Top 10 Best Selling Shampoo Brands In The World 2017

Different brands of shampoos across the world are faming and becoming popular day by day, these shampoos help to better care for the hair as everyday soaps are harsh for the care of hair and they need special care of nutrients and fruit vitamins. In order to advance the art of hair care, different range of shampoos are available in the market as some of the fluid solutions are based on combating well with dandruff, one of the most adverse hair problem that results hair fall. Other available chain shampoos for different care includes scalp nourishing for dry scalps that also leads hair fall, special shampoos are also available for split hairs.

You feel confusion over using different available brands and obviously, there will be doubt always what will be the perfect choice for hair, Don’t bother over the situation as we have combined the best available shampoos brand available currently. On the part with rankings, the top available choices in the list are based on their popularity amongst users and also a different range of nutrients they carry that are beneficial for hair and highly recommended by the hair experts around the world.

The different brands and types of shampoos will allow you to choose your type of hair and highlight the best available care option for the shampoo.

10. T/Gel Dandruff Shampoo

T/Gel Dandruff Shampoo

The Shampoo comes under the section of medicated shampoo as the Neutrogena formed shampoo is highly appreciated and carries a positive name to fight better against dandruff hence named as one of the best anti-dandruff shampoos. The shampoo helps to fight against the dry dandruff flakes formed at the scalp and helps to fight against its reoccurring. Some of the essential ingredients are cool tar, Salicylic acid, and Zinc Pyrithione.

9. KERASTASE Shampoo

Kerastase Shampoo

One of the highly priced shampoos in the list, Kerastase Shampoo from L’Oreal was launched far back in 1964 and carries the name as one of the vintage hair solution available. The gradual effective quality marks the shampoo to be the hit on a global level as it helps to repair hair and scalp against both dry and oily scalps. Some of the top rated ingredients are glycerin disodium cocoa mph diacetate and sodium chloride.

8. Selsun Blue Shampoo

Selsun Blue Shampoo

Selsun Blue Shampoo was previously owned by Abbott Laboratories, the shampoo has been called as the best available option for anti-dandruff shampoo. The essential ingredient of Selsun Blue Shampoo includes care of aloe and selenium sulfide that helps better to fight against dandruff and helps to make the scalp healthier and disease free. The shampoo carries the tag of medicated range of products that is highly recommended by doctors around the world.



Another Neutrogena shampoo in the range for a different purpose as the anti-residue shampoo mainly aims towards fighting and removing foreign residue in our hairs that blocks the nutrition to be carried towards the scalps and helps to regain strength against gels, conditioner, sprays. Some of the important ingredients in the shampoo include almond seed oil, meadow seed oil and olive oils.

6. Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences

The brand is owned by Carol one of the notable brands in the division of Protector and Gamble. There are several ranges of variants available to choose for different kind of needs as the shampoo is a savior in needs increasing volume, strengthening and smoothening hair. Some of the notable ingredients of the shampoo include sodium chloride, citric acid, and antistatic agents.

5. Garnier

garnier shampoo

One of the oldest trusted and expensive brand in the chain of shampoo has formed notable name in the range of hair care. Garnier leads the global market with its presence in China, Japan, and India. The main ingredients for the Garnier product include Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid, Hexylene Glycol and Sodium Hydroxide.

4. Suave

suave shampoo

Suave is the brand that comes to the service of the most trustable healthcare brand call as the Unilever. One of the main aims of this shampoo is to repair the damaged hair for perfect strengthen and moisturizer. Some of the ingredients that help to gain perfect care for hair includes almonds and shea butter that help to form powerful impact for hair.

3. Pantene

pantene shampoo

Pantene is one of the most famous brands in the world with its global reach over almost every part of the world, hair experts and stylist recommend the shampoo for use against hair damage with positive remarks. Pantene was owned earlier by La Roche and was resell later to the Procter and Gamble in the year 1985. One of the main aim and tasks of the shampoo is to repair hair follicles and nourish the scalps with protein.

2. Sunsilk


Sunsilk was introduced in the United Kingdom first in the year 1954 and till date the different range of shampoos for different hair problems tops the list of hair experts with affordable price ranging. The different ranges of shampoos available under the name offer better care for different types of care hair smoothness and care. Some of the important ingredients of the shampoo are seed oil, ginseng root extract, sodium hydroxide, and sodium chloride.

1. Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders

The top available choice as the shampoo Head and Shoulders are owned by Procter and Gamble, the brand was available in the market since 1961 and carries positive name to offer silkier hair and dandruff free hair. Main ingredients for the shampoo are available as zinc pyrithione and zinc carbonate for anti-dandruff property and other moisturizing agents for smooth hair.