Top 10 Best Operating Systems in The World of All Time

The operating system is the platform which allows you to perform basic functions on a computer. All software and peripherals of the computer are managed by the operating system.  It is the one which makes the system to run applications simultaneously. All tablets, PCs, smartphones and even servers need an operating system. Developers while programming, using specific operating systems to make their work easier. An average employee will use a system which is simpler in order to perform day to day use. The most used operating systems include Apple’s OS X, Windows, Linux distribution, and mobile operating system for smartphones. In order for a product to qualify to be called an operating system, it has to:

  • Connect with the central processing unit for storage and memory allocation
  • Manage a device’s external hardware and software
  • Allow for simultaneous use of applications

Here are the top 10 best-operating systems in the world

10. IOS

Apple has had a strong impact on hardware and software with the release of their operating system for themobile application. IOS is developed to run on iPad and iPhone devices which make Apple a game changer. It is designed to be responsive and intrusive and blends well and gives a desktop experience with a decisively on the go aesthetic.

 9. Windows 3.x

The 3.1 version of windows was first released in 1992, it brought some prominence to the windows platform. It features virtual memory and loadable device drivers which make maintaining and upgrading PCs an easier process.

 8. Google Chrome OS

It was developed through Chromebook for mobile computing. It is a great operating system which has thenimble agility that will surprise users. When it comes to booting, it is very fast due to its cloud functionality and email integration.

7. Linux Mint

It is a free operating system which in most cases is overlooked, yet it is one of the best in the market. It is easy to use, secure and free of charge. It has a nice design that you will enjoy using. It has the qualities which make it run on any device.

6. Microsoft DOS

Microsoft DOS is the parent of many of the operating systems in operation. It used to be a black screen with white writings. Fondly referred to as  MSDOS, it laid the background for quick program loading, intuitive functionality, and  installing devices. If you are looking for a shiny graphic interfacethen this is not the operating system, but if you are looking for an interface where you can get your work done, then this is is the system.

5. Operating System for Android

It was purchased by Google in 2005 recording its  first release on the first handset in 2008. Since then, it has evolved tremendously adding more strong features and whip-fast controls, making to become one of the best-operatingsystems for mobile phones.

4. Windows 95

By the glimpse of its name, you will be able to tell that it was released in 1995 and became the best and most popular windows of the time. This was a quantum leap forward in personal computing  with a brand new user-friendly interface which has currently been upgraded. On this particular operating system, features like start menu were initiated, which revolutionized the PC interfaces.

3. Operating System X

It was originally created in 1984, and has gone through many improvements to what it is currently. It is developed using the Unix language and makes it match its competitors like Windows in terms of features. The good news is that any file which can be opened on Windows operating system, can also be opened on MAC OS X.  Files which are executed on MAC OS  X can also be executed on Windows; something which is rare among different operating systems.

2. Windows 7

Windows 7 is a quantum leap from windows Vista. It was designed to help the Windows platform to leap into the modern times when the Windows Vista failed to pick off. The Windows 7 operating system incorporated features such as thesmart taskbar, searchable programs, and cross functionality between programs.

1. Windows XP

Windows XP was released in 2001 and has been one of the best-operatingsystems since its inception. It is loved by users globally with its features which were very good as compared to the previous versions of Windows and other operating systems. To date, some of its features are still in use by the latest Windows and other operating systems.

The operating system you choose will be dictated by the type of device you have or what you want to use the operating system for. There are those operating  which is for use specifically for mobile devices while others can be used only on PCs; a few can be used on both mobile and PC. Share this information with others  on social media so that they too can learn about some of the operating systems in use and if they can also start using them. It is important to try out various OS before you settle on one.