Top 10 Best Philadelphia Eagles of All Time

The Franchise of Philadelphia Eagles has been blessed with some of the greatest footballers of all times. What makes a player to become a player of all times? Talent is just one small portion of what makes one great; the impact we have on the team is what makes our team and our city become famous. Though the Eagles have not won Super Bowl, they still have three NFL titles, have 23 playoff appearances and have a large impact on the Philadelphia. They have exemplified the values of their hometown like no other team in sports and they have over time, come to be identified with swarming defense, mobile quarterbacks, and mental toughness.

Here are the 10 best Philadelphia Eagles of all times

10. Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb

This great quarterback was in Philadelphia between 1999-2009 within which time, he led the team to a super bowl berth. He appeared in six pro bowls and in 2004, he was named the NFC offensive player and  NFC player of the year. He rushed for 3,459 yards, passed for 37,276 yards, and his touchdown to interception ratio was at 234:117.

9. Norm Van Brocklin

Between the year 1958 – 1960, Norm had great achievements at the Eagles team. He was a quarterback who earned himself a two time NFL All-Pro first team. Apart from that, he has won several awards during is active years. He helped them reach their 1960 NFL championship. While at the Eagles, he had 173 touch downs, passed for 23,611 yards and had 178 interceptions.

8. Le Sean McCoy

Le Sean McCoy

This great players played for the Eagles between the years 2009 – 2014 a period which he earned the 2011 NFL rushing touchdown leader title, four time pro bowler, and two time All-Pro first team selection. He is the Eagle’s all time rushing leader with 44 touchdowns  and 6,792 yards. He was with Eagle for 5 years before he moved to Buffalo Bills.

7. Brian Westbrook

He was one of the best rushing player of Eagles who was with the team between 2002 – 2009 during which time he was two time All-Pro first team selection, and two time pro bowler. He earned himself 37 touchdowns ,  and rushing 5,995 yards.

6. Mike Quick

Mike Quick

He was one of the best wide receiver of the Eagles between 1982 to 1990 in which period he earned himself third all time in yards, three time all pro; single season record for yards in a season – a record 1419; 99 yard touchdown catch; five pro bowls; and third all time TD s. He is the best of all time in Eagle’s history as a wide receiver.

5. Harold Carmichael

Harold Carmichael

He is one of the wide receiver who made the Eagle be known between the years 1971 – 1983. His accomplishments include three time all pro; all time leader in yards – with 8,978 yards; 79 touchdowns; four pro bowls; and a receptions – 589. He is one of the best in the history of football.

4. Peter Retzlaff

Peter Retzlaff

He was at the Eagles between 1956 – 1966 in which time he earned himself second on the list of all time list of yards and receptions; he also was a four time all pro; and to crown it all, he was the key part n he 1960 NFL championship team. In total, he had 7412 yards for 452 passes caught and 47 touchdowns. He later on became the eagles general manager.

3. Keith Jackson

Between 1988 – 1991, Keith played for the Eagles and held the all time record for reception in a season before it was later broken; three time all pro; and he still holds the team rookie record for receptions in the season. Within the four years he played for the Eagles, three of those years were all pro seasons. In total, for 2756 yards, he caught 242 passes and 20 touchdowns, which included a  81 catch season.

2. Bob Brown

Bob Brown

Among the offensive linemen that played for the Eagles, Bob Brown was the best. He was with the team between 1964 and 1968. In 2004, he was inducted into the pro football hall of fame; he had three pro bowls; was all pro all five years he was with the team. He was indeed one of the best offensive linemen of all times.        

1. Al Wistert

Al Wistert

He was at the Eagles between the years 1943 – 1951. During the nine year period he was with the Eagles, he earned eight all pro selections; was the key part of the team’s back to back titles between 1948 – 1949; and played in the first ever Pro Bowl.

The truth is, the best Philadelphia Eagle teams have all played with a chip upon their collective shoulders, teams such as; the Washington Redskins,New York Giants, and Dallas Cowboys. Though the aforementioned teams are tough, the Eagles, relying on the top 10 best Philadelphia Eagles of all times to make it to whatever position they made during their games. There are other great players who have made the Philadelphia Eagles be recognized worldwide; they worked as a team to achieve their recognition.