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Top 10 Best Tennessee Titans of All Time

In the history of the franchise, it has been through a lot of ups and downs. They have some of their best players being listed as the best in the NFL history. Though they have gone done and suffered losses, moving from league contenders to for playoffs every season, and having just a couple of wins in the previous season, it is still a team which produces some of the best players in the game. The reason why they are having wins of late is because of the type of players they have drafted, and the way they treat them. The players are paid well and the treatment is superb, making them feel at home while playing for the franchise.

Here are our top 10 best Tennessee Titans of all times.

10. Eddie George, RB

As an RB, Eddie Georgie made the Titans proud due to the way he played the game while on the pitch. He was drafted to Titans from a college football and molded to the stardom of professionalism. He played as a professional NFL for nine seasons and while with the franchise, he proved to be one of the best rushers of all times who lead the team to win the Super Bowl XXXIV. In total, he won 10,441 yards, 4 Pro Bowls thus making him be considered as one of the stars of the Titans.

9. Chris Johnson, RB

As a running back for the Titans, he broke the record for rushing by scoring 2,000 yards in a single season. He currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals, but while at the Titans, he won his third the NFL offensive rookie of the year in 2008, won the 2000 NFL title of the offensive player of the year. He had a high speed of 4.2 which is one of the best in the history of running back.

8. Stephen Tulloch, DE

While playing for the Titans, he was a great player more reliable tackler in the league. He compiled 4.5 sacks, 457 tackles, 11 passes defended and several interceptions. When they were fielding consistently the best defense every year, Stephen Tulloch was one of the defensemen they relied on. Currently, he is with the Lions, still growing strong in the NFL.

7. Steve Hutchinson, Offensive Guard

Steve is a sure fire who is a Hall of Fame candidate. He is considered as one of the best guards in the NFL history. He played for the Tennessee team for one year, 2012, and it was quite impressive. In his long career in the NFL, he has made it to seven Pro Bowls and was a great player who blocked Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson.

 6. Drew Bennett, Wide Receiver 2001 – 2006

Though he never made it to the Pro Bowls, he was pivotal of the Titans passing games or all the 5 years he was with the franchise. Though he was never drafted, he garnered 25 touchdowns, and 4,033 receiving yards.  2004 was his best season where he garnered 1,247 for 11 touchdowns and caught 80 passes. His impact in NFL was registered with the Titans.

5. David Stewart, Offensive Tackle from 2005 – Present

Right tackle is one position which doesn’t allow a player to make it to the Pro Bowls and most of them are normally undervalued as compared to their left side counterparts. David was a great right tackle for the Titans and his play boosted the performance of the franchise. He teamed up with Michael Roos to become the bookend for the Titans in 2006 making them one of the greatest combination in the team. He is one of the offensive who made the titans to register 13 wins in 2008.

4. Yancey Thigpen, Wide Reciever

He joined the Titans in 1998 and left in 2000. During this period, he was a great, reliable and consistent receiver who gave Steve McNair a good , strong target during the 1999 Super Bowl run. Though he has won several Pro Bowls and All-Pro, none was won while at the Titans. In the 1999 season, he was quite instrumental in the Titans game, where for 648 yards, he caught 38 passes and four touchdowns.

3. Marcus Robertson, Safety 1991 – 2000

While he was playing for the Titans, Marcus was considered as one of the most feared safety players of the NFL. While playing for the franchise, he had Pro Bowl appearances in 1993 and 1997. He recorded 22 interceptions and 648 tackles.

2. Bruce Matthews

He is one gifted player who played more games while with the Titans. He was one of the greatest linemen of all time for the Titans, who played with an iron fist, playing every single position on the line. Due to his longevity and consistency,he qualifies to be one of the greatest in the franchise.

1. Marcus Mariota, QB


All his time with the Titans, Marcus has proven to be a reliable quarterback for the team. He qualifies to be one of the best quarterbacks of all times for the Titans.

The top 10 best Titans of all times list above is what has contributed to the team’s performance and growth.