Top 10 Best San Diego Chargers of All Time

The Chargers were officially founded by Hilton Hotel heir Barron Hilton in 1960. Since its inception, the Chargers have seen both wins and losses in equal measures. During their plays, their players who made them shine in the field due to their hard work and dedication to the franchise cause. They have some of the best players of all times in the NFL history. Even though they haven’t been able to break through and win a Super Bowl, the San Diego Chargers have some of the top cream players, especially in the offensive, defensive and even in the linebacker. A player like Junior Seau was one of the best linebackers ever in the franchise history.

Here are some of the top 10 best San Diego Chargers of all times

10. Leslie O’Neal, DE-LB

He joined the Chargers in 1986 and left in 1995. During the four years, he was with the franchise, Leslie was consistent in savagery and production, which made himbe one of the best players of all times. He had 12.5 sacks during his rookie season, 82 tackles, two interceptions, and three forced fumbles. In 1986, he got the Defensive Rookie of the Year honors. He was a three-time first team All-Conference and six times to the Pro Bowl.

9. Philip Rivers, QB

Philip joined the Chargers in 2004 and to date, he is still with the franchise. He has led the San Diego Chargers to the final five times,  has been a five-time Pro Bowler. He is one of the best quarterbacks of the Charges who had 4,710 passing yards in 2010, 34 passing touchdowns in 2008, and 105.5 passer rating in 2008.

8. Charlie Joiner, WR

In 1976, Charlie Joiner joined the Chargers and stayed with them for 11 years. He left in 1986 after serving as  a great receiver with the franchise. In total, he caught 586 passes for 9,203 yards and 47 touchdowns. He proved to be one of the Chargers great.

7. Ron Mix, OT

Ron Mix joined the team in 1960 and stayed there for 10 years. He left in 1969 after having set a record as one of the best players of all times in the franchise. He was the standard offensive tackles who ended up playing nearly every game for the Chargers during the time he was with the team. Due to his greatness, he earned  a place in the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame as well as a Pro Football Hall of Fame.  He had a longevity and dominance which just made him stand off the crowd.

6. Antonio Gates, TE

Antonio was the most physically dominating tight ends, most talented and one of the biggest of all times. He is still with the Chargers since he joined in 2003 and he has proved to be a reliable tight end. He has caught 806 passes for 10, 201 yards and 101 touchdowns. He was able to catch over 800 yards, seven times, which is a plus for a tight end.

5. Kellen Winslow, TE

In 1979, Kellen Winslow joined the Chargers as a tight end and stayed on for nine years. He left the franchise in 1987 after amassing 89 catches for 1,290 yards. By the time he was retiring, he had 541 total catches for 6, 741 receiving yards.

4. Dan Fouts, QB

He joined the Chargers in 1973 and stayed on until 1987 when he left after being with the team for 15 years. He is a six-time Pro Bowler, third quarterback to go above 40,000 passing yards, and offensive player of the year.

3. Lance Alworth, WR

He joined the San Diego Chargers in 1962 when the franchise was in the AFL. He left in 1970 after playing with the team as a wide receiver. He is one of the players who made the team’s fan base to grow. Between  1963 – 1969, he averaged 1,250 yards and 10.5 touchdowns on 64 receptions. In 95 games, Lance Alworth was able to gather 8,750 receiving yards and 74 touchdowns. He was indeed a great wide receiver of all times in the NFL history.

2. Junior Seau, LB

The 13 years he was with the Chargers, Junior Seau was very productive throughout his stay. He joined the Chargers in 1990 and left in 2002. In 1995, he had one of the best seasons where he had a total of 130 tackles, two interceptions, two sacks, three fumbles recovered, and one forced afumble.  He was voted to 12 straight Pro Bowls, named All-Pro six times and was listed in the  Hall of Fame.

1. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB

LaDainian joined the Chargers in 2001 and left in 2009 after playing as a great right back. In 2003 alone, he managed to rush for 1 645 yards and 100 receptions. During the nine seasons, he rushed 12,490 yards and 138 touchdowns. In the air 3,955, passing yards were collected.

The above are the top cream of the San Diego Chargers who have made the team to be what it is at present.