Top 10 Best Women Winter Coats & Jackets Brands In The World 2017

Winter coats and jackets are two of the best clothes that can save us from bone-chilling winter and cold that is outside. But when it comes to picking one, you are left with a variety of categories to choose from. You can choose one with casual style or you can go one that has a formal look. Whatever that you choose, the ultimate closure that you need to have is that the money that you spent is worth the product.

That is where this article comes. Whether you are looking for a perfect winter coat or a furry jacket, we have got you covered. With the top 10 brands that create some of the world’s finest jackets and coats, this countdown will help you to make your decision more fruitful and worthy.

10. Cole Haan

Cole Haan

This brand produces some of the finest winter jackets and coats, and you feel it like wearing it all the time. Such is the comfort and smoothness of the material that is used to make this product. They come in small zipper pockets and can protect you from the wildest and coldest winter breeze out there. So overall, you can never go wrong with this brand.

9. Orolay


The main highlight of the products made by this brand is that all of them carries a unique angular design and comes with big puffy zipper pockets. Their clothes also fit all the body types and hence you do not have to worry about losing or gaining weight to wear their wonderful clothes. Their jackets and coats also come with special wool hoodies that will protect you from all the harsh winds that blow right on your face.

8. Columbia


The material used for making their winter apparel is actually very light weight and puffy that after sometime you feel like walking with a sleeping bag on you. the clothes can keep you comfy, warm and soft all the time. The fabric used are able to absorb moisture, so if it becomes too hot for you, you wouldn’t still feel the sweat on your body. Overall, this brand would be an excellent investment for new coat or jacket.

7. Zero Xposur


They make some of the finest coats and jackets that are lighter and slimmer than all other rival brands. With a zip front, the clothes are easy to wear. The fabric used is ultra soft and puffy that you feel like never removing it ever. Their products are also easily portable. This means they can be folded to a small ball of jacket or coat and then can fit in any small pouch.

6. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

This brand produces their product with only one goal in their mind, that is ultimate protection from winter cold. With zipping fronts, detachable hoodie and zip pocket the features that come with their clothes are unlimited. Their products are also machine washable so that you don’t have to give extra care and manually wash it. What’s even more interesting is their pricing. Even though the features and quality of clothes that they are producing are out of the world, the pricing is very down to earth.

5. Anne Klein

Anne Klein

Made with some of the world-class materials including cashmere and luxury wool, their coats and jackets can easily keep you warm and comfy during those chilly cold winds. With the design and patterns that they come in, you will definitely feel like a little princess or prince wearing them. In addition to jackets and coats, they also produce cashmere gloves and scarfs which perfectly compliments and matches with their former ones.

4. BCBG Maxazria

BCBG Maxazria

Their products are made from luxurious wool and their coats and jackets comes with a cute little belt that adds to the charm. The fabric and the design with which they are made in makes sure they are a perfect match for whoever that are wearing them. As they come in all colors and patterns, finding matching gloves and scarfs is not a problem anymore.

3. London Fog

 London Fog

Their products comes with everything that you will ever need to commute in a cold night. It comes with premium fabrics that provide you with warmth and comfort, a small belt that ensures your fashion appeal and a hoodie which plays a substitute for your umbrella. With flappy pockets and cotton fabric, wearing this brand’s apparel is a pleasant experience.

2. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

This brand makes one of the best, comfy and fun coats and jackets in the world. With boiled wool fabric you would never have to know the taste of bone-chilling cold again. With pockets and hoodies, you can never go wrong with this brand.

1. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Their coats and jackets never go out of style. They are main trendsetters when it comes to coats and jackets. With their back and navy colored jackets and coats, you will have a classy appeal. With wool blend fabric, you would have no idea about the chilling weather outside, as you will be comfy and warm in their dress. So if you are looking one of the best winter wear within a reasonable price, then this brand will definitely satisfy all your needs and demands.

So here we come to an end of the top 10 best women winter coats and jacket brands for the year 2017.