Top 10 Best Thermal Underwear Brands In The World 2017

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons that you can ever have in a year. When we get a sunny day in the midst of all the snows and cold weather, we get out and make most out of it. Kids play outside and we will most probably visit parks and other places and get a little sun on ourselves. But still, the season is winter. That is where thermal underwear comes in.

Thermal underwear makes sure that you remain warm and dry especially during the winter season. Now this can be worn by anyone regardless of their age and gender. Actually, this is a must buy and should be a priority on the shopping list for a person in those areas where they experience cold and chilly winters seasons.

This article has a countdown of the best brands of thermal underwear that will help you to choose the right and perfect one for your budget.

10. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen

This brand uses dry technology that can absorb water and sweat from our body and then push it to the outside layers of the cloth. The material used is 100% wool and comes in different sizes and colors according to our preference. The top underwear that this brand produces has a beautiful and attractive stripe that goes down the arm.

9. Hanes X-temp

Hanes X-temp

This version of thermal pants is made from pure cotton and is one of the most basic and simple thermal forms of underwear. The cotton fabric with which the material is made from makes sure that it feels soft and warm altogether and does not rub and hurt our body. If you are looking for a simple and lightweight thermal underwear then this would be the one to go.

8. SmartWool NTS

 SmartWool NTS

This thermal underwear brand especially focuses on producing women’s apparel. They make some of the finest thermal tops that come in beautiful wool designs and patterns. The material of wool used is top notch and is of super quality that makes it non-itchy and irritating to wear. The cloth does also feel super comfy and the pattern just adds to the visual appeal.

7. L.L Bean

L.L Bean

This brand produces their thermal underwear in two versions. One comes in 100% cotton and the other comes in wool. So you can pick your favorite one for this winter. The cloth stays close to pour skin and does not pack any bulky layers when worn under and is the perfect one to wear when going to the bed as they are super light and effective to trap the heat in our body.

6. Carhartt


This brand makes some of the finest thermal underwear and they are made from some of the richest and superior materials. The brand also uses dry technology and antibacterial technology that shows that the brand is keen to be a step ahead of all close rival companies. The products are super intense and so it is apt for someone who hasfull-time job working outside in the cold weather.

5. Duluth Trading Corporation

Duluth Trading Corporation

This brand produces thermal underwear that can guarantee that you would never feel cold and sweat again in your body. They are made in base layers so that they would not add to the bulk when worn under. They are also made extremely stretchable which means that you can easily move all the ways without feeling restricted. The extra length for the bottom underwear protects you from the cold sneaking through shoes.

4. Patagonia Capilene

Patagonia Capilene

This thermal underwear is super thin and at the same time super effective. Their interior is polished and brushed to make sure that your bodies stay warm all the time. The cloth altogether stays close to the body without feeling like carrying an additional weight.

3. Saxx


This thermal underwear can be used during any season. This can make you feel cool during summers and make you feel warm during winters. They are also made from superior quality spandex and stays perfectly close to our skin.

2. Kari Traa Vrang

With beautiful patterns and designs these thermal undies are not only cute but are technically advanced than all others. The cloth is also made from one of the finest and superior quality wool so that you feel good and comfy all the time. The wear also feels extra soft and super stretchy so that your movement are not hindered in any way while wearing this. This also perfectly fits on our skin, that it does not feel funny when worn under our main shirt and pants.

1. Icebreaker oasis

Icebreaker oasis

Coming down to the first position of our countdown, it is time to choose a winner. The winner is ice breaker oasis brand and there are a lot of reasons for that. First of all, the underwear is made from some of the finest merino wool which makes sure that the air flow is regulated normally in our body. The material is also extra smooth and soft and has the ability to absorb moisture from out body. This makes sure that our body is damp which might give way for bacterial infections to rise. Overall, this is one of the best brands that your money can buy when it comes to thermal underwear.

So we have come to an end of the countdown which listed 10 best thermal underwear brand for the year 2017.