Top 10 Best Sports Bra Brands In The World 2017

The sports bra is one of the integral and most important companion for a female. It is one of the most important things that helps her to keep trying and continue during those bad and stressful days. That is why we want the best bra wear. It is the only one that keeps motivating us and supports us to keep going and bring out the best in us. There are a variety of companies releasing a number of bras in different colors and sizes. This can be a little confusing and overwhelming for a beginner and this why we have this article for you.

This article is a countdown that includes a list of all extreme sports or fitness bras and will help you to find and buy the best sports bra brands in the world.

10. Lucy Bra

In this bra, exercising is not a problem anymore. The material used to make this bra is adurable and highly powerful fabric which makes it easy for you to stretch, move and breathe during high intense workouts. The bra comes with a wide band, that provides extra security and comfort as far as fit is concerned and has a high neck band too. With this bra on, you can never go wrong anymore.

9. Nike


This product is a classic one released by one of the best sports brands in the world. With this bra on, sweating and stretching won’t be a problem anymore. The material with which it was constructed can quickly absorb all the sweat and leave you dry and high while working out. The bra comes in both charcoal black and baby pink in color. The company has also started releasing them in white and yellow color recently.

8. Women’s yoga bra

This bra is made with one of the most comfortable and smooth material in the world which is none other than polyamide. With this bra, you can do all your yoga poses and moves efficiently without a problem. The bra is available in almost all the size options which range from extra small to extra-large. The product is also easy to wash and require very much less effort to maintain. The bra is one of the most durable and comfy ones when you are doing high-intensity exercises and yoga poses.

7. Hero bra

This is one of the best workout bra out there which also has a high impact and high-performance factor in it. The dry technology that the brand uses and the nylon material with which it is made from makes sure that you remain dry and comfy during your exercise routine. The bra is highly recommended and one of the widely used brands and deserves to be in this countdown of top bra brands for the year 2017.

6. Super Nova X impact

This bra has the letter ‘x’ in it because it comes with an ‘x’ design at the back and also has a molded inserts in it. This bra has a very low scoop neck which enables the users to wear it with any top and can be hidden underneath without projecting out. This is released by Adidas brand and is one of the best-selling and highly durable bra in the world.

5. Jockey performance

This product is highly customizable so that the user can make the product the way they want it to be. They come with removable cups and is one of the apt bras for doing high-intensity activities such as playing basketball, football, running and similar ones. This is one of the best selling and is highly deserving to be with some of the top brands in this countdown.

4. Champion

This is one of the musts buy and must try for highly active women. Because this is the type of bras they deserve. The product is made from polyester and spandex which makes the bra extra stretchy and flexible and also gives a nice extra comfort to them. The bra also uses advanced technology and design techniques to absorb and repel all the moisture and water contents of the body, keeping you dry and cool for a very long time.

3. Reebok


This is one of the sports giants that manufacture one of the finest women’s sports bra. Adjustable straps and racerback allow users for ultimate mobility and movement. The bra also focuses highly on design, looks and comfort of the users and that is why this is one among the top brands in this countdown.

2. Wicking bra

This bra model is produced by the jockey and comes with straps and cups for enhanced mobility and comfort. This is also one of the few bras out there that retains its shape even after a machine wash. With Velcro feature attached to its strap, this is one of the easiest and must buy for fitness freaks out there.

1. Dri-Fit 548545

This is one is produced by Nike and is one of the best selling sports bras in the year 2016 and we have no doubt that this will continue in its current position next year also. This bra helps you to keep the focus during high-intensity workouts and to keep your cool. The brand also releases this model in all sizes and shapes which are another reason for its immense success. So if you want a durable and reliable sports bra, then this is the one to go.

So this was the countdown that involved 10 best sports bra brand in the world for the year 2017.