Top 10 Best Police Dog Breeds – Best Guard Dogs in the World

Dog has always been the best friend of humans for centuries due to which they are most loyal companions that top both animal species and humans. I bet you won’t find any other pet like a rabbit or lizard which is loyal. In fact, most of them are not loyal at all. You definitely cannot cuddle with other animals as you would with these fluffy hounds. Dogs are also used by police and there are a few breeds too that are friendly for police. There are dog breeds that are trained in the Police Force from birth, and bred them in instruments to assign them in several tasks and duties.

There are around more than 100 breeds and species of dogs. Here are 10 best dog breeds which are born to join the force.

10. Bloodhound


This dog has long hung ears. It looks unique also due to long face. Despite being a teddy cuddly, peaceful dog, this breed is very powerful and it has a masculine side.  This dog breed stands straight and firm to the command of instructor or trainer as the Police Setting needs discipline in all means from the officers and whatever they do. The breed blends with whole coaching demeanor. It is yet another hunting dog which can hunt bigger objects than birds, such as wild bores and deer.

9. German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

As the name implies, it is a very short dog breed. They are grown widely as they are commonly bred and found. They are one of the best guard dog breeds. They look rather frail and spotty since 1800s. It is among the friendly and most active dog breeds in the world. For some strange reasons, it hails from Spanish descendant. It ranks 9 in this list as it is likely to die quickly as it commonly suffers from gastric torsion.

8. Boxer


Stands true to its name and appearance, Boxer is indeed a fighter dog and is one of the best guard dog breeds. There are basically two types of dogs on Police Force – The Deutscher Boxer and Schutzhund Boxer. Both of the breeds are equal in their personalities in some weird way. They are supposed to be more Gymnastics and Martial Arts kinds of hounds because of their ability to roll up in the jump of high raised bars of any heights to reach. They are highly flexible breeds in their worth.

7. Dutch German shepherd

Dutch German shepherd

It can be considered as a name brand kind of German shepherd and the Duchies are famous for their “Prim and Proper” character and the reputation of Dutch German Shepherd speaks for itself. For years, these dogs have been trained and adopted by the police for several reasons and they are highly appreciated as an asset for the Holland Police who made a traditional home for these doggies. It is among the best guard dog breeds with the expected life of around 13 to 15 years, if maintained and nurtured properly with regular medical checkups. The Clever Polish Force also have this breed on their force as they don’t have to replace dogs year after year as they can last longer than a decade.

6. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Here is another furry friend which is supposed to be among the cutest creatures for females in the world. When it comes to Labrador retriever, it is yet another breed on its own. Generally speaking, it is a very common Labrador breed for a household. It can serve you as a very friendly puppy and a super cute dog which always shakes hands to greet you and with a frequent wag of his tail and licks with love. They have always been a beautiful gift for girls. It is also among the best guard dog breeds for police force. For Police, Labrador Retrievers are bred for absolutely different reasons and to detect bombs, drugs and other major reasons.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

You cannot teach new tricks to an old dog.  But Doberman is among the new kids on this block along with other breeds. It is not a giant but not a smaller breed either. This way, it is one of the most popular and common breeds in the US alone. It is widely used by the K9 Family units in police force. It is a sleek and slim dog which is lighter in weight but faster in speed. It is ranked one of the best police dog breeds in the world. It is the best dog to hunt down, chase and fetch the criminals.

4. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

The bigger always wins and this giant dog surely gives competition to other dog breeds which are smaller in line of sight and it would definitely scare the criminals away. Nobody scares of a small cute dog as a Giant Shnautzer does in that case. As the name suggests, Giant really grabs the eyes of authority and respect in its stature and stance.

3. Rottweiler


Every dog breed has its own Alpha Male in their pack. Rottweiler is remarkably known for being most fierce dog breed in aggressiveness and temperament in their guiless, actions and they can rise from the ground where you can stand on. Though it is not the biggest dog in the world, it is definitely the warrior, brave dog and is ranked among the ideal police dog breeds. If size mattered, even the elephant is most likely to be the king of the jungle. Its bite can easily snap anyone’s finger out with just a grab and pull motion. So, it is very deadly and vicious dog to deal with someone would be scared before provoking it with disrespect.

2. Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren

It is not an average dog breed. Just the name is enough to scare the criminals off “Terror” and it is actually terrifying as its looks. This scary hound scares everyone away with its looks. However, it is not as threatening as it looks. It is a meat ripping, cheeky dog in looks. So, its look is enough to trick anyone’s mind that it is a wild and ruthless animal. They are actually hairy animals and they almost resemble the looks of wolves.

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

It is the Boss in its personality. Dogs have personalities like in humans. They can interact with us like our friends and families. Though they cannot speak, their unconditional love speaks for itself.  This breed has a wit of restraint and intelligence. Its stern approach and personality can derive anyone from its German masters. They are among the best police dogs for variety of reasons. But their great attacking ability is the main reason.