Top 10 Best Pickup Trucks In The World 2017

Pickup Trucks were invented in America and since its inception, it has been the vehicle which gets things done around. It is one of the vehicles which consumes a lot of fuel and this at times tends to dampen the spirit of prospective buyers. This has made manufacturers come up with pickup trucks, which have fuel efficient engines. Nowadays, there are several pickup trucks, which are comfortable to drive equipped with car-like features like interiors, comfortable and require acar like handling. Today’s pickup trucks will provide you with all the amenities which used to be found only in cars like; interior made of leather, premium stereos, and Bluetooth. When talking about trucks, utility always comes into mind and that is why they are available in different styles  and a number of payload combinations.

Here is our list of the top 10 best pickup trucks in the world

10. Chevrolet Colorado

It was released in 2015 and comes with some great features. It has a diesel  power which makes it one of the mid-size truck, which has a diesel engine. Other features which make it be one of the best pickup trucks in the world include; 22 city mpg, 25 mpg, and 31 highway mpg.  It is one of the smallest, with more maneuverable dimensions  that makes it to provide more than its anticipated capacity. It has a good interior and more refinement all over, making it an improvement to the previous Chevrolet.

9. Toyota Tacoma 2016

Though it doesn’t look much different from the older version due to the fact that it retains  most of its original features with a few modifications and is improved which makes it a great choice for those who are shopping for the best pickup trucks in the world. The new Toyota Tacoma is no longer the larger Tundra conventional formula, it has adopted the off-roading heritage with raised suspension standards of their models. This new model has a more powerful 3.5 liter V6 as compared to the old model of 2.7 liters four cylinders. Its interior design and feature contents have also been modified with numerous enhancement.

8. Ram 1500

It is the best among the many Ram brands that has great features. It has a quiet cabin, class-leading ride quality, making it one of the best pickup trucks which you can comfortably drive all day while maintaining the capability and versatility you expect from a truck.

7. Ford F-150

It is one of the best sellers in the pickup truck world which features a 6 cylinder engine, with two being turbocharged to produce V8 levels of powers. It has been redesigned to make it more comfortable and maneuverable than the former one. It is full of technology which will definitely keep you safe, entertained and park easily. Its body is now made of aluminum, thus reducing its weight and also eliminates the threat of rusting.

6. Chevrolet Silverado

It has a nice lineup of powerful and fuel-efficient engines with a nice interior too, making it one of the  best pickup trucks in the world today. It is a strong pickup in its class which is easy to operate.

5. GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra has a more comfortable and quiet cabin with an engine which is efficient on fuel, thus making it one of the best choices for pickup trucks. It has a variety of boxes, cab,and drive configurations which are making it be among the best pickup trucks in the world today. It is available in flashy Denali trim which gives it a unique styling that makes it stand out from the rest. The cabin is more luxurious and it comes with a standard 6.2 liter V8.

4. Ram 3500/2500

It is the heavy duty pickup truck from Ram which has been made to be better as compared to the competition in the market. The Ram 3500 and Ram 2500 the best interior for pickup trucks on the market currently and it also boasts of refined driving characteristics. For engines, you have a choice between a 6 head, which produces more power and V8s and turbo-diesel.

3. HD 2500/ 3500 Chevrolet Silverado

They are models which are an upgrade of the 1500 model of 2014. The improvements include a larger, easy to use thetouchscreen and it comes equipped with great sound insulation which are  higher quality. When it comes to capacity, you have an option of choosing between a V8 powered diesel engine and a gas engine, with the V8 having a 765 lb ft of torque. He 2500 HD  is well equipped to tow up to 18,000 pounds with the 3500 HD is able to tow up to 23,000 pounds.

2. Ford F 250, 350 & 450

The cabins of these Fords are quiet and they boast of a massive capacity. It has a vast spectrum of equipment levels and body styles with two unique engine to choose from: a 6.7-literturbo-diesel V8 and 6.2-liter gasoline V8.

1. 2500 / 3500 GMC Sierra

The list of the best pickup trucks can never be complete without the mention of GMC Sierra 2500/3500 It has a new styling, an improved interior material and up to date infotainment functionality.

Get the best for yourself from the above list of the top 10 best pickup trucks in the world.The choice lies in your hands and the budget you have.