Top 10 Best Washington Redskins of All Time

When we talk about the Washington Redskins, we are referring to a professional American football team which is based in Washington. They normally compete in the National Football League. Their home field is Fed Ex Field which is located in Land over, Maryland. They have their headquarters in Ash burn, Virginia. They were established in 1932 and since then, they have played more than 1000 games out of which, they have recorded 600 regular season and post season wins. They have won five NFL championships and have captured 14 NFL divisional titles.

Here are the 10 best Washington Redskins of all times

10. Washington Taylor, WR

He was with the Washington Redskins in the years 1964-1975, and 1977 in total, 13 Years. He was a first round selection when they were choosing the Arizona State wide-out. He was a great asset when it came to production as an overall weapon of offense. He was able to haul  a total of 649 passes for 9,110 yards.  And 79 touchdowns. He also did a great job on the backside and he was a special team, which made him a special athlete for the Washington Redskin team.

9. Joe Theismann, QB

Joe Theismann, QB

He was a legend who was relentless and shameless self-promoter before the advent of television and advertisements. He was with the Washington Redskins for 12 years, which ran between 1974 and 1985. During this time, he made everyone believe that he was the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. He threw 160 touchdowns against 138 picks during his time. He threw a double-digit interception in 8 of his seasons. He earned an average of 77.4 quarterback rating.

8. Chris Hanburger , LB

Chris Hanburger , LB

For 14 years between 1965 – 1978, this great linebacker was playing for the Washington Redskin. He had the ability to adapt to any offensive game plans. He received 19 interceptions and scored two offensive touchdowns during his entire period. When he retired, he had 9 pro bowls and four first team all pro selections.

7. Dexter Manley, DE

Dexter Manley, DE

Also known as the secretary of defense, played for Washington Redskin for 9 years, between 1981- 1989. Two years from the time he was recruited into the team, he registered six and a half sacks. In his third year,he recorded 11 sacks for the season. In 1984,he registered 13.5 sacks which kept on increasing each year and by the time he was retiring,he had 91 sacks to his credit making him the all-time sack leader in the Washington history.

6. Russ Grimm, G-C

Russ Grimm, G-C

He was on the team for 11 years, which ran from 1981 to 1991. He brought a new approach to the game as he was always pushing the opposition in an effort to create more blocks. He made his teammates play with a blue-collar mentality which meant, no more outwork or exerts more effort than your opponents. He was a hardworking lineman and his dedication and hardwork paid off because,between 1983 and 1983, he was elected to four straight Pro Bowls where he was an All-Pro in all the seasons.

5. Sonny Jurgensen, QB

Sonny Jurgensen, QB

Between 1964 and 1974, Sonny was with the Washington Redskin for a cool 11 years. During his time, he averaged 27 touchdowns, 4,045 yards, and 12 interceptions per every season. He also threw what could be equivalent to today’s 5,000 plus yards. He also led the league in passing the yard a record 5 times and two touchdown lead. He is the second greatest in the history of the Washington Redskin QB.

4. Art Monk, WR

Art Monk, WR

For 14 years, between 1980 and 1993, Art Monk was with the Washington Redskins. He is one of the best guys who contributed to the team’s offense. During his rookie campaign, he recorded 797 yards, three touchdowns, and 58 receptions. He kept on improving and by the time he was retiring, he had recorded by the team 888 catches for 12, 026 receiving yards and had 65 touchdowns.  He is the all-time team leader in receiving and reception yards.

3. John Riggins, RB

John Riggins, RB

Between 1976 and 1985, John Riggins stayed with the Washington Reds for the 9 years and was the best running back in the redskin’s history. He was a bulldozer who pushed his way to victory for the team. He had 7,472 rushing yards and 79 touchdowns.

2. Sammy Baugh, QB

Sammy Baugh, QB

He is the best quarterback in the history of the Washington Redskin where he played for 16 years, between 1937 and 1952. He is the one who revolutionized the position of quarterback. He also garnered the first team All-Pro recognition for four times. In 1963, he was inducted into the hall of fame.

1. Darrell Green, DB

Darrell Green, DB

For 20 years between the years 1983 – 2002, Darrell played for Washington Redskins. He had an unmatched speed which he utilized during the games. He was recognized as the fastest player at all times, which he used to his advantage.

The above listed are the top 10 best Washington Redskins of all times in the history of the team and they all did something to deserve their names being listed in the hall of fame.