Top 10 Best Shooting Ranges in U.S.A 2017-18

People of America do gain an interesting hobbies at the course of life and one such hobby is shooting. Shooting became very much popular among people when the shooting ranges was open for the public and it became one of the best pass times in America.

People do get attracted to shooting ranges that provide more shooting facilities and hospitality. According to this basis, here comes the top 10 shooting ranges in U.S.A.

10) Great Gun Sporting

Great Gun Sporting

This massive shooting range located in Colorado has two skeet fields and five trap fields. This range also has a wonderful boasting rifle and pistol ranges. This amazing outdoor shooting range costs $15. This great game can be explored to be the finest of all in this spectacular place where rifle shooting takes another name. This shooting range is of course considered as one of America’s favourite shooting range.

9) Elm fork Shooting Range

Elm fork Shooting Range

This spectacular indoor and outdoor shooting range is a massive and wide shooting range. Located in beautiful Texas it contains skeet, rifle and reaction pistol ranges. Spread over an area of 5,500 sq. ft. it also includes large conference room, pro shop and a cute playground for youngsters. This costs about $ 15- 20 for a day. This amazing range is considered to be the fun and adventurous venue to go to in America.

8) Tucson Trap & Skeet club

Tucson Trap & Skeet club

This beautiful range located in Arizona is the ideal location for adventurous shooting. This outdoor range contains 14 amazing skeet field, 25 trap field and two sporting clay field. One of the largest shooting ranges in America, it contains a beautiful and splendid 5,000 sq. ft. club house and the range cost only $5 per day. The club house does make a real destination for fun containing a bar and grill.

7) Autrey’sArmory

Autrey's Armory

This huge 25 yard shooting range is located in the pleasant lands of Georgia. Being an indoor shooting range it contains 12 cooled and heated lanes equipped for rifle shooting. This just cost about $12 per day. Equipped with onsite gunsmith, this is the great to learn more about shooting and fire arms making it one of America’s best shooting ranges.

6) Sage Hill Clay Sports

Sage Hill Clay Sports

This fresh and robust outdoor shooting range is located in Nevada which makes it a good place to visit to. This is considered to be a family location that is equipped with 30 trap fields, seven skeet fields, one five stand field and 25 sporting clays stations. This interesting shooting range also contains a pretty 7,500 sq. ft. club house. This shooting range just cost $ 7.5 for a day. This range does have the finest trap facilities and stations that make it all time attraction for Americans.

5) Top Gun Shooting Sports

Top Gun Shooting Sports

 This massively large shooting range is one of the best shooting ranges in America located in Missouri. This indoor range does contain 18 lanes, making it the largest indoor shooting range in the Midwest of America. This costs up to $17 per day only. This attracts people primarily because it maintains a clean environment with an excellent ventilation system that removes smoke and odour making the range safe, healthy and comfortable.

4) Bird’s Landing Hunting Preserve

Bird’s Landing Hunting Preserve

 This world class shooting range does make through the list of the top 10 shooting ranges in America. Located in California this epic high class outdoor shooting range does have a full service hunting preserve and sporting clays course. This just costs about $ 8 per day. It contains a great pro shop that has all the facilities a shooter would want to have which makes this shooting range the best.

3) Inrange


This great shooting range located in Minnesota is a wide and spectacular indoor shooting range. The speciality about this shooting range is it has adjustable target distances up to 70 feet that allows the shooter to shoot from a preferred distance. This range costs up to $16 per day. This range is equipped with knowledgeable workers who help the shooters at times of difficulties and guide in a proper and friendly manner that makes this place a great fun place.

2) Daimondback shooters

Diamondback shooters

This state-of art range situated in Idaho is one of America’s favourite shooting range in America. This contains both indoor and outdoor shooting range with a price of $ 20 per day. This large shooting range consist of four shooting lanes equipped with automated retrieval system. The major speciality of this place is that all persons below the age of 18 years can use the shooting facility under accompaniment of parent or guardian and thereby is considered as the great place for not only adults but youngsters also to enjoy the shooting facility.

1) Waterloo Rifle and Pistol club

Waterloo Rifle and Pistol club

This famous shooting range is located in New York containing both indoor and outdoor shooting range facility. This facility is equipped with steel silhouette targets available in four animal shape: chicken, pig, turkey and ram making the place even more interesting for people to visit. The cost of this place is $ 4 and under per day for practising.