Top 10 Best Trained Police Forces In The World 2017

As you see, the world is full of cruelty and corruption on both civilian and laws side. Criminals always contaminate the city by roaming the streets with their behavior of doing destructive things. This way, a Police officer is responsible to maintain the law and order in the country by controlling crime to ensure that others follow the rules and regulations. We have ranked the most well-trained police forces in the world in terms of their efforts and performance, along with systems and security measures they adhere to enforce the law effectively even through justice in the respective police departments.

We have ranked the following police forces as per their performance and training.

10. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Even though they don’t have experience in war-based situations like other countries, they still have training which is beyond general standards so they can be prepared for all unpredictable situations. They put things running and prepare them to the earliest in their training college. These officials undergo specialized and advanced development programs with which they are prepared for real life situations. They also undergo ‘on the field’ training along with educational training. The police force has the legacy of 140 years for offering law enforcement service.

9. Netherlands National Police Agency

Along with 25 Regional units, the Dutch Masters have their own command staff under the Dutch Commissioner. Along with Law enforcement as per the Netherlands Police Act, their duties also include busting crimes as it strike especially in car theft, home burglaries, and to visibly and prominently stay on the streets to watch over citizens. All the regional units of Netherlands National Police Agency are well trained to investigate the cases of drugs, frauds, human trafficking, arms dealing, rape, and large scale organized crimes.  Since 2002, the department has grown even stronger with better training, more vehicles, staff, and proven methodologies of duties and the staff consists of at least 18% of women.

8. People’s Armed Police in China

People’s Armed Police, as the name implies, is a police force which is devoted to protection and safety of citizens in China. It is much like a Military Defense system which conducts the same tactics on a domestic level. For doing this, the armed police force has various divisions and each of them are highly trained to perform specific duties like security and patrolling, security guards, and firefighting on standby which works according to PAP Force in China and all of them are interlinked. It also consists of specific trained divisions under Mobile Division, Traffic Department, along with Public Utility division.

7. Australian Federal Police (AFP)

The Australian Federal Police force has been reputed well by conducting everything that police does according to its governmental structure to maintain the law and order. When it comes to developed areas and countries, the production of drugs illegally is increasing over the years. The AFP is known to seize among the biggest drug bust in the history of the country.  The AFP has seized up to AUS$900 in Crystal Meth. It has great reputation when it comes to criminal justice. It is among the first police forces in the world to literally, effectively, and sensibly practice and promote gender equality.

6. Federal Police of Germany

The Federal Police of Germany consists of elite policing system which grants controlling their units over 16 states and over two Federal Law agencies by side to serve nations in several major cases of crime. Here, each unit has an individual task force assigned with expertise in their own fields. By employing over 40000 skilled, well trained, and dedicated police officials in their own departments, it provides great safety to the Germans. When conducting duties, officials don’t have to wait for any special permission from superiors when compared to police forces in other countries.

5. New Zealand Police

The new recruits and officials are well trained by the Royal New Zealand Police College to focus on everything in the law enforcement, such as sifting up the best from the recruitment, integrity, proving loyalty from the beginning, commitment, and great problem-solving abilities of each officer. It has become the strict need to become the well-trained officer and each officer is well trained to handle heavy-duty machine guns and tactical arms. The New Zealand police department consists of Beat & Patrol, 111 Emergency Armed Squad of Offenders, Counter Attack, Diving Squad, Criminal Investigation, Narcotics, K9 Units, Traffic Department, Forensics, and E-Crime unit.

4. National Police of France

Along with Italy, France is vastly called as the “Love Destination” as it hosts the most magical and treasured cities in the word. Just recently, some of the suicide bombers created headlines that shocked the world as they left over 100 people dead in Paris. The Police Forces were well trained to deal with minor crimes like handling mission persons, mugging, petty theft, speeding fines, vehicle accidents etc. But each team of the National Police force was responsible to help the Gendarmerie Military Force of France.

3. Polizia Di Stato – Italy

Along with the richness of romantic sunsets in Capri and delicious foods, Italy is also famous for the Italian Mafia which rules the world of organized crime. Polizia Di Stato is among the most highly trained police forces in the world because of their effective implementation and exclusive establishment for arresting two most violent and threatening Mafia Bosses hidden in the barren mountains. The police force has up to 300,000 police officers split between 5 Local Police forces and five National Forces.

2. New York Police Department (NYPD)

The highly trained and finest police forces of the US, NYPD started operating in 1845. These trained officials have maintained the highest training standards offered by the Municipal police station. They are in charge to protect over 8 million people in the state with their ‘protect and defend’ mission.  Due to their efficient work, the state has seen over 80% less violent crimes so far. They have conducted several effective programs for Real Law Enforcement. They are the finest in various Emergency Services, Harbor Patrol, K9, Anti-Terrorism, Air Support, Bomb Squads, Public Transportation, and Narcotics.

1. National Police Agency (NPA) in Japan

It falls under the National Public Safety commission directly and ranked No. 1 in the world for all good reasons. Every police official is highly disciplined in Japan and finding even one corrupt police official is extremely rare. The police training is so intense that every official is very versatile and flexible to deal with virtually every aspect of crime. Both men and women have been trained equally in all divisions to handle every issue they come across in daily life.