Top 10 Best Seattle Seahawks of All Time

The Seattle Seahawk is one of the best team in the NFL chat and they boast of having some of the greatest players. They are the players who defined the game at the Seahawks club and made fans be entertained. In recent times, they have emerged as the regular Super Bowl contenders. In 2005, 2013 and 2015, they made the great trips to close out the seasons. During the Super Bowl XLVII, they won 43 -8 over the Denver Broncos. The franchise of Seattle hawk is currently being associated with swarming defense, efficient quarterback play. All this is due to the big stars in the teams who struggled and were dedicated to making sure that the team earns a place in the NFL timetable and in the hearts of its fans.

Here are the top 10 best Seattle Seahawks of all times:

10. Dave Krieg

Dave Krieg

From nowhere, Dave joined the Seahawks from the Milton College to make a mark on the team. After signing up, he became the third greatest QB in the Franchise history. He threw 199 touchdowns and amassed 38,147 passing yards for the team. He was with the Seahawks in the 1980s and 1990s. He became a full-time starter for the team in 1984, thereby leading the Seahawks to a second straight playoff berth and a 12-4 record win.

9. Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch

He was traded from Buffalo Bills in 2010, and for real, it was a good deal. He became the four-time Pro Bowler since his rush for 75 touchdowns and 6,745 yards. He also created earthquakes in the playoffs and became the best man in the Seahawk franchise.

8. Joe Nash

He was with the Seahawk for 15 seasons in which he was always lined up at defensive tackle and nose tackle. He got named for one first team All-Pro teams and one Pro Bowl, all which he earned in 1984. He played 218 games for Seattle Seahawks which is the most games any player has played for any one franchise.

7. Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas

Earl Thomas has exhibited the highest closing speed that any one player can display since he was taken over by Seattle Seahawk in the 2010 draft. He first of all had to settle down and study, the team well before he picked up and became a star on the team. He is one player who has upped the mental part of his game. On top of that, he is a three-time first teams all Pro winner yet he is a defensive player.

6. Jacob Green

Jacob Green

In 1980, Jacob Green was drafted for the Seattle Seahawk to play the defensive end. He is an all defensive pass rusher who finished his career with 95.5 sacks which are the most accumulated by the Seattle Seahawk Franchise. He was with the team between 1983 and 1986, a time where he recorded at least 12 sacks each season.

5. Cortez Kennedy

Cortez Kennedy

He is one of the best players to have been drafted by Seattle Seahawk. He has some titles to his sleeve. He was drafted in Canton in 2012. For 11 years, he played with the Seahawks with his most dominant period being 1992 when he scored 14 sacks and was the winner of the NFL Defensive Player of the year.

4. Kenny Easley

Kenny Easley

He only played for seven years in which he established himself as one of the best NFL players, He was drafted 4th overall in 1981. He intercepted ten passes in 1984 two of which he returned for touchdowns, making him be named the NFL player of the year 1984. He was forced to retire after a serious health problem with his kidney.

3. Steve Hutchinson

 Steve Hutchinson

While at Michigan College, he was drafted by Seattle Seahawk in the first round of 2001 blossoming to become one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. He teamed up with Walter Jones on  the left to form the best guard and the tackle back combination in the league. Minnesota drafted him in the 2006 season in a contractual dispute.

2. Steve Largent

Steve Largent

Straight from college, he was drafted by the Oilers, who later traded him to Seattle Hawk. Steve proved to be one of the best Seattle Seahawk receivers as he caught 819 passes in his career which included 100 receiving touchdowns. During his time with the NFL, he racked up 13,089 receiving yards and retired in 1989. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995.

1. Walter Jones

Walter Jones

Walter is the number Seattle Seahawk of all times. He is in the Hall of Fame after playing 12 seasons at left tackle. He was named to four first-time All-Pro squads and nine Pro Bowls; he anchored one of the league’s best offensive lines. It was during Walter Jones time that the Seahawk registered the best success in the franchise history where they earned five straight seasons between 2003 and 2007 which included a Super Bowl appearance to Cap the 2005 season.

Seattle Seahawk is a team which is full of legends, legends who made them be a renowned franchise in the history of the NFL games.