Top 10 Best Tequila Brands In The World 2017 With Price

Whenever we talk about booze and the better option available to drink party time drink with friends, Tequila and its salty taste combined with competitive shots fills memory with lots of happiness. Generally, Tequila is categorized as the drink with 38-40% share of alcohol in it, the maritime drink to be more precisely belongs to Mexico. The drink is filtered and developed in the Mexican city that is better harvested from blue agave plant regarded as the taste developer for Tequila.

The Mexican drink was first exported to any of the foreign countries was in the United States in late 1800’s after seeing great like for the people alien with the drink. Mexican never looked back to take their creditability around the world that proves Tequila to become one of the best party time drink or hangout drinks. You are planning to get the better taste of the drink, which can lead just happiness, no depression or any other kind of problematic situation. Just look at the top available choices as the tequila brands recommended and appreciated by the worldwide audience, here is the list of best tequila brands.

10. Don Julio

don julio

As the name suggest the Don Julio limited edition Tequila was represented to Don Julio as a gift on 60th Anniversary. The remarkable taste of the drink took over all guests, the brand still date survives better amongst the different available competitive brands. The Don Julio Tequila is mated with oak barrels that are preserved for more than a year that offers it compelling brown color and exotic taste.

Price Rs: $ 145

9. Milagro 


The particular brand takes a great care in order to maintain the great taste as the Milagro’s Select Barrel Reserve Reposado is distilled two times in the manner to offer perfect taste as first the solution is distilled in the pot later in the column still that is rested well in American and French oak barrels. The packing of Tequila is appreciable with a sculpture of agave plant that develops the taste of Tequila, the Tequila stands as good option to send as gifts for family and friends.

Price Rs: $53

8. Qui 


Qui is one of the first developers of the platinum tequila with special garnishing ability that helps to eliminate the bad smell of alcohol and enhances the taste of the sip marking it delicious. The Filtration process eliminates the dark color of the spirit with one and half year of preservation in American Whiskey and French Bordeaux barrels helps to form a clear liquid. The taste range of the Tequila is available with a floral smell and sweet flavors of honey and butterscotch.

Price Rs: $55

7. Riazul 


Riazul is fully manufactured and developed at the Tequila’s homeland known as Mexico, the naturally processed taste of Riazul is distilled twice as per the process then aged for a good two years time in Cognac barrels that helps to develop its taste. The barrel is formed with the help of wood specially crafted from burgundy, all these special considerations separate this particular tequila from rest of the available options in the bunch.

Price Rs: $49

6. Tres Agaves 

Tres Agaves

As we all know tequila needs to be garnished well for a couple of months in order to form taste that is different from others with special alcohol value that increases enjoyment quotient. Considering all these essential qualities Tres Agaves uses only Woodford Reserve Barrels in order to show their unique taste with 18 months of preservation. If you carry great like for margarita, organic mix of the company is the best available option.

Price Rs: $40

5. DeLeon 


The developing company that partners with the developers for funding called as the Diageo is one of the largest world’s spirit producers. The well preserved and tasting some of the best taste tequilas in the world is formed with 12 months preservation in new French Oak. The taste is the not only bright feature as the golden ball as the cap will surely give rich taste to your tequila, the luxury bottle mated with great taste is good gifting choice for family and friends.

Price Rs: $65

4. Avion 


One of the expensive tastes in the list is developed as Reserva 44, Avion’s “besopoke” extra Anejo is preserved for longer 43 months in oak barrels that are specially categorized as “petite” barrels. The bottles of this Avion Tequila are marked with the signature of the president, the bottles are fire-polished with crystal appearance, the gift pack with profound look just add more stars to its beauty.

Price Rs: $160

3. Clase Azul 

Clase Azul

The beautifully white designed bottle with the goodness of china dish like appearance holds the great taste of pretty well-proposed reposado tequila. Unlike other options requiring a great time to be preserved, this particular bottle is needed to be rested for eight months. The distillation process offers rich taste with a sweet flavor and older preservation.

Price Rs: $100

2. Casa Dragones

Casa Dragones

The brand is regarded sipping Tequila, the spirit is not needed to be mated or mixed with a margarita, the great taste is developed from the naturally and completely estate-grown blue agave in Tequila in the homeland Mexico. The smooth and delicious taste of Tequila will never let you settle for a sip as you will surely want more.

Price Rs: $290

1. Patron 


The luxurious looking bottle with premium quality tequila is the most expensive and aged tequila in the world, the bottle is aged for minimum three years combined with American and French oak barrels.  The juice is crushed and distilled better with agave fibers forming great red sip.

Price Rs: $365