robbery, in which a sum of 2.6 million pounds was stolen from the Glasgow-London Royal Mail Train, which was halted at a fake signal. It dates back to 8th August, 1963 and the value of the loot is equivalent to 40 million today, most of it being recovered in a few months after the event.

8. The Security Express Robbery

The Security Express Robbery

The Security Express Robbery of Shoreditch London involved a huge amount of 6 million pounds as a gang of robbers broke into the depot and walked away with the money on the Easter Monday of 1983.

7. Midland Bank Clearing Centre Robbery

Midland Bank Clearing Centre Robbery

Next on the list of top 10 biggest heists in UK is the Midland Bank Clearing Centre robbery at Salford in Manchester. The robbery value was a whopping 6.6 million pounds and has not been solved.

6. Graff Jewellers

Graff Jewellers

Graff Jewellers of London figures twice in this list, with another robbery taking place here in 2003. This one was done by a Serbian gang, with two armed robbers taking away 47b expensive diamond jewelry pieces in only a few minutes. The robbery value amounted to 23 million pounds.

5. Brinks Mat Robbery

Brinks Mat Robbery

Another great robbery of almost the same amount happened at a Heathrow Airport warehouse in London in November, 2003. A security guard was guilty of helping the robbers, who expected to steal cash worth 3 million pounds here, but ended up discovering huge gold bullion in the form of 6000 gold bars of value 26 million pounds. The gold has not been recovered till date.

4. Northern Bank Robbery

Northern Bank Robbery

The Northern Bank Robbery in Belfast, Northern Ireland claims to be another huge heist in UK, with an amount excess of 26 million pounds being looted from the bank. Two staff members of the bank were forced to help the criminals as they held their families hostage the previous evening and carried out this heinous crime on 19th December, 2004.

3. Graff’s Jewelers

Graff’s Jewelers

The next biggest heist in UK is that of over 40 million pounds at the renowned Graff Jewelers Store located at the busy New Bond Street of London. An amazingly simple case, this one had two men walking into the store and holding people hostage at gunpoint. All they did was just to fire some shots in the air and walk away with 43 jewelry pieces, mostly crafted in priceless diamonds.

2. Knightsbridge Safe Deposit Centre Robbery

Knightsbridge Safe Deposit Centre Robbery

Knightsbridge Safe Deposit Centre Robbery in London is another baffling heist case that UK has come across. It was done in 1987 by a gang led by Valerio Viccei, son of an Italian lawyer and the value of loot amounted to 40 million pounds, though rumored to be much greater. The man was caught and later deported to Italy, where he served in prison till he was killed in a shoot-out encounter in 2000.

1. Securitas Depot Robbery

Securitas Depot Robbery

The famous Securitas Depot Robbery in Tonbridge, Kent comes across the biggest heisyt in UK history, with a whopping value of over 53 million pounds in cash robbed from the depot. This incident occurred on 21st February, 2006 when the depot manager as well as his family was kidnapped by robbers, posing as fake policemen and forced to give up all the cash in the depot. Till date, the police has recovered only 20 million pounds cash, though numerous suspects have been arrested in the case.

All these heists have been considered as the most notorious crimes in the history of UK.