Top 10 Best Red Wine Brands In The World 2017

Red Wine is one of the most preferred drinks in the world. This is one of the most distilled drinks in the world that are served with immense care. There are plenty of lovers for the Red Wine and everyone has got their own taste and reasons to choose a particular brand. The different brands have different things to offer and thus, many brands enjoy high sale and popularity throughout the world. Even though there are many brands for the Red Wine but few are considered best among the best. Here are the top 10 best Red Wine brands in the world.

10. Chianti

This is one of the most favored Red Wine brands in the world. Originated from Italy, this brand has lovers all around the world. There is a special wine grape variety, Sangiovese used for the brand that is rarely used in other brands. Sanguis Jovis is a Latin Word and that means the blood of the Jove, and the name has been adopted from the same. The ancient variant of the Tuscany in Italy is used in this brand and the red wine is famous since many centuries. The price range starts from $30 USD for this brand. This Italian based brand is known for the charm of it.

9. Valserrano

This is a famous brand of the Red Wine from Spain. The special thing about the Rioja is that the grapes that are used in this red wine are grown in the area of the La Rioja, an island specifically. The taste of the red wine is absolutely majestic. The mentions of the Rioja Wine are even found in the 12th century and the class of the wine is still the same. The price range of the Red Wine is around $15.

8. Saladini Pilastri

This is one of the most delicious Red wines available in the world and is best for the supper. The Italian brand of Red Wine can make you feel extremely loved with its deep taste. The Red Wine is the blend of the Montepulciano and Sangiovese red wine grapes and is popular in the world for its uniqueness. The range of this Red Wine starts from around $15.

7. Carson Ridge

This is an American brand and has a different take altogether towards the Red Wine. It is one of the best brands that have a deep and charming taste. The red wine is mainly made of the barriers and the Oak and the combination can be extremely soothing and healthy as well.

6. Line Shack

This is an American brand and is based in California. It is one of the most famous brands for Red Wine and has a distinct taste. The brand produces many kinds and varieties of Red Wines with blend and mixtures of grapes. The best part of the Line Shack is that it is affordable and at the same time it is royal and tasty. The Line Shack brand is available for $15 USD.

5. Wildhaven

This is a Washington based brand for Red Wine and has earned the reputation of quality blend and mixture in the Red Wine. The grapes used in the brand are extremely delicious and has its own distinct taste. The brand has ensured highest quality standard in the world and is heavily sold. The Red Wine from Wildhaven is available for $20 USD.

4. Château Féret-Lambert

This is a French brand and is known for its royal taste for Red Wine. This is one of the most popular and famous brands in the world for Red Wine. The impeccable blend and mixture of the brand for Red Wine have made many fans in all over the world. The Red Wine can be availed at $20 USD and it is one of the most sold Red Wine brands in the world as well.

3. Sextant

It is a California based Red wine brand and is known for the unique taste. This brand is known for the blend of the vegetable taste in the Red Wine along with the Fruit blend. The Cabernet product is one of the most famous under this brand and is hugely popular in the world. It is known for the reasonable price and extremely delicious taste. It is available for $25 USD.

2. Domaine Loubejac

This is also an American based Red Wine that has won hearts of many in the world. This is one of the wines that have world class taste and equally fascinating and delicious fruity charm. The Oregon based brand can be perfect for the dinner with an incredible aura of Red Wine. The brand is available for the price of $30 USD.

1. Montoya

This is an American brand and produces Red Wine from the famous Nappa Valley. One of the most delicious and unique Red Wine brands, Montoya is known for the taste of fruit that is unmatched in the world. It is very popular in the world and has incredible sales throughout the globe. The Red Wine brand is prestigious and is one of the most sold in America. The California based Red Wine Brand can be availed at around $35 USD.

These are few of the most valued and popular brands in the world for Red Wine. These are esteemed brands and are often considered as the best in the world for the taste and the quality. Smallest of the amount of these brands cost big amount in the world.