Top 10 Best Shoe Polishes Brands In The World 2017

It is said that the identity of a gentleman can be understood from the shine of the shoe. Well, that is the importance of the shoe polish in the modern days. Even though the trend of the shoe polish started during the World War I but it entered the mainstream soon after the war and was accepted by people. In the modern world, the shoe polish is not only style statement but also a necessity. The shine of the shoe makes the appearance better and obviously smarter. There are many famous shoe polish companies that make their brands and here are the top 10 best shoe polish brands in 2017 in the world.

10. Tarrago Shoe Cream

This is one of the brands that have given shoe polish a new dimension and direction. The shoe polish which is more adequately called as the shoe cream gives the soft glow to the leather. Unlike the others where the bright sheen becomes attractive, the Tarrago ensures that leather looks decent and soft. However, at the same time, it takes care of the leather, the skin and makes your shoe stand out as well. This is Spanish Company and is specialized in leather and footwear industries.

9. Shinola Detroit

Shinola is producing the shoe polish since the 1900s. During the World War 1, it came into prominence when soldiers used to use the blacking or shoe polish. However, since 1907, this company has gained popularity for the excellent shine and the waterproofing quality. It shines the leather and at the same time, it takes care of it as well. It is US based brand and it was named as Shinola Shoe Polish Company.

8. Collonil 1909 Supreme Cream De Luxe Shoe Polish

Collonil has been producing high quality shoe polish since 1909 and interestingly they have not really changed their ingredients and formula for over 100 years. The classic shoe polish is known for excellent shine and leather friendly ingredient. One of the best shoe polishes in the world, Collonil has maintained its class and quality for over centuries. It is a UK based brand.

7. Angelus Perfect Stain Shoe Wax Polish

Angelus started off in 1907 and since then it has been one of the best shoe polishes in the world. This shoe polish has the reputation of taking care of the leather of the shoe. However, at the same time, it is known for the immense shining capability and long lasting effect. It is very effective for the old shoes and it can bring back the shine of it within seconds.

6. Allen Edmonds Carnauba Shoe Polish

One of the most stylish and classic shoe polishes, the Allen Edmonds is known for the unbeatable formula to shine the shoe. It comes in different colors, so basically it can fit your shoe into any cloth you wear. It has a quality ingredient that keeps your leather healthy and at the same makes you look classy. It is a US based company.

5. SaphirMadailleD’or 1925 Pate De Luxe Wax Shoe Polish

This is more of a wax but it is a shoe polish and is known for its excellent mixture. It is the mixture of 7 different waxes and has no added petroleum in it. The best part of the shoe polish is that it has an aura and is very leather friendly. So, it does not only give you shining shoe thanks to the pine turpentine but also a classic aura. It is a French company.

4. Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish

It does not matter what you wear, the Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish can help you to shine. It can be your shoe or your loafers; the wax formula of the Lincoln helps you to glow in the crowd. It brightens the shoe and detracts the dust from it. One of the best and most popular shoe polish Lincoln can even shine your damaged shoe.

3. Meltonian Shoe Polish

This is often called the Gentleman’s Shoe Polish for the unparalleled shine and glow. It can remove the dust, repair the damage and can shine any kind of leather or shoe. The shoe polish can actually soften your shoe and leather and give it a classic glow. It has over 30 colors and can go with everything you want to wear.

2. Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish

This is another popular brand for shoe polish and is aggressively capturing markets from others. It started off in the 1900s and since then it has ensured high quality shoe polishing with perfect shoe care. However, the affordable price of the shoe polish has established it in the market with the second highest consumption in the world.#

1. Kiwi Shoe Polish Paste

This is the most popular shoe polish in the world. It gives you everything but may not be the best in class. However, the moderate quality and affordable price make it the best choice for the people. A recent survey showed that almost 80 percent of the world population uses the Kiwi Shoe Polish and there are enough reasons for the high popularity of it. It is an Australian company and was launched in 1906.

The shoe polishes are known for high market popularity, superior quality and the reputation. The majorities of the shoe polish companies are old enough and has a strong legacy and history associated. The products of these companies are equally captivating and leather friendly as well.